Samsung completes Galaxy Note7 investigation

23 January 2017
Battery design was to blame in original units, manufacturing defect in replacements.

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  • jeeban

the best! the best! love you samsung

AnonD-196068, 23 Jan 2017Heat. Under normal operation the batteries get hot.Electrodes bend under very high temperatures something above 250°C. So heat is ruled out in this case.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2017And you better stop defending sony and blaming samsung, sis... moreI really don't know why you have so many complain to Sony? And even don't have it and don't met any problem.
My 2and half year Xperia still good, not need for service or repair or even recall. Don't impose your Samsung experience on the Sony phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2017I know Samsung always misleading people even the Lenovo or ... moreAnd you better stop defending sony and blaming samsung, sister heatpipes. Because sony has "very" worst customer service in your country. One of the worst in asia. In your country, Samsung service is the best, even during note7 fiasco.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2017I know Samsung always misleading people even the Lenovo or ... morewell.. sister heatpipes,
Your arguments have no point here. You can blame Samsung as much as you can, but most people will ignore your arguments. Case closed. Samsung made mistake, samsung took full responsibility and returning customer's money. And samsung improves their QC standard. No more resentment, except from jealous s*ny fans like you.
One more thing. We don't need qnovo, sister heatpipes.

  • Naveed

according to * on the picture showing the existing and newly added tests. X-Ray test was already there. But in the explanation Samsung statement they did not have X-Ray test due to which it fails to detect the abnormality in the first batch of the batteries. Samsung quality assurance department is equally on fault as the battery manufacturer as they failed to identify the faults in first place and repeated the mistake twice. If they had acted responsibly this will not happen. I think adding new process is good, carrying them out responsibly is more important then just adding more and more processes in the QA structure.

  • AnonD-608546

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2017All companies afraid to lose reputation. Thats why they mus... moreMaybe that's why Samsung have said battery supplier was in a hurry or something..!

  • AnonD-151883

Tann Hauser, 23 Jan 2017They knew vey well thousands of lawsuits from damaged users... moreNot True, there wasn't thousands or even hundreds of damaged Note7's. You speak with forked tongue.
Samsung recalled all note7 and forced shut downs world wide and has now proven its commitment to safety, at an extremely high cost.

People will be queing up again for the next Note and Galaxy series in record numbers.

Remember the 4 Sony exploding battery recalls between 2007 - 2014....Millions of recalled faulty units. Plus Dell is sueing Sony for the exploding Sony batterys in its Dell products

  • AnonD-151883

Tann Hauser, 23 Jan 2017How many phone companies other than Samsung put themself in... moreMany other phone companies have had exploding phone batterys over the years. e.g., Iphone, Sony and Nokia. Sony mobile had a explosion in late 2016.

Samsung being the number one in World Electronics gets the most bad publicity from it

Sony had 4 recalls of exploding batterys in its laptops from 2007 - 2014. Also Dell is sueing Sony for the Sony batterys explodings in its branded products.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2017Actually it takes near 2 hours only, start around 10% to 10... moreQnovo?
Using quickcharge even less than that.
But qnovo deliberately prolongs the last 10% of charging upto 100%, its called smart battery managment and there is a really valid reason for that, preventing users neglegance of best battery charging and maintainance advice...prolonging its full capacity longeivity by double.

  • Anonymous

so technically all the note7 batteries from different manufactures were faulty?And the n7 itself was flawless?
Now that draws my eyebraw a little bit up.
Well I'll just get past that secret because on this competition we still have much to see ahead

So relax and observe...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2017Yes they made mistake an took full responsibility. They lea... moreI know Samsung always misleading people even the Lenovo or Qnovo also. The Samsung dont have Qnovo after year the battery lifespan and battery health must reduce. Sony is leading in battery care, Samsung late to take care their battery.

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 23 Jan 2017How many phone companies other than Samsung put themself in... moreI know few iphones burnt too (before note7 fiasco), and few other brands. But they didn't recall all their devices.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2017The battery care and charging is very important matter, the... moreYes they made mistake an took full responsibility. They learn from mistake and won't do it again in future. Case closed, we don't need lenovo.

  • Anonymous

Making devices with built in batteries is environmentally wasteful, when the battery does eventually degrade to a level where it can no longer hold a substantial amount of energy, but the device is still perfectly operational.

The big manufacturers should take some responsibility, and also show some leadership in their industry, by conserving the resources being spent on each generation of their hardware.

In most cases each newer generation of a particular phone/ device does not provide enough of an advancement in technical ability/ specification to warrant the amount of energy and raw material used in their manufacture.

  • Anonymous

The battery does not need to be built into the phone in order to make it waterproof. The design could easily employ a type of gasket/ seal between the cover and the battery compartment, along with a set of discreet fasteners. This would allow the user to replace the battery, whilst maintaining the waterproof feature of the device.

  • Anonymous

chester, 23 Jan 2017Lol...its been proven by many technicians on YouTube that i... moreLOL if the Note 7 tested on youtube didn't explode they would not post it as it will have no views.. The Note 7 were being used in the millions after recall that Samsung had to force a deactivation update.. Only some units are affected not all.. Definitely not design issue

  • AnonD-551566

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2017Now release the Note 7 again as Note 7(2017) and people wil... moreactually that would be a good idea XD

  • Anonymous

doc doc , 23 Jan 2017SAMSUNG -note7-simple logical analysis==DESIGN fault NO SPA... more(Some earlier reports speculated that Samsung's phone itself didn't leave room for the battery to expand. That wasn't the case, but Samsung plans in the future to leave even more room inside its devices for the battery.) From:

  • JMTM

seriously how dumb does samsung think we are?
battery issue... really? just lovely!