Nokia Music Edition N-Series

26 Sep, 2006
It seems that Nokia has a track or two in their sleeves. Targeting at the music fans, the Finnish manufacturer has reinvented its popular N-series mobiles - Nokia N70, Nokia N73, and Nokia N91...

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  • j
  • joely979
  • X3q
  • 02 Jan 2012

wat sd card do u need for this thing i have micro sdhc 8gb wit all tha adaptors how do i get i get it in aaaaaarrrrrrrh plz help simple bloke

    • m
    • monna
    • v0k
    • 02 Feb 2011

    triple X, 13 Jul 2008does windows media player have software for n70 i want to use net on kokia n73 plz till me software witch play the movies on you tube



          • h
          • hava
          • sEQ
          • 13 Nov 2010

          i have a nokia 6120 with song on it i bought of vodafone prepaid. i now have a new phone which is again a nokia 6120 but i am now with telstra prepaid. i need activation keys from vodafone to play my music how do i do this please

            • A
            • Arya.Rebel
            • ttv
            • 16 Oct 2009

            ashu, 25 Apr 2007got an n70me yesterday. don't know how to activate d prelod... moreokay here's the deal buddy,if you want to listen preloaded songs from your nEw N70 Music Edition,then simply go to Music player,you can go through Main menu>Gallery>Tracks........or directly press ur Music icon bottom right of ur phone......go to music player where you can find;All songs,Artists,Playlist and so on.....simply press OPtions>update may take few seconds........Now u're done,play your desired music from ur New N70 ME.........All the best!!!

              • k
              • kishore malviya
              • utx
              • 04 Feb 2009

              Varun, 03 Jan 2007I have received the 100 activation messages, but it says co... morefirst i got free 100 songs but these all deleted now .i want again it but after getting 100 activation sms show no content in phone hw to get again

                • M
                • Milind
                • upf
                • 23 Jan 2009

                krishanu, 09 Dec 2008how do i get activation key for in built songs in my n73 mu... moreGet activation key of songs

                  • k
                  • krishanu
                  • ute
                  • 09 Dec 2008

                  how do i get activation key for in built songs in my n73 music edition?

                    • J
                    • Joyjit Chatterjee
                    • 2ST
                    • 27 Nov 2008

                    Nokia N91's Camera's resolution is to much low. Otherwise its OK.

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • 2Tg
                      • 17 Nov 2008

                      LOKESH PANDE, 30 Aug 2008dEAR aLL I have bought NOKIA N73 recently pls. let me kn... morejust try again

                        • k
                        • kurkure2
                        • kH@
                        • 16 Oct 2008

                        how to activate songs in nokia n91. please help

                          • k
                          • kriso
                          • puw
                          • 12 Oct 2008

                          srinu, 24 Apr 2008i forgot the password of my 1 gb memory card, how to retriv... morejust remove memory and done!!!

                            • m
                            • mohan
                            • i4d
                            • 11 Oct 2008

                            Hi, I bought Nokia N73 recently but when i try to play in built songs it asks for activation key. Can anyone please, help me getting this activation key and send the details to my email id. Thanks.

                            my mail address is

                              • a
                              • ashish
                              • uB$
                              • 06 Oct 2008

                              how can i activate keys of songs already present of my n73 music player

                                • L
                                • LOKESH PANDE
                                • P$0
                                • 30 Aug 2008

                                dEAR aLL

                                I have bought NOKIA N73 recently pls. let me know how to activate preloaded songs by using activation key.

                                  • M
                                  • Manoj
                                  • 2T7
                                  • 25 Aug 2008

                                  Sir, How can I activate songs in my nokia n73 music phone.
                                  songs in my phone required activation key. please help me to provide that activation key

                                    • H
                                    • HARI
                                    • utq
                                    • 24 Aug 2008

                                    how can i activate key of my n73 music player

                                      • s
                                      • sagar
                                      • utX
                                      • 05 Aug 2008

                                      Just now i got nokia n73 and i updated it through nokia updater after updating activation key of all songs get deleted n when i tried to reactivate it by sending code to 55555 its says code already use please help me to come out of this.....

                                      Thanking Your's

                                        • V
                                        • Vikas
                                        • w4p
                                        • 14 Jul 2008

                                        My N73 was indicating memory full. So the only solution was to reload the phone. But in the process i lost the original moby track from the phone. Was able to copy it from friends similar model but every time i try playing, it asks for activation key. Is there a solution??