Asus unveils Zenfone 3 Zoom, Zenfone AR with 8GB of RAM, Tango and Daydream

04 January 2017
The Zenfone 3 Zoom packs a 5,000 mAh battery, while the Zenfone AR is the first phone to have that amount of memory and support both AR and VR.

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  • Yorkshirer

The new Zoom is a little disappointing. Not true zoom like last year. I prefer Intel chip also.

Thought Asus would refresh their zoom camera with a Zeiss lens or Leica or some other optical brand like Schneider, together with a new sensor. Oh well....

  • TangoYaY

ProJames, 05 Jan 2017Great, but how someone will use that 8GB of RAM? Quad-Multi... moreI believe, this phone is not for gaming. The specs of ZenPhone AR goes well for an AR based phone. The introduction of a powerful SD821 processor is to take care of the AR processing of the apps involving Depth sensing/mapping and pattern mapping and as such to bring the AR alive in a smartphone device. This is a remarkable achievement in my honest opinion when MS Hololens sell their device for the price tag of 4000-7000 CAD making it not affordable. Waiting for the review now !

  • TangoYaY

AnonD-196068, 05 Jan 2017The AR should have come out 3 months ago to be truly releva... moreTrue that, There are not a lot of apps for that technology though in the current market. These devices all are experimental. Considering the Lenovo PhabPro2, they lacked sufficient specs to process some of the apps in AR platform. The 4K resolution for the daydream VR in Asus Zenphone AR will be a plus, but a downside the users are going to experience will be the rundown battery in no time. AR is still kind of advanced tech for most of the smartphone companies. The trend for now is VR.

  • TangoYaY

I thought project Tango was dead with all the hype going into the MS Hololens. Devices likes these gives more hope into the world of emerging AR technology. Quality design and specs except the battery limited to 3300Mah. When they can put a 5000 Mah giant into ZenPhone3 zoom in such a slim design (first of its kind), I wonder what would be their excuse with the ZenPhone AR? Daydream VR and Tango AR requires tremendous processing power and so does the battery. Highly anticipated and eyeing at one, I will wait for the overall Antutu benchmark scores. Nonetheless, remarkable creation Asus. Way to go !!!

  • AnonD-196068

The AR should have come out 3 months ago to be truly relevant, not in Q2 after SD835 phones will quite likely be releasing along side it. Especially if it released at the end of Q2.

  • AnonD-628601

cool looking phone with AMOLED screen other than samsung (finally).

Great, but how someone will use that 8GB of RAM? Quad-Multi-windowing games? Note Pro 12.2 did that with only 3GB of RAM. The SD821 isn't good for 8GB of RAM. We need a substantially more powerful SoC to take full advantage of that RAM. By the way, when it will be released, this device will already be ''obsolete''. Indeed, devices with SD835/Exynos 8895 will be already released (not sure about Kirin SoCs) by or during Q2.

  • Anonymous

Midrange processor im sure Asus will be OVERPRICE AGAIN, better to go highend device Like samsung,LG,SONY,apple

  • AnonD-560770

Very good job asus. You're getting better at designing quality phones, keep it up

  • AJ_74

The SD 625 is strictly a lower mid-range SoC. Why on earth would Asus pair it with a Galaxy S7-grade camera?

Seriously, it's like these manufacturers have teams of monkeys running their smartphone divisions. No wonder Apple, Samsung and Google have 90% of the world market-share and every one else is fighting for the scraps.

..., 04 Jan 2017I hope they price the Zenfone 3 Zoom right, it has the pote... moreIf we follow their marketing trend, they are now priced heavily... which is quite a dismay.
Hope they change this trend and make the Zenfone 3 Zoom available at a moderate price.

  • AnonD-229512

1.4 nm is super duper tiny hehe

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2017Do you even read bruh? Read the article closely Zenfone ... moreBut SD 653 is a way better option than SD 625 for the Zenfone 3 zoom!
SD 653 is the best, super powerful, more LTE connection compatible (very important), and built in the same 14nm size, it is very battery friendly plus that huge 5000mah battery; That would be amazing..

  • Me

Zenfone 3 zoom used the same sensor as galaxy s7? Ohh...asus will price it higher than normal mid range running sd625.

  • AnonD-599001

Will judge on this phone seeing how Asus will support this phone. No security patches/updates === no buy.

  • Anonymous


AnonD-25255, 05 Jan 2017oh god... even my "super computer" in my home thats run har... moredont compare ur pc performance with mobile performance ... its not same ...

it just like u believe 10 core mediatek can beat 4 core i7 ...

  • AnonD-456831

2nd quarter? Late. SD 835 phones would be released by then.

Jimmy chow, 05 Jan 2017Looks just like an iphone. Who even likes zenfone. all phone look same now ...

  • Anonymous

techperson211, 05 Jan 2017Zenfone was their best phone after that.... Smh.. Horrible ... moreFYI : Zenfone 2 getting Android M faster than Xperia C5 and Redmi Note 3 series.

And please to everyone to dont judge this phone like iPhone, Open your mind please.