A silver Shine from LG

19 Oct, 2006
LG unveiled their new mobile LG Shine with the hopes of continuing the success of the highly popular LG Chocolate. As part of the latest Black Label series, it aims at fascinating customers....

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does anyone know when this phone is released in Enlgand?

  • bulnam@hanmail.com

samsung model is not steel. It make very rapidly for checking 'shine'.

  • BEDZ

That B500 looks like a steel version of a D840. I bet they will be released around the same time like the Chocolat and E900.

  • clif

I never have seen like this desing. if i see this one on the shop, i'll put my pocket

  • Kal

I think I was WRONG when I said Samsung doesnt have Steel finish slim slider. They annouced it for Korea..SCH-B500 with same specs like 'Shine', without the scrool wheel.

have a look.

Its getting interesting.

  • Anonymous

haven't got one as ye but intended to, i have a thing for lg phones and this is definitely goin to my collection.... Karamel

  • mury

@Ecnarwel..love D900 n this LG..both r superb..D900 is high tech n has top camera, LG is elegant made from stanless steel.i love Korean Phone..they really show how to use hight tech cell phone in style

  • Anonymous

Hi I jast want to say thank you

  • Ecnerwal

Omg. Pls to whomever posted the similarity of the D900 .. for god's sake get your eyes or your sanity checked. Self proclaimed idiocy has some limits and thats one of it.

This phone and even the chocolate phone is one of the most original design in the market as opposed to your so called favored D900. Stupid D900's design looses out to this anytime.

  • MikE

damn this party sound fun...
All this over a cell phone.... ??? some of yall need to get a better hobby...hehe just kidding. Im a cell phone collector and i need this phone into my collection. anyone know where i can get one???

  • whoa.

look at you all! ITS A BLOODY PHONE! why take it so personally?
yeah, shine's pretty.
yeah, its a mish mash of a lot of designs from other phones.
name a POPULAR phone nowadays that dosent have any design aspect copied from a previous phone.
~~pretty darn hard, isnt it?!?

and also, just because the bottom of this phone is shaped in that particular way dosent mean that its a copy of the motorola's. i know its hard, but try to open up your minds a little, yeah?

in a final note about the "copying".
everyone does it. so get over it already. there's a reason why its COMPETITION.
You're saying no matter how great an idea is, everyone should remain at the back just so that they dont "copy"?
dont be so pathetically closed minded, can?

the phone's cute, but i wont buy it, coz im not fond of the "brushed metal" look, but at the same time i acknowledge it as a definite step forward for LG. they may or may not have borrowed innovations and designs from other companies. but it dosent matter. they made a worthy phone. all tt counts.

  • mury

the battle goes on...anyway i don think LG is a copy cat..coz i really love the scrolling navigation, very unique and high class that i never find from otha fone...i agree wf mina..world is wide..don look it so narrow...

  • Kal

Was that for me 'Mina'?
then no offence, but I wonder if you can read english properly or not. I didnt say anything bad about 'shine'. Its a great looking phone so far.

  • mina

oh.. my...those people complaining about "now lg is trying to copy motorola blablabla", "just like hyundai is copying toyota and honda blablabla," are so~~~~~~~~~ stupid!!! i dont know from what type of background you guys are, but can even your country make, i mean~as those people meant~ "copy" these type of things???? ego~~~~~~ because lg shine has the bottom part bold that doesnt mean that idea is from motorola, once more i realize how some people are so stubborn..to those type of people.. what type of clothing are you guys wearing?? pants? skirts?? t-shirts??? jackets????! uh~~~~~~ you guys are copying me!!!!!

  • Marty

LG black label series have managed to improve their phones apperance which is an important factor as many other companies are losing their fashion and concentrating on the techinical side.

However has LG they managed to improve their realibilty of their black series phones what happened to the touch pad! the first lg premium black label series 2 phone had it was it a flop?. It sure in hell is giving me alot of trouble.

Now the shine introduces a scroll wheel i question its realibility and wait for its release however the looks aren't getting any better lg has made it clear with its mirror finish.

  • Kal

Cool it folks.
Its looks like D900 coz it has the base which is new for a LG slider. Of course they got it from Samsung sliders.
I would rather say this is a cross bewteen D900 and RIZR with different front nevigation.
Nothing wrong in mixing things and bring out a new model.We get more models to choose from. Personally, I like samsung designs. They should have made a metal slider by now. But they have a different strategy..."thin and light", so they are using plastic.

I don't have any soft corner for LG but, as far as look is concerned, I would give credit to LG for the "Shine".

  • Will

Listen to yourselves. Name one phone that even looks like LG's Shine. D900? Come on, please. If LG's shine and D900 look similar, then everyone on earth looks similar because they all have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, and two ears. It's just plain stupid.
Shine looks like a superb piece of art here. Will definitely buy it when it comes out.

  • BEDZ

Copying a D900, how? Where on a D900 does it have scroll navigation? D900 is plastic, this is metal. SMH @ Samsung fanboys.

  • arben

i think this phone its a pure copy from samsung d900 ... LG make your own phones stop copying ...

  • Zer0

And yes LG has been copying samsung just luike how hyundai copies Toyota and Honda at the same time lol how pathetic.