Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion over excessive royalties

20 January 2017
Earlier this week, the FTC filed its own suit against Qualcomm for unfair patent licensing practices.

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  • AnonD-523334

Anonymous, 21 Jan 201764Bit, NVMe, 3D Touch on Apple Watch, TouchBar, jet black c... moreHahaha list is so short that u have to add jet black color. Haha apple invented jet black color haha.

  • AnonD-523334

Gallard-02., 21 Jan 2017Oh really? Who invented the first touchscreen smartphone i... moreJust Google it and you'll see on the Google page itself.
"The IBM Simon was the first phone with a touchscreen in 1992 — it's also referred as the first “smartphone,” though the term was not yet coined. "
This phone was later marketd in 1994 as Simon personal communicator. And not just receiving and making phone calls, it was also able to send e-mails, faxes and messages.It also featured very useful applications like calendar,appointment scheduler, calculator, world clock,electronic notepad, address book etc.,

  • Astefan Altilany

omg apple has nothing better to do.
stop the fuck up !!! find something better to do with your phones 1st...

  • AnonD-523334

I know Qualcomms behavior about royalties and licensing isn't very good, but Apples penchant for braggadocio about its "innovations" in a lawsuit is ridiculous.

  • D E

LOL APPLE IS IN NEED OF CASH AND ARE DESPERATE. When they overcharge no one is suing them.. Pathetic excuse to squeeze money out of other companies. They can't innovate so they are just suing to get money. APPLECRAP. Thats why I dont buy your product.

  • Anonymous

Frenna, 21 Jan 2017I think it's actually smart to use 1080p screens instead of... moreObviously if you have the display in adaptive rather than its basic natural mode others might appear a little more natural. Duh?
Otherwise you are just lying.
And just because toy can't see the difference doesn't mean others can't.
Especially if some people actually actually take advantage.
Nor does it justify charging more for lesser advanced and expensive tech.
And QHD runs fine with many chips nowadays.

  • Alien

Frenna, 21 Jan 2017I think it's actually smart to use 1080p screens instead of... moreUnless you have a VR system and you use it a lot, having QHD display does nothing but draining the battery and the performance just like you said.
Our eyes cannot tell the difference anyway without a microscope.
Sony doesn't have VR on mobile phones cos they have it on PlayStation and it is far more advanced than Samsung's VR.

  • AnonD-381576

Almand, 21 Jan 2017You do understand the difference between designing n fabric... moreBS! Apple uses standard Sony Sensors or complete Sony Sensor modules. Like all others in business.
Some of them uses also Samsung sensors.

  • A Note 4 user

McKinky, 21 Jan 2017Anyone who buys any Apple product should sue them for over-... moreI completely agree. Apple should be sued firsthand for over-charging for things that were claimed as "innovations", that already existed before, and apple just "patented" them. It's totally unfair.

  • Anonymous

McKinky, 21 Jan 2017Anyone who buys any Apple product should sue them for over-... moreYou can choose not to buy.

They can't choose not to use those licenses.

So, you can only sue no one but yourself if you buy then complain.

  • Anonymous

McKinky, 21 Jan 2017Anyone who buys any Apple product should sue them for over-... moreYou have a choice of other Android oem. With Apple, it's no choice and you can't even restore your apps purchases on Android from IOS so users should definitely sue for excessive pricing lol

  • AnonD-395930

Ha-ha. The irony tho

  • McKinky

Anyone who buys any Apple product should sue them for over-charging you.
Samsung might have the same fate at hand unless they don't stop this price madness.
It seems like users are paying for their mishap with the Note 7 by paying the rumored price of 850 USD for the S8.

  • Frenna

geordie81, 21 Jan 2017HahaI think it's actually smart to use 1080p screens instead of QHD. Sony does it too and it's just better for battery life and especially performance. Sony and Apple both use IPS LCD and I hope they will continue to do that because I prefer it over AMOLED. I have a Galaxy S6 but when I compared the screen with my friend's Xperia XZ, the XZ had so much better looking true to life colors, and I saw no difference between my QHD display and his 1080p screen.

This is hilarious, apple who claim that they are innovating displays and touch id and cameras......their phones are STILL limited to 1080p when the rest of the industry is either on or moving towards 4k for VR....their cameras are usually sony sensors amd their touch id is patented from other companies and theu were not even the first but the 3rd mobile company to introduce fingerprint recognition although their process was claim innovation when the market is way beyond you is dumb. As is saying qualcomm charged you 5 times the market price wjen you yourselves are selling a mid range phone for premium rates is also stupid


  • Anonymous

Sod off Apple. Qualcomm has contributed far more to the development of mobile technology than what is nothing other than a fashion and marketing company, crApple.

  • Anonymous

Guess: who is the most peaceful company on earth?

  • AnonD-82756

The more Apple innovates with unique features such as TouchID, advanced displays, and cameras, to name just a few.

The biggest joke ever!

  • OperationBlitz

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2017But why do lots of people still love buying their phones?If Apple wins this case maybe users can form a collective and sue them for over-charging consumers!

I have had IPhones....4,4S and 6plus. I can see why people like them. To quote my friend "There simple to use and because I have spent all that money on ITunes I don't have a choice".

The reason I left Apple is because there dull 3 colours at the time,IOS is very restrictive, No real freedom, ITunes is the most unfriendly and awkward media interface going! If I jailbreak the phone it voids Apples warranty.

Apple has become a big greedy dinosaur, It eats the little companies up and steals what it can and it's heading for extinction. Apple has not innovated for years! I remember waiting with my money for the IPhone 5 ( Steve Jobs last project before he died) The iPhone 5 came and went like a damp fart.

The only good thing about Apple phones is that they hold there resale value better than Android, But when more Android phones are coming out every month superceding the others I guess it's easy to see why.