Nokia Lumia 520 boots Android 7.1 Nougat thanks to XDA dev

14 December 2016
Here's an Android-running Nokia, something HMD is yet to produce.

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  • AnonD-754294

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2017You think windows phone are super smartphones!!! Windows p... morei dont know why nokia choosed windows phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2016Funny how I'm looking at all these new Android phones and w... moreYou think windows phone are super smartphones!!! Windows phone is so much buggy that even microsoft has closed all their forums. Moreover very less apps are available on windows store as compared to play store and most of the app developer don't release updates (Temple run 2 is not updated since 2 years). And finally its extremely laggy (so much that if you swipe up on lock screen it takes about 15 sec to load!!!). Windows phone was a complete failure for microsoft.

  • rev6

wiseman, 14 Mar 2017i'l never leave windowsphones, androids for kidsya, lumia is still old, outdated one

  • wiseman

i'l never leave windowsphones, androids for kids

SpiritWolf, 14 Dec 2016World is FULL of Android phones. Why would anyone not brain... moreWhat if someone isn't brainwashed but really needs Google sync, Google Chrome and Keep?

  • tigidig

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2016Widgets in Android = no battery life, and high CPU usage. P... morebut android messed NOKIA

  • VKR

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2016Widgets in Android = no battery life, and high CPU usage. P... moreYes, its beyond the scope of understanding of Android FOR KIDS. In fact, i feel the tile design of Windows is the most atrocious one. What do you know about Android? Do you know how user friendly it is? Now-a-days several OEMs manufacture cheap handsets with low quality hardware with low performance and people like you start complaining about it.

  • Anonymous

Alien , 15 Dec 2016Live tiles on WM = widgets in Android The difference is t... moreWidgets in Android = no battery life, and high CPU usage. Plus they are buggy and most of them look ugly.

Android is a mess.

  • agree

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2016Kids, just stop arguing over such nonsense, no one cares wh... moreI agree.

  • Alien

Celluloid, 14 Dec 2016Lol... no dude. It's not "animated icons" that are better.... moreLive tiles on WM = widgets in Android
The difference is that widgets can be of any size, shape, color and are basically able to do anything you want, including news feeds without having to click on them.
Ever heard of Android activities? You can make widgets that will let you choose which activity you want from one app (apps have many activities).
Like I said, there are Launchers specially done in Android so it will look and feel exactly the same as WM + added options that don't exist in WM.

  • AnonD-432143

What Nokia should have done in the first place, it could be still at the top

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2016Yeah.. Live tiles are very useful in theory.. But useless i... moreSo which options u have in icons..theory otherwise for a preview of topics?

  • S7 Edge Yay

Nokia, 14 Dec 2016I am shocked ! .. You think WP is still alive ? Even Micros... moreWindows is alive because laptop & PC run app
Windows is superior to Android in 2 areas, Security & Ram management.

Windows was around a long time before Android, but really slow to keep ahead if the game, so Samsung and many others ALL had Windows 7 phone, no Dual Core and like Apple no memory expansion, which proved a disincentives, as although phones look good, I had a memory card so wanted a phone capable, which came with Windows 8

The problem now is Windows 10, vanity, recklessness whatever Window 10 was not even ready to be released as a test gamma version you would test in a beat up phone

Second Windows 10 was months behind but Microsoft wanted to release it on the Lumia 950 flagship, a beautiful phone except for one thing Windows 10

Windows 10 if it had worked was envisaged to run on all Lumia
So if you had a phone it would eventually be upgraded to W10

What Microsoft should have done is release the 950 with W8 running, and add then add stable increments to the 950

Instead if you have Windows 10 on your phone you get multiple faults from battery camera issues the works

Half of the models were dropped from being ABLE to receive W10 and those who upgraded went from working W8 to problem filled W10

Even after a year the updates still have not fixed the problem

Windows 8 works without issue and if Microsoft had any sense it develops W12 or whatever it will be called with Windows 8 as a start point

If you want to know how bad or broken Windows 10 is... read it here .

There are no phones being sold by Microsoft in its store, just how bad does a operating system have to be to pull all your phones from the store?

The only people having a bad experience are those who upgraded to or purchased a W10 phone.
Windows 8 zero problems

  • Anonymous

Celluloid, 14 Dec 2016Lol... no dude. It's not "animated icons" that are better.... moreYeah.. Live tiles are very useful in theory.. But useless in implementation.. I saw an interesting piece of news on the news tile but when I clicked on it I was brought to the front page of the News app - with the news I'm interested in buried in the stacks.. The same with photos tile.. I saw an interesting photo but when clicked the tile it brought me to the gallery and not the photo I wanted to see..

  • Ihatemicrosoft

Well, 950? Dun think so.
Mayvbe 1520.more popularity before the drop in market .

  • AnonD-507561

But how can you do it though? I have an old Nokia Lumia 520 and I'd like to try to do it.

  • Anonymous

How it should of been year ago not windows crap!!!!!!!!

  • Celluloid

Alien , 14 Dec 2016Dude, do your homework. I use Buzz Launcher on Android an... moreLol... no dude. It's not "animated icons" that are better. It's live tiles. You can see what mail you have without even going into Outlook. You can see news headlines without launching the news app. Animated icons just wastes battery life for the sake of appearance. Live tiles is about functionality. Aside from that the Windows 10 phone / pc ecosystem has matured very nicely. So, get Windows 10 running on a high-end phone, and that's when I'll get one. 8-) Otherwise, 950 is the winner.

  • Alien

SpiritWolf, 14 Dec 2016I am tired of this 'WP is dead BS'. Stop, just stop. Pathet... moreDude, do your homework.
I use Buzz Launcher on Android and you can set any icon to any image type including GIF files.
And if you didn't know, there are transparent GIFs. If you don't believe me, maybe I'll upload a short video. Therefore there are animated icons in Android, live wallpapers, screen effects overlays (rain. hearts, clouds, whatever u want).
Also, if you REALLY like WM style, there are tons of lounchers and themes that are actually better in therms of graphics andaybe even functionality because they have more options ;)
I'm a graphic designer and I know what I'm talking about.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2016Not sure what you're on about here, bro... The Youtube apps... moreHave tried them all they are junk