Nokia 6085 affordable clamshell

13 Sep, 2006
Today Nokia announced the affordable 6085 clamshell phone. The quad-band handset with EDGE support uses Nokia Series 40 user interface. What is interesting about the clamshell is the extended...

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  • mike T

The Nokia 6085 is a piece of junk. SIM card gone in 1 month; can't see display outside; sound quality poor

  • Beef

I liv in Joburg. As I write, this phone has to be at n angle of 30' otherwise the blue screen thin happens. IRRITATING. Now,
Although this phone has been passed on to me by my father, is it not possible for All of us to take legal action seeing how common this defect is? Or even better, how do i fix this? Someone talk to me please!

  • Rohan

Amraks, 20 Jul 2008My problem has been resolved i decided since i have a new phone ... morehi Amraks can you give me the instructions on how you applied the pressure to the chip please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me on (all lower case) ive taken the cover off now what????

  • Sheky 329

Apparently I got one of the phones you all sent back as a replacement for the one I had THAT MALFUNCTIONED!! I probably had my original Nokia for a couple of months (within the warenty... sound familiar??) when it suddenly started doing that crazy flashing blue and white. It only did it once and it was ok for a couple of days. Then it did it again. So I tried clearing up some memory thinking that was the problem. Nope. After about 2 weeks it just went nuts!! The blue flashing happened every time I turned it on. Sometimes it would turn of immediately and sometimes it would just taunt me and stay on for a minute or two.... Soon it wouldn't stay on for more that 5-7 seconds. What was really strange, though, was that it apparently reverted to a default screen and settings. There were only a couple of the menu items and they were enormous, as if intended for a very small child... AARGH!! Anyway, I took it back to the store where I got it. Their term for it was "twilight zoning." Clever... But there was no fixing it... Great. So they sent me "new" one. That one "twilight zoned" earlier this evening. I haven't even had the freakin' thing for a month!!! So, I'm going in tomorrow before this gets completely out of hand again. All I can say is save everything you can to that smart chip because if you don't and your phone doesn't stay on for at least 30 seconds, then they can't download your information. Plus, one of the twilight zone symptoms is a warning that flashes up that says "smart chip registration malfunction" or something like that. Unreal. Good luck guys!! I'll let you know what happens when I go back to the phone store tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

Amraks, 20 Jul 2008My problem has been resolved i decided since i have a new phone ... moredoes it work? how did u take it apart? email me at

  • Amraks

My problem has been resolved i decided since i have a new phone maybe i should try open it up..

What i have done is taken the back off the screen area and applied pressure to a chip inside that has become loose it was probably a result of dropping your phone never the less.

  • Frank

Buchner, 30 Oct 2007ive gone through three of these nokia phones within a month peri... moreYes, I am having similar problems. The phone will turn itself off after, maybe 8 hours. I sometime have trouble turning it back on. Sometimes it will being up a white background screen with blue Nokia letters. Wait 20 seconds then shutoff. Very annoying! I've only had the phone less than 2 months! What a piece of junk! I wonder if its the battery. But from what other people are saying, the phone might just be the problem. It's still under warranty, but I have to pay the cost to ship it to the repair company. Might have to pay the cost and get it fixed if more problems start happening after the warranty expires.

Good luck!

  • Kristin

I've had this phone since August. I use it to keep in contact with my students (I am a music teacher). I cannot afford to be without it, but about a week ago, the screen started cutting in and out. Now, all I get is a blue screen! I can make calls (if I remember the students' numbers) and can check voicemail, but will never know if someone has sent me a text message, and these are important right about now (at the end of the school year). What do I do? Nokia is sending me a refurbished phone, but I'll never know who has tried contacting me... so frustrating! The only reason they're even sending a replacement is because it is still under warranty - even though this is because of a defect (not something I did to it... I take good care of the phone).
Is it ever possible to see or save text messages? I have some important ones saved I absolutely must have. Any hope?

Thanks. - feel free to email me.

  • Anonymous

how do i fix it when the fone goes blank and blue as described above

  • Anonymous

I've had the nokia 6085 for 5 months now and this is the second time a problem has occured where the sceen just goes to this lit up, blank, blue screen. The first time I tried taking the battery and sim out and rebooting several times and finally gave up and left it apart overnight. The next morning it worked again. I called my phone company and explained what happened they said usually if this happens the phone will NOT come back on and I was lucky. They were unclear if this was an issue specific to this Nokia however. I also tried probing them to see if I should just go get a new phone and they were just really vague about it. now one month later the same thing has happened and I have a feeling it will not come back on this time. I am pretty disappointed in this nokia because before having this issue I thought it was a really great phone.

  • Amraks

this is the worst phone in the world my dad has one and i have one.

my dad had problems with the sound when he first got it.

Now i am having troubles with my screen it started going weird and displays the screen as 2 colours instead of rbg, white and black.

I'm serious about this don't buy this phone they are crap flip phones equal crap.

  • Dhananjay Kumar

I'm unable for incomming calls. I get an error message "Error in Connection" during call.
please suggest me.

  • Nishchay

Excellent value for money. No second thoughts !

  • Buchner

ive gone through three of these nokia phones within a month period. the phone randomly shuts off and when turned back on the screens starts flashing blue, white and shuts off. has any one else had the same problem?

  • Anonymous

i bought the nokia 6085 1 1/2 months ago, now it has many problems. the front display is shot, looks like a resister or chip blew, now the inner display goes nuts without provocation, all colors vibrating, and no control. have to remove battery several times to get it to reboot properly. Nokia care says it is my fault, however this phone has never been abused. terrible lack of support from "nokia 'don't' care".

  • Lardie

This is a great phone all bar one small detail, the Camera...It's the WORST camera on a phone I have EVER seen it suffers from awful awful picture lag making recording video with it impossible, if you want a phone with a camera this really is not a choice.

  • Ali

The price of the phone is just Rs.7000/-. It is a value for money phone with all the functions that one can imagine for. Go for it guys!!

  • Mavin

175 euro? How much in equivalent to USD?

  • Paul

This seems indeed a great altern. for the 6131- I miss the Red accents though..Let's wait a bit !

  • LittleGirl32

Wow!!!! This is my phone!!! I loved Nokia's phone and I was in the process to buy the 6125 or 6131, but both have features I won't use. This little joy is exactly what I want. So sad I live in Brazil... they will take like forever to release it here.