Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus dimensions show compact phones with huge screens

16 January 2017
The Galaxy S8 should be about the size of the current S7 but with a screen bigger than the S7 edge.

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  • AnonD-511744

plz dont tell m that for both it will be curved desing !!!!

when ppl will understand that may be it is nice to see but not practice at alllllllllll
betterhave a model with borderless than curverd one
so we have to wait to A7 2018 !!!!

  • Anonymous

Mason, 17 Jan 2017Oh, I don't like the look of this phone at all. What's the po... moreBigger screen?

Also nobody holds the Phone from the front. Last I heard this phone does have a half (I checked)

  • Anonymous

regs, 16 Jan 2017Is it a joke? 142 mm is nowhere near a compact phones. That's a ... more*120x60 phone
130x65 big phone
140x70 phone only for those with bigger than average hands

More than 140x70 phablet (no one hand use)

With modern bezeless techniques you can get an 120x60 5incher (if you use 17:9 aspect ratio), 132x66mm 5.5 incher (big phone) and 142x71mm 5.9 incher (phablet).

One can dream that we will start getting phones again. Enough with the tyranny of phablets

  • AnonD-634223

Will it support OTG??

  • ytirahc delos reyes

I hope this is not another burning phone to watch out for from Samsung >:D

  • Anonymous

Savor , 17 Jan 2017Keep it. You won't be getting anymore updates and Samsung or net... moreyou sound like a Note 7 customer who is very sour, it will of course get updates and charge to 100%? I have the s7 edge and its a brilliant phone no problems.

  • Savor

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2017No Thanks.i'll keep my GN7Keep it. You won't be getting anymore updates and Samsung or networks will brick it. It won't charge to 100% either. What a way to forward think the ill-fated GN7's future.

  • Anonymous

Perfect. No space is wasted. This is how it should have been many years ago.

  • consumersmartphone

Hopefully this not another "fire in the hole" device from samsung.

  • AnonD-179696

k9cy666, 17 Jan 2017NEVER gonna buy an ''edge'' style phone... Hopefully they will h... moreI never gonna buy a smartphone with flat screen in feature .I really like edge display from Samsung smartphone.gaming ,web browsing
and video watching is feels lots better thanthose flats screen mobiles because of a small 3D effect on edge screen.

  • Glen

This better be a joke....
If Samsung makes their normal s series any wider... It would be useless for one-handed use for many people. I hope they don't ruin it by increasing the width from 69mm. It would actually be good to reduce the width for the screen to 68.xx and then introduce a plus version with huge screen. No one wants a phone with "mini" attached to it. But s8 and s8 plus would sound appealing.

  • AnonD-634072

[deleted post]The s8 will have usb c

  • Mason

Oh, I don't like the look of this phone at all.

What's the point of removing most of the part of the phone you're supposed to hold onto? It looks like hey have two Edge models now.

  • k9cy666

NEVER gonna buy an ''edge'' style phone... Hopefully they will have a normal one too with normal display...
I've never used a case in any in my phones and never broken one.But the edge ones can even brake by high winds...

  • AnonD-1385

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2017To be fair S5 was one of the worst "upgrades" ever. The most bez... moreWe are all entitled to our opinions. There are quite a few who see S5 as being the best Galaxy S ever right after the S2. The bezel as some say was done that way due to waterproofing...furthermore don't you think a heavily bezeled phone makes for a stronger phone in that the screen won't break so easily? The S4 had fairly thin bezels as it fitted in the same sized body as the S3 yet based on the average consumers I have come across, their S4 screen broke or got damaged to the point where the digitiser stopped working the moment it fell. Based on what I have seen, the S5 is a much stronger phone than the S4.

  • AnonD-368020

kakouille, 16 Jan 2017Youve seen the S8? You should read the title and think before ...Naaaahh... Even after reading again I would say the same as I have used S6 edge and I would prefer little side bezels if top and bottom bezels are extremely narrorw. Even while playing game or watching movies what would I hold on to. Even if I manage to hold on to those narrow bezels it will be very prone to slipping. And trust me you do not want your 1000 k full glass body phone to fall. But all these doubts will get cleared at the launch till then no point arguing here ....

consumersmartphone, 17 Jan 2017mi mix is a miles better in design, if you hold mi mix, people w... moreS8 still not announced and you are talking of mi mix'sbetter design. Wait until S8 comes out and then talk.

  • Anonymous

No Thanks.i'll keep my GN7

  • AnonD-85415

Spudly, 17 Jan 2017Erm.. dude.. you need to go back to school. 6.3'' = 160mm 15... morehahahah!!! nice 1. Give this guy a cookie.

  • AnonD-414564

Passed on the pixel because of a smaller screen and huge bezels that don't even do the courtesy of holding front facing speakers like my 6p.