Moto E3 Power won't be getting Nougat, Motorola confirms

30 January 2017
The company's official India customer help website clearly says the handset - which launched in September last year - will remain on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the version it arrived with.

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  • Anonymous

Lenovo kill Motorola
Shame on you

  • Handsome Devil

Shame On You Motorola

  • AnonD-632062

That's too bad considering it released just months ago. But then again, considering how problematic Nougat updates have been, staying on MM maybe a good thing!

  • consumersmartphone

Poor Motorola user, I think just Chinese brand doing it but US also. Hope this not Trump effect lol

  • Sanket

When will get update Android 7 for moto turbo edition

  • AnonD-248589

6.0.1 was the best balanced on everything past KitKat. Doze on Nougat is too aggressive.

well to be optimistic, its not on lollipop. Think if you get stuck on a buggy version. Android 6.0+ is pretty smooth. Even devices stuck on KitKat too wont have to worry about killer bugs.

I currently own a Moto Z play and wont update until 7.1.1 or maybe 8. Heard 7.0 has got some issues with xperia, samsung phones etc. Wish Google pushed updates to each and every android phone! Duh :/

  • Anonymous

David, 30 Jan 2017Switch to iPhone, bye bye Lenovo.+1
That is what I did. Would rather give money to fruit company, at least they update.

  • rinku

when come to moto e3 power update naught version in India plz conform

  • Motora

I have the Moto G2,that means I will not get the Nougat update?
At least I have Marshmallow 6.0.1!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-428442, 30 Jan 2017It is on MM. Considering there is less than 1% of Android p... moreThey never provided any security update on moto e3 power, just one 22mb update in Nov for bugs.

  • Vipul Aggarwal

This time moto did a very false promises. Moto E3 with no gorrila glass,no casting, no universal audio jack, no hd videos.

And now with no naught update, that's ridiculous.

Lenovo or Moto whoever degrades it's quality. Same should pay for change, why customer bears the cost of new phone. :-(

  • David

Switch to iPhone, bye bye Lenovo.

  • AnonD-62471

This is expected from Lenovo.. i feel sad for those who have Moto E3 because it's hardly 6months since they launched this device in India.

  • As

So sad, it seems like Lenovo degrades Moto brand name.

  • Gems

Lenovo you are you listening?
A new launch and already not supported... And for people commenting on $120 device should not get an update, please keep buying iPhones..... OS updates are not price dependent. Atleast the next version of OS should be provided specially when it is available within a short period of launch of a device.

  • AnonD-93813

No need to panic. They are just saying one and doing something else. Moto e2 suppose to not be updated to android 6 but they did official update. Idk their actions after bought Motorola by Lenovo. They promised nougat for Moto g4 by end of December 2016 but what I see I just news about rolling out android 7.0 on my Moto g4 which is not happening. I'm not waiting anymore ;)

  • Anonymous

Updates are what keep the devices alive. Lenovo must respect its users who buy their mobiles by better promising updates
And security patches

  • AnonD-428442

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2017This is not the Motorola we are used toIt actually... is.
Original moto X, stuck on 5.1 (it didn't even get 5.1.1, a mere 0.0.1 update). And that's a flagship phone.
The E series is Moto's lowest end device. Don't expect longlasting support.
Considering the E3 is on MM, and the fact that less than 1% of Android phones on the market is on Nougat, I expect the E3 will be fine for the next 2 to 3 years, as long as Moto keeps the security patches going.

Motorola had the perception of updates due to the Nexus 6, but that's a Nexus device.

  • Anonymous

No need noughat.Noughat Moto phones are failure.Example Moto Z