Nokia Music Edition N-Series

26 Sep, 2006
It seems that Nokia has a track or two in their sleeves. Targeting at the music fans, the Finnish manufacturer has reinvented its popular N-series mobiles - Nokia N70, Nokia N73, and Nokia N91...

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  • triple X
  • fuk
  • 13 Jul 2008

does windows media player have software for n70

    • R
    • w4Y
    • 12 May 2008

    Yes. i have contacted the Nokia Customer Care no.08030303838 and the representative was very humble and guided me with patience and helped me in getting the key activated. She asked for my full name and contact no. then she asked me to go to menu>Settings>File Manager and asked to read out the menu details and found what type/format of the songs and on reading out the details she identified them as festival songs and she told me that in the next few moments i will be receiving 100 messages. All that i need to do is that open all the messages and set aside them and open the songs and try to play each song and activate all the songs then delete the messages opon activating all the songs.
    Thanks to the Nokia Customer Care centre.The Nokia customer care cetre associates are very kind and knowledgeable to answer our queries.

      • R
      • w4Y
      • 12 May 2008

      Hi, I bought Nokia N73 recently but when i try to play in built songs it asks for activation key. Can anyone please, help me getting this activation key and send the details to my email id. Thanks.

        • s
        • srinu
        • 2@k
        • 24 Apr 2008

        i forgot the password of my 1 gb memory card, how to retrive or remove the password. I am having N 70

          • E
          • Eric Sandberg
          • Nxs
          • 15 Apr 2008

          Hi there!!

          Im a real music fanatic and I would just like to know how good the quality of the N73 Music Edition actuall sound through the earphones are???

          I had a sony ericsson W880i and its volume levels were shocking!

          Does the N73 blow your ears away with good in-ear earphones or is it also soft and lacking quality???

          PLEASE someone with this phone guide me!!! thanks :)

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • vGu
            • 13 Apr 2008

            Need help.. I just bought an N70 Music edition n trying to activate the preloaded songs through the scratch code. I have sent the scrach code as per the instructions, but havn't received any confirmation.
            Plz help me hw to activate these preloaded songs.

            My email:

              • K
              • Krunal Trivedi
              • P$D
              • 19 Feb 2008

              i want to buy a phone, in which i found a rocking music system in handsfree or a software downdable.
              sony ericssoin mobile gives this fasality but i want to buy in nokia series

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • GFj
                • 07 Feb 2008

                I want to buy a new Music Edition mobile. Please suggest me which one I should go for ?

                  • r
                  • rachit
                  • ij1
                  • 03 Feb 2008

                  i have n70 with bsnl sim & problem with activation of preloaded 101 songs , any other way to play them

                    • D
                    • Daman
                    • up7
                    • 03 Feb 2008

                    need help.. I just bought an N73 n while activating the preloaded songs through the scratch code i lost the activation key of the default song- in my heart.dcf
                    now i cant set any song as a ringtone thru my profile option which shows only the default tones. Any help/suggestions would be highly appreciated.
                    My email:

                      • S
                      • Sunil
                      • jeE
                      • 28 Jan 2008

                      Hi All, i have bought N73 ME, i'm not having activation Key for playing preloaded songs, Any Help............Thanks in Advance

                        • m
                        • maryam
                        • TuJ
                        • 17 Jan 2008

                        hello. im from tabriz/iran. I bought a nokia n73 6 mounths ago.somethimes it got hang. I asked about it but nobody couldnot answer me. please help me.

                        with thanks

                          • H
                          • Hong Ray
                          • F4p
                          • 10 Jan 2008

                          Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones will always be the Top leader in terms of Music quality with the trademark "WALKMAN" and even it's "Cyber-shot" cameras definetly beat Nokia's cheap/ standard camera and Mp3 player.

                          Look at Nokia's recent design of phones and compare it with the Soy Ericsson ones, do you think Nokia's design is a bit somehow like OLD-Fashion liao?

                          Thats right! Nokia Users, switch to Sony Ericsson and i'll assure you that you will nvr wanna support Nokia anymore!

                          Nokia is losing it's customers now, most went for Sony Ericsson for it's more affordable and more branded devices.

                            • I
                            • Isaac
                            • up1
                            • 26 Dec 2007

                            i bougt N73M HS edition
                            please send me scratch code
                            - isaac

                              • S
                              • Santosh
                              • U2h
                              • 19 Dec 2007

                              which is the default song that comes with N95

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • PxF
                                • 14 Nov 2007

                                a nokia n73 are very powerful phone

                                  • m
                                  • mom
                                  • PT}
                                  • 06 Nov 2007

                                  i just bought my N-73 ME do i go to smart to activate the internet? can u please send me an email if how can i internet.

                                    • V
                                    • Venkat
                                    • 2SN
                                    • 31 Oct 2007

                                    I purchased N73 mobile last month. And this month i brought N73 music edition headset which got those navigation keys, as in website it said that it is Compactable with N73 i brought this product but i find the navigation keys of the headset are not working with my mobile. I have also updated firmware for my mobile. Please resolve this issue...

                                    Venkat K.

                                      • z
                                      • zubin
                                      • QKI
                                      • 26 Oct 2007

                                      I took Nokia N73 Music edition and when I tried to play the music tracks on the phone, it asked me for some activation key and scratch code. I called up Nokia Customer care on +91 080 30303838 and inquired about the trouble which I was facing. They were very kind enough to guide me with procedure.
                                      They first took my name, my mobile number and my mobile serial number. After that they sms'd me about 101 messages which I just needed to open to activate all the songs.

                                        • r
                                        • rinsoy
                                        • up1
                                        • 18 Oct 2007

                                        how to play mp4 videos on nokia n70me dnks in advanc