This holiday season was not that happy for Nokia, nor was the year

27 January, 2011
Nokia has had a tough 2010, which proved worse than even the recession-bound 2009. The phones volumes and their prices have fallen but Nokia estimates it has taken the lead in the QWERTY...

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  • STC (Mumbai, India)

At least with regard to the Indian market, Nokia seems to have read it wrong. For one they ignored the fast growing (albeit lower end, ie. < US$ 100) segment - the dual SIM phone. Small companies like Micromax, Maxx, Intex exploited this need gap and grow their top and bottom lines. The only major manufacturer in this group is Samsung, who have offerings across the range.

Secondly, with the uptake of Android phones, Nokia had nothing to offer - not even a 'MeeGo' or 'Maemo' equivalent.

Thirdly, in the medium range (viz-a-viz the Indian market, ie. US$ 100-210) there are more competitively priced products from other manufacturers. In Oct. 2010 when I was looking to buy a cell phone, their E5 was priced at INR 11,500 (US$ 245). The phone was only available at select dealers and no discounts were on offer. I settled for the Samsung Galaxy 3 (I5803), an Android phone which was available around US$ 12 cheaper.

I'm happy with the Samsung Galaxy 3, and especially Android - there are so many excellent applications available in the 'Market', the official app store. There are several other sites also from which Android applications can be downloaded. I've downloaded over a dozen applications (which include Adobe Reader, Opera, Dolphin browser, YouTube, Barcode Scanner, Compass, WinAmp)

Coming back to Nokia, they were at that time fixated with their N8 (price > INR 28,000, ie. US$ 600). The INR 20,000+ (US$ 430+) is the segment where RIM's Blackberry, which is an enterprise favourite, rules the roost. Not surprisingly, a major publication described sales figures as 'tepid'.

  • Anonymous

poor nokia, oh well rome was once mighty but it fell. time to go nokia. blame it on symbian, and those fat brick designs.

  • used2beNfan

my N8 lost signal from sim-slot error.
now the 3rd week and they don't have any answer.
where is my phone ?

  • riyaz madappally

It is hard to beat Android and iOS.Nokia is cheating its users by giving outdated and featureless OS.N97,5800,5233,X6,etc are same in nature,only camera,memory and other small changes.Nokia is charging high price for X6 and N97.Take the case of Motorola they are now in a developing stage,their products are reasonably priced and well,HTC,Apple etc all are care about their users....but nokia still far from them.

  • GrainySnapshot

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011LOL seriously? You're using a ratio of resisitve to capacit... more"So again show me something Symbian can do that Android or iOS can not do"

Would taking the best photo that a phone can manage cover that? Sure, this is not a feature of Symbian but the short fact is that the best camera phone is a Symbian device. Not everyone cares about a good camera on their phone but I do. I dislike Apple phones because I believe that Apple has deliberately decided not to include a good camera because Apple wants to keep room for technological advancement up its sleeve. Remember when the 3GS was released: "the fastest iPhone ever". Users would have been very happy of that fast iPhone had come out when it was technologically feasible, not when Apple decided it needed another marketing tag. When other manufacturers have all moved on to 1/1.83 inch sensors Apple will finally move to 1/2.7 and tell us it is the best camera on an iPhone yet. The choice to dumb down the camera is just one example of Apple's management of technology, others include no 3G on the first iPhone (when 3G was virtually the norm for other manufacturers) no GPS, no useful bluetooth. I do not say Apple is wrong or bad for making those choices. They are legitimate marketing decisons but they are the reason I choose not to use an iPhone and instead choose to use a Nokia.

  • GrainySnapshot

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011LOL seriously? You're using a ratio of resisitve to capacit... moreIn my opinion, the use of a grid of icons on the first Apple iPhone was not its most telling or most distinctive feature. Windows Mobile phones had a grid of icons for years before. Also, conceptually, the grid of icons is a throw back to the first Windows 3.0 program manager (and maybe earlier Macs but I did not see them at the time). What was distinctive about the first iPhone was the responsiveness to fingers of the touch screen. It meant that any user could quickly get engrossed in a smart phone. Previously, many users told me they did not like smart phones because they had to use a stylus or get buried in a maze of menus. Apple deserves full credit for developing that touch screen technology first.

