Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion over excessive royalties

20 January 2017
Earlier this week, the FTC filed its own suit against Qualcomm for unfair patent licensing practices.

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  • Punisher

Im sorry but this is ridiculous. What is excessive royalties??? Can somebody explain that to me. So apple is not charging excessive royalties/prices to consumers. Now i want to sue Apple for 1 billion dollar compensation of me not feeling well about it. Give me the CASH!

  • Anonymous

strange.. Nokia is suing Apple for not paying royalties (on 37 cases).. yet Apple say they pay them fairly..
Think apple might be trying to jump on a bandwagon to cash in.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2017First Samsung And now Qualcomm. Who next Mr. Cook?already gas iwn judge inserted in trial, just as in Samsung's case, remember that justice corruption..mind you. that plus billions in tax..150m ebookbprice rigging fine, its how the money is made by them, whilst the public regurgitates,ooh ap*le, heres a joke, whats the difference between a*ple ethics and clinton, and, the answer issss.........?

  • Anonymous

First Samsung
And now

Who next Mr. Cook?

  • AnonD-204927

Wait, why is Qualcomm paying 1 billion to Apple in the first place? Last I checked it should be Apple who pays Qualcomm to use their product, what is Qualcomm purchasing from Apple for 1 billion? Is Apple is charging that just to do business with them?

"To protect this business scheme Qualcomm has taken increasingly radical steps, most recently withholding nearly $1B in payments from Apple"

Ah ah fanboys..... 1st dual cam wasnt on apple :) i know i know you buy a name haha what a name Apple that says everything.... i will go in store and buy not bited apples much cheaper than you... what inovations ? fingerprints are in phones from 2004 color is color modules are sony or samsung.... so you buy just name and most locked os in the world cant even personalize it like a man ! and for that 850-900? i dont think so ... apple is overpriced

AnonD-523334, 21 Jan 2017Yeah, but main point was why they are bragging about innova... moreAh now i understand! Thnx for clarifying
And i agree

  • AnonD-631051

i think they came up with anti-competitive agreements.whatever

  • Lapax

Apple got overcharged? Now they got a taste of their own medicine.

  • Anonymous

Fusion, 21 Jan 2017Really? moreHa! Good one lmfao

Apple innovating? What?

  • AnonD-523334

Fusion, 21 Jan 2017Really? moreYes really. Other proof for my claim about the majority of dumb people in world is why trump and Modi got elected lol.

  • AnonD-523334

Raphi7, 21 Jan 2017True, when i read how they brag about their "innovations", ... moreYeah, but main point was why they are bragging about innovation in a LAWSUIT? "Apple deeply believes in innovation" what is the significance of this sentence when you are simply suing your opponent for excessive royalties? Apple knows that people will read this statement so they brag to gather more dumb people who believe in apples innovations, jet black color and cameras just to name few lol.

AnonD-523334, 21 Jan 2017I know Qualcomms behavior about royalties and licensing isn... moreTrue, when i read how they brag about their "innovations", i was like "wtf". Apple never, or rarely, innovate, especially sfter Steve Jobs

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2017You can choose not to buy. They can't choose not to use ... moreYou can but you will lose all your contents that you purchased through them. Anyone is smart enough to know Apple does it so as to tie you down in a way that you can't switch platform.

  • Fusion

AnonD-523334, 21 Jan 2017Because there are lots of dumb people in the world. Really?

  • AnonD-632929

Apple now selling iphone 5s in india for 16000 and they launch in india iphone 5s for 50000rs...this is called overcharged..

  • Anonymous

Frenna, 21 Jan 2017I think it's actually smart to use 1080p screens instead of... moreNo, its a thing called profit margins. They just use added battery life as a justification for charging you the same price for the Z5 as the S6 for example. If I had a choice between a faster SoC and a slower one that won't drain my battery as fast I'd still take the faster SoC.

  • AnonD-523334

I know Qualcomms behavior about royalties and licensing isn't very good, but Apples penchant for braggadocio about its "innovations" in a lawsuit is ridiculous.

  • AnonD-523334

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2017But why do lots of people still love buying their phones?Because there are lots of dumb people in the world.