Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 835

04 January 2017
Qualcomm has announced a successor to the high-end Snapdragon 820 series. Many improvements have been announced, including Quick Charge 4.0.

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  • AnonD-633838

This chipset combined with a 4K mobile screen (more than 800ppi) will be the threshold spec to achieve true immersive VR.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017I'd like to see your ungarbage phones try to drive my collection... moreGuarantee the sound quality will still be much fuller with better separation and clarity.
Whether you like it or not

  • AnonD-387177

Well i will say only one thing. What says this portals isnt entirely true. First of all Gsmarena doesnt correct their mistakes either. My new Xperia Xz doesnt have 124k antutu, but 141k. Any benchmark should be taken with a pinch of salt, because it is only a number which depends on multistuff. It is never the same. But overall. Cant say what would another gig of ram help here. Maybe 1k or 2 more on antutu.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017Aside from a little volume difference maybe that's a load of garbageI'd like to see your ungarbage phones try to drive my collection of 600ohm headphones without distortion at reasonable volume.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017Having a good DAC doesn't mean much without a proper power amp s... moreAside from a little volume difference maybe that's a load of garbage

  • Anonymous

Having a good DAC doesn't mean much without a proper power amp section. I have several Wolfson DAC powered devices, and they're no where near the plebeian Qualcomm DAC with a proper amp like my One M series.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-491921, 05 Jan 2017They say that in their product catalogueI saw the specs now. That's not what I mean. I mean they had decently specced ones in the past too. But the reality never really was that great.
The specs are a lot better this time and I hope it holds up.
However I see it going half way. They probably improved a lot and it will finally definitely sound a lot better. Which I can live with and is finally a step somewhere.
But it still will probably be behind the crowd and not quite live up to the spec sheet.
Heres to hoping Im wrong.

  • AnonD-491921

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017I doubt that but I can hopeThey say that in their product catalogue

  • Anonymous

Well they did make a lot of claims about the DAC so all we can do is wait and see. The specs are good, but they have been decent in the past. If it matches the specs.....It's about time after all these years.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-491313, 05 Jan 2017Right... yours were horrible.Ok....so now you are making replies that don't even make sense as a result of people not falling for your failed tries...good for you.

  • AnonD-491313

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017Um....nice tryRight... yours were horrible.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-491313, 04 Jan 2017Lol sure thing bud. It was shown that single handedly, the singl... moreUm....nice try

  • Anonymous

AnonD-491921, 04 Jan 2017They did this year SD 835 have a audiophile grade DACI doubt that but I can hope

  • AnonD-404798

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2017Same mongoose core. So GHZ is the only way to determine the spee... moreyou got that right , GHz rule could be applied to Exynos 8890 and 8895 because it's almost the same CPU but isn't 8895 using newer M2 cores ?


  • Why not at the Top?!

Why isn't this news article at the top part of the homepage at gsmarena? gsmarena puts there the main stories - so why not this one?!

  • Muthu

AnonD-442781, 04 Jan 2017Only the next gen kirin 960 does. And not by much.And the Kirin 960's performance will be surpassed by the upcoming SoC from Samsung by a long shot. And then Kirin 970 will either catch up OR beat it. And then Samsung's next chipset beats and so on and so forth.

  • AnonD-442781

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2017And that's useless. The only reason why they added 4 more cores ... moreYou're the primitive one. You don't even understand that multi core IS important. Or that the exynos 8890 had a higher single core than the SD820, let alone the much higher multi core.

  • DeadSupra

plob, 04 Jan 2017So educate me in how you do so? Its a combination of multiple cores, frequency, architecture; hell even software as Apple has proven. But most important, overall it is transistor size.

  • AnonD-442781

AnonD-387177, 04 Jan 2017And kirin still outpreforms Exynos... Only the next gen kirin 960 does. And not by much.

  • AnonD-387177

PanosAd, 04 Jan 2017The 8890 is now old news. Samsung is going to realese a new flag... moreAnd kirin still outpreforms Exynos...