EU starts sampling the one charger to rule them all

11 February, 2011
The unified charger for all mobiles was proposed back in June 2009 and the European Commission finalized talks with the 14 major manufacturers about the unified charger. The charger has now begun sampling...

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  • AnonD-853
  • 7qE
  • 09 Jun 2011

Great proposal for all mobile manufacturers for the same charges pin. Now no need to remember charger pin shape while purchasing a new one. Just say give me new mobile charger. Hello "EU" impliment this early as possible. And good news for nokia to be used same post as a charger and usb.

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    • my name
    • U}}
    • 16 Feb 2011

    i think its better if use standard usb2.0, so usb on the go feature no needs adapter.
    no? why not?

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      • AnonD-1544
      • sbP
      • 13 Feb 2011

      this place is nice :)

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        • Anonymous
        • 0Ua
        • 12 Feb 2011

        nice dogie! BTW, the universal charger idea is ok, I wonder how much money will the producers loose.

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          • shiikhanur
          • kxP
          • 12 Feb 2011

          this is great for Saving Chargers from landfills and would also help family members that forget their chargers at home. I'm just wondering if this will be implemented in north america aswell.

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            • AnonD-1445
            • 0Fg
            • 12 Feb 2011

            Adapter is best solution like nokia did with their small pin and thick pin charger.

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              • AnonD-1447
              • t7X
              • 12 Feb 2011

              Unified charger would be great. . .it could really help especially in emergency cases. I don't like the video though. It's really gross and weird. Seems like a horror film hehehe.

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                • Anonymous
                • JAA
                • 12 Feb 2011

                chris, 11 Feb 2011What's the point of the unified charger if you still need t... moreThe adapter is just a small thing that you attach to the end of your charger. It's a great initiative. I'm surprised that we had to wait so long. However I agree that the video is disgusting.

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                  • jcbzone
                  • v0q
                  • 12 Feb 2011

                  I like the initiative & hope it will be adopted worldwide. The same goes to mobile PC's & other electronics devices also. But I just have to comment that video was just creepy!!!

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                    • Chrisp
                    • Mx@
                    • 12 Feb 2011

                    if what I read is right, and there is just going to be another port on some manufacturers' phones just for charging, this doesn't do away with the 'proprietary' ports as all - it just gives companies yet another avenue stream where they can charge extortionate amounts for adapters (or chargers for that matter)

                    This doesn't solve a thing in terms of environmental wastage.

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                      • European
                      • LHf
                      • 12 Feb 2011

                      For this and many other reasons i'm proud to be European!

                      Of course it will be globally soon, and trust me, this will not end up on mobiles only, this will be the same standard for tablets, mp4 and for other gadgets too...:)

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                        • Good idea
                        • 3Ra
                        • 11 Feb 2011

                        Great job EU, one of the best initiatives. Too bad the commercial clip is horrible.

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                          • chris
                          • nDy
                          • 11 Feb 2011

                          What's the point of the unified charger if you still need to have an adaptor ? To charge your iPhone from any of these standard chargers you need to carry the adaptor everywhere with you ...

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                            • nick
                            • v%h
                            • 11 Feb 2011

                            The only thing I don't get is if manufactures like apple put with every phone an extra charger or connection of their own how is that going to help environment? Otherwise great job Europe!

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                              • Anonymous
                              • jFF
                              • 11 Feb 2011

                              I hope it will be applied globally soon.

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                                • AnonD-133
                                • Rxd
                                • 11 Feb 2011

                                thats the most disgusting video i've seen EVER!!!! oh damn
                                come on ur licking each others saliva with the salsa.EWWWWW @!!!3#!2

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • S7I
                                  • 11 Feb 2011

                                  Apple disagreed it.

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                                    • dsa
                                    • Mfx
                                    • 11 Feb 2011

                                    yes that's nice

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                                      • jazzbell
                                      • Spq
                                      • 11 Feb 2011

                                      yeah the idea itself isn't that bad at all. kinda handy if i recall how many chargers i needed to take with me on my summer trip.
                                      the only problem is that, in case i miss the charger where i can get only this new one, my oldie phones does not support that kind of connection type as micro usb not mentioning the other one which is new also doesn't have it either, then i'll be needed to get mini/micro usb transfer unit.
                                      besides there're universal chargers on market what supports various types of phones. i have two of them, one i had to buy to charge my mp3 and other for phone which charger died, they both came with various plug-in units for different devices.
                                      but in case i buy a new phone some day i will be happy for the new charger type.

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                                        • OptionalName
                                        • ppk
                                        • 11 Feb 2011

                                        Great job EU!