  • Anonymous

Wew, 30 Jan 2011Nah Nokia already have a perfect strategy to maintain in to... more"Wait for symbian^3" they said. Well after a year of being late it's here, and it didn't stop Android or iOS.
Now they're saying "Wait for symbian^4, wait for meego" both of nokias next OSes are another year away and by then they'll be on 25% market share.
It's too late for nokia. It might even be too late for microsoft, and they did the right thing with WP7. Android is now established, like iOS, they're not going down anytime soon.

  • TSH

namez bond, 30 Jan 2011wait for Maemo, wait for S^4, wait for Meego... you keep w... more+1

I happen to like my N97 Mini, but now that Android devices and software are (rapidly) catching up with Nokia and S60/S^3 I'm going to give the other brands a very careful look when I next update.

I generally change phones every two years, so there's plenty of time for Google (Android), Samsung, HTC and SE to impress me!

  • namez bond

Wew, 30 Jan 2011Nah Nokia already have a perfect strategy to maintain in to... morewait for Maemo, wait for S^4, wait for Meego...
you keep waiting until the end of mankind, while we use the latest & best products out there...
brand loyalty doesn't mean you have to blindfold yourself & deprive yourself from any other product that's superior than your beloved company...i used N95, loved it, but N97/N900 never attracted me so i moved on to a different brand...
break those shackles & be free, don't be so narrow minded...

  • Wew

Abhijeet, 29 Jan 2011Okay, wait another year n see the nokia continuing with its... moreNah Nokia already have a perfect strategy to maintain in top.. Wait and see what will happen in 2011 when Meego comes.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2011You do know that LG prada was out before the Iphone and it ... moreiphone easy to use? not at all. you must connect itunes to listening music. you can't tranfer data via bluetooh to other phone. its so complicated to use.

  • B Jay

Ios is a waste...Android will also become useless after some years. When something new will come.

  • Anonymous

oh for the love of christ,android 3.0 already!!!!!!. Pls give us a break. As if updatin isnt hard enuf. Pls which phones come with stck UI like Symbian OS. im tired of waiting for Brands to screw the UI before releasing updates. Dont tell me to google it, iv done dat and later found its a "DEMO". No PS Suite until 2000 and wurevea.

  • 3araby

Why you people hating on Nokia so much?
If the lose they lose, it won't make a difference to me or to anyone else, phones are like cars, people have their different taste, I like classic old cars eventhou they require too much work and attention I still own one, why? Because I want to, and that's why I have a Nokia, just because I want to.
I buy what I see suitable for my needs, and the IOS sucks **** to me, so i won't bye an apple, android is just too childish and too much eye candy crap, I'm 30 not 15 i want a serious phone.
For all the haters please go somewhere else. FML such childish people....

  • Abhijeet

Okay, wait another year n see the nokia continuing with its downward spiral. We will see 2011 results.

  • B Jay

Posting same comment many times will not change the truth. Meego was best os. Moreover N900 wasn't mean't to be a best seller. It was just an experiment. And aimed at techies.
Nokia isn't just a phone manufacturer. It resembles a country. So it'll do anything to remain at #1

  • Some guy from Greece

thyvut, 29 Jan 2011yep, iam nokia fan, but i hate nokia now because their symb... moreSymbian is a very good OS. Try it before you critisise it. Ovi is doing very well and Apps for Symbian are all over the net. Just Google the App you need and voila!

  • B Jay

Why do Nokia haters have a same name here? (Anonymous)

  • B Jay

What can be done on Android, and ios, can also be done on symbian. The main difference is ui. Symbian users feel android is complicated android users feel symbian is useless.
But I'm with Nokia. Not with its os. Surrenderring to Android is not what I expect from Nokia. But I need an OS better than android.
ios is useless. Android is best but I don't want it in Nokia.
We(nokia fans) need something unique, like symbian was. But something better than any other os.

  • ih8girlz_143@yahoo.c

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