Nokia 6288 - slightly updated 6280

20 Sep, 2006
Nokia announce the expected arrival of the successor of the classy 3G slider Nokia 6280. The new WCDMA/GSM enabled Nokia 6288 would again be based on the Series 40 UI and would offer much...

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Ordered a Nokia 6288 Unlocked in Black for £13.45 and a CA-53 data cable for £1.45. I'm going "smartphoneless" (except for filming YT), my Samsung and Sony will be in a drawer upstairs (so they aren't easily accessible and visible). I like the 6288 as it has a large screen with a decent pixel density, it's thick, it's running S40 which is not a smartphone OS like S60, battery life will be great as it doesn't have WiFi. The screen resolution and OS means that it will be suitable for the games that I'll install on it. Should arrive in a day or two. Will be happy to relive life as if it's 2012 ;)

  • Crazy Dumbass

Hello,i have a problem,my nokia 6288 was used 5 years,this 5 years was same this problem,the problem is:When I watching a video in my phone,suddenly it jammed and restarted,but sometime it's working.Please help me and can fix this problem or not.THANK YOU!!!

  • name

The reality is that tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of sites are still running Mambo,

  • Keno

Please guys answer to me. I have an nokia 6288 and i just bought an ""Sound adaptor AD-41"" and it says ""enchancement not supported"". I know the phone is supporting that adaptor, why it says me that?

  • zabi

i like it

  • Rajeshwor shrestha

i have bought this mobile last 2 month ago i have been problems that mobile appliocation will not read this problem has been occur 3 days ago. how can i solve this problem,what shouid i do..........

  • fgdsg

when ever i use it there r 2 problems somtimes when u open it it doesnt turn on it just shows these purple lines but now its just dark the hole time u cants clearly see what everything is but its just really dark

  • Rach

Hiya could anyone tell me if the nokia 6280 has the same memory card as the 6288?

  • Cariss

HammerHead, 07 Dec 2008I had this problem - the thing kept on shutting down after it wa... moreI have been stressing about my phone for ages, was about to buy a new one. Tried every trick there is out there. I just kept on pressing the red button and i worked.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

HammerHead, 07 Dec 2008I had this problem - the thing kept on shutting down after it wa... morewhat about this my 6288 camera just comes on and i cant switch it off unless i turn it off
they want me to return it for a software upgrade but i think this would be waste of time?

  • HammerHead

I had this problem - the thing kept on shutting down after it was switch on. I found a solution by accident (bear in mind it may be voodoo, but it worked) - Switch it on, then before it shuts down, just keep pressing the red button, may be 100 times, if you do this repeatably it should fix the problem. Anyhow it work for me. Good Luck, I know it's annoying, I was about to toss mine out of the window :)

  • Anonymous

ive ahd this phone since it came out
it has been excellent up until now
screen loads slow
sometimes its upside down
and then just goes blank for a moment then finaly
laods, then goes blank
im not sure what to do?

  • criag

Me,my girl friend and my 2 friends are all have the same phone Nokia 6288 but we all face the same problem our screen become white left only and its really really anoying!!!

  • Anonymous

eric, 13 Sep 2008My 6288's display has just gone blank for some reason and it won... moreTry typing "sweet corn" into your 6288, then delete the space, and try to put a full-stop or a comma at the end. Does it crash? Mine does, so does my wife's*. I took my phone into the shop I bought it from and they wouldn't do anything. I can reproduce the fault over & over but they wouldn't even update the firmware.

This phone is really *really* cheap - pardon my French - sh*t. It's really put me off buying another Nokia.

* my wife's phone has the latest firmware on it as she had the "white screen on death" that a lot of people her are complaining about and Nokia charged her 30 to "repair" it

  • eric

My 6288's display has just gone blank for some reason and it won't switch back on.Problems atarted 2 days ago when the battery went flat and since then will switch on randomly and sometimes blank screen.
Has anybodt experienced the same thing before?

  • Steve

CHRIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, 08 Dec 2007Iv recently had a 6288 on a 3g contract when the screen develope... moreSame Problem
6288 was working fine put it in my breast pocket (left) drove for 1 hour got out of the car , took my phone out of my pocket and it was cracked in a random "V" shape from the bottom of the screen. I did not bang it, drop it or put any pressure on it. I don't know what caused it, but it aint good. Won't know what, if anything, NOKIA will do about it till tomorrow, I'm guessin they'll try and dodge the bullet and say it's my fault, but how does a phone break in ones breast pocket while driving a car. Sheesh.

  • me? no! you!

its a great phone.
i got it for a year and it had no problems at all...
only the same annoying problem that the 6280 had, the dust under the screen.
its a good phone anyways, no problems at all!!.
i mean, my phone is 1 year old and it look totaly new.
and also, if your buying one for your kid, it have great 3D,J2me and SE ability coz it have a great screen. also it is the only 3G phone with the screen size of 240x320 pixels, and its working perfect!.
i rate it as a 9/10
and recrommand it as a "Hot Buy"
LoVe It So MuCh!

  • heffo

i have this phone about three months now and like everyone else, the slightest bit of pressure (bumped in2 someone while the phone was in my pocket) and the screen cracked. Now it keeps freezing, and the screen keeps going white with only the battery icon displaying! it is a good phone just a bit annoying :@

  • kenny

please guys i can't snap and watch videos with my nokia 6288,please help me out,it is very important and urgent please

  • Stu

I am on my 2nd 6288, the first I could not use, although the repairer said "fault not found" and didn't believe me, and try as I might, it wouldn't do it in the store...same issue as many people, screen randomly goes white with battery icon in blue only thing showing. On my 2nd phone, and now it starts doing the very same thing. Even updated the firmware, and no change. Nokia are peddling rubbish in this model, 2 from 2 and I won't bother going for strike 3.