Samsung Galaxy Note7 exploding battery likely caused by extreme internal margins

05 December 2016
Samsung was too aggressive in its internal design margins, leaving no room for the phone's safe battery operation.

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Someone Else, 06 Dec 2016Easy! Because people change over the years. People not only... moreYou can keep your "form". That don't pay the bills. Function is what does in the business users world.

That is why Blackberrys were so popular at one point, because they WORKED for business users. Once BB tried to move from making a phone that was useful to something to satisfy the "form" crowd, they started sliding fast. The Passport was a last gasp at bringing back function, but by then people had already moved away from them.

BB OS is actually pretty well made, but it is designed for people that work for a living, not for FB/Snapchat/CoC children.

"Form" basically treats people like Pavlo's dogs, with "Oh look, shiny object" distraction training.

This is why I dislike IOS and Android both. Neither of those OS's, nor most the phones they run on, are designed for work like BB OS and Windows Mobile are.

They simply OS's for children's toys.

  • really now?

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2016HAHA I always said that non-removable battery design is cr... moreyou never said it..

  • james

batteries bulge over time. but I don't think that it will budge in a short period of time. what a lame explanation for the exploding issue of note 7.

  • Anonymous

Someone Else, 06 Dec 2016Easy! Because people change over the years. People not only... moreIn short: people are primitive and dumb. People who prefer form over function. People, who got brainwashed by the marketing.

  • Anonymous

I always said that non-removable battery design is crap because batteries have limited lifespan and they swell up / bulge over time, but the Samsung fanboys were trying to deny / refute it because the truth hurt them because their beloved Samsung phones have non-removable battery.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2016I refuse to buy planned obsolescence phones. Me too.

  • Anonymous

I guess the problem about note 7 are because the wireless charger system. I guess that because what maybe samsung know much better just wait and see

  • Anonymous

kurotsuki, 06 Dec 2016I think you misunderstood the gap thing. It's not the long ... more...And look at the picture provided, the gap that they show refer to the top, bottom and sides.. To prove their theory is easy.. Just put the battery in an enclosure fit enough and run the battery through charge and discharge cycle.. See if it will expand/bulge and explode.. Until then the study is inconclusive.. Anyone wants to donate the Note 7 battery for testing? Let's prove this once and for all

  • Anonymous

AnonD-183110, 06 Dec 2016they are battery engineers tho. And you are... ?I'm a mechatronic engineer specialized in automation.. My knowledge covers mechanical and electronic and I have 6+ years of experience in multiple companies.. LOL.. Whatever my qualification can't beat the fact that they didn't manage to replicate the explosion.. And their conclusion is based on assumption.. Read and tell me otherwise

  • Anonymous

I want to see a comparison about these gap they talk about between note 7 and s7.

  • Falcon India

That's why I prefer removable batteries. Easier to change when the existing battery has ran out of juice over 1 year heavy usage, or swollen. Manufacturers are not making removable batteries anymore just to maximize their profits.

  • Anonymous

kurotsuki, 06 Dec 2016Mew.... This is the most hilarious comment on this topic. C... moreyes. really only one B I G player had to gain.

  • Joe Average

I'll just leave here a link to my comment on the subject on gsmarena from 13 Oct 2016.

If you want a "fast charging" and safer battery, get a mobile phone with a removable battery. Unfortunately, that's the state of Li-ion batteries at the moment.

  • Anonymous

andrewuna, 05 Dec 2016I can't trust Samsung ever again, I remember the early onse... moreAnd happens with almost every phone just in smaller numbers so what's your point?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-258858, 05 Dec 2016Lg V20 is the king of phablets.Sorry. Never once has the note been dethroned and probably won't be anytime soon

Anonymous, 06 Dec 201610% gap is not plausible.. If you have a 100mm battery then... moreI think you misunderstood the gap thing. It's not the long nor wide. It's the thickness. My current phone (Infinix Hot 2) does has that gap. I know because the battery case is plastic and when I push it, it went down a little bit indicating the gap. FYI, Infinix Hot 2 has 8.8 mm thickness. And the battery is roughly slightly less than half of it. Let say 4 mm. 10% of it is 0.4 mm. This is acceptable gap IMO.

My older phone (Lumia) has similar gap since they also put a thin thermal translator on the battery cover on the battery area.

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2016LOL.. Did they manage to replicate the Note 7 explosion? NO... moreMew.... This is the most hilarious comment on this topic. Come on... Sabotage? Really? :p

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2016Samsung doesn't represent Android. There ARE A MILLION comp... moreAnd none of those millions companies performing sales like Samsung did... Yet... anyway... :3.

As for now, Samsung leading the market at 22.8% market share, followed by Huawei at 9.3%, Oppo at around 7~8%, and Vivo at 5.9% (I've omitted Apple who hold 11.7% since they use iOS). Flooding of Chinese OEM was taking away Samsung share from around 30% on whole 2013 to just 22.8% on Q2 2016. Other OEM (specially Chinese OEM) are on the rise since last year alone. Samsung should beware of this if they want to persist in the pie share.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2016does this mean samsung will use a bit smaller battery for i... moreSamsung doesn't represent Android. There ARE A MILLION companies who use that os better.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-258858, 05 Dec 2016Lg V20 is the king of phablets.Yeah no