LG trademarks 'G6 Compact', 'G6 Lite' and others

02 February 2017
Is LG getting into the sparse super mini field? Or is this another LG G5 SE?

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  • AnonD-640843

AnonD-115822, 03 Feb 2017So ... you are saying the GSMArena are liers ? Or their methods ... moreI am just sharing my personal experience with my 2 phones. I am not implying anything. As you know there is a huge difference based on the usage of every device. Keep in mind that my G2 is quite old nowadays and the battery might be not so good. On the other hand the iPhone 7 is like 3 months old so it is normal that the battery lasts longer for now. At some point it will need replacement I guess which I am not planning on doing (bad experience with Nexus devices, older iPhones, etc.) Once something starts failing you need to replace the whole device and not only a single part.

  • AnonD-629487

I think the ideal screen size now is 4.7" since that's the minimum display size requirement to be Daydream-ready. 1080p is also suitable for 4.7". About the name "G6 Compact", if Sony didn't even use that name, LG wouldn't even think to use it and still use "mini".

We desperatly need mini android phones with flagship specification, something to compete with Iphone SE. 4.6 max display size

  • AnonD-632062

I thought LG was ditching it's friends for the G6?!

  • AnonD-523334

mir, 02 Feb 2017No. What they need are 5.0 inch screen flagships that have very ... moreAbsolutely. That's what I was going to write before reading your comment. and I guess that G6 compact will be 5" screen phone with G6 like bezels. Litte narrower than regular G6 but much shorter. LG not announced any smaller 1:2 display so most probably will have a 9:16 1080 by 1920 5".

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2017Finally. I hope the g6 compact wont be shitty as Sony's compact modelsIn what way were the Sony Compact models shitty? Specifically the Z3 and Z5?

  • AnonD-444177

AnonD-114814, 02 Feb 2017g6 compact with 5,2 inch display is perfectWith 5.2 inch screen it wont be so narrow as iphone or sony z5 compact, x compact.

  • AnonD-115822

AnonD-640843, 03 Feb 2017Well I am using iPhone 7 and actually I find the battery better ... moreSo ... you are saying the GSMArena are liers ? Or their methods of measuring the battery duration are wrong ?

  • AnonD-641316

Yes, please. I really like the design from what we´ve see so far, but my hands and pockets does not compute with 5,7".
Would love to see a 5" G6 "compact"
I would even be ok with 1080P resolution and a SD62X processor.

  • Anonymous

Finally. I hope the g6 compact wont be shitty as Sony's compact models

  • AnonD-640843

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2017Like killing the removable battery and small bezels. So innovati... moreWell I am using iPhone 7 and actually I find the battery better then my LG G2 for example.

I made some tests - same apps, same usage - I need to charge the G2 2 times a day. With the same usage the iPhone 7 gets the whole day and I charge it on the next day when I get to the office - it is always on 4G. The G2 is used only on WiFi.

In my opinion it is not about the battery capacity itself but how well the apps are developed and the OS of the phone itself. I came across some really shitty apps that just suck out of the battery life literally lol

  • Anonymous

AnonD-206292, 02 Feb 2017No where in my comment I have said LG is the only manufacturer w... moreOoh come on, you can do better than that...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-640843, 02 Feb 2017Very interesting. I cannot wait for the official premiere. maybe... moreLike killing the removable battery and small bezels. So innovative, nobody else did that.

The thing is that we lose the last major phone maker that allowed "whole day battery". Now we're back to 6-hour battery (Screen on time), that most manufacturers use these days.

I don't like using my primary device for 6 hours max (I'm on the road constantly), so I simply can't use any of those half-thought "innovative" solutions.

My Note 4 just got another year of life... it starts getting on my nerves.

  • xvi

If they keep the 2:1 aspect, any compact phone is going to be very narrow. Even a 5.5" 2:1 screen with moderate bezel would be narrower than an Iphone 7.

I'm all for high end compact phones (if that is what these are!) but I don't think 2:1 ratio is needed at this size. Minimum width is important. The problem I see is that they can advertise a larger screen with such ratios, but the usability of the screen is not the same as the same "sized" 16:9 screen. Say a 5.5" 2:1 screen for example, it's only as wide as a 5" screen. So for any use that is width limited it's nowhere near as practical as it sounds. For any ergonomic or portability issue that comes from the increased height, it's also less ideal. The main benefit is the 5.5" name in marketing. You don't get the benefits of a 5.5" 16:9 screen but people assume you will all the while seeing how "compact" it is.

  • Anonymous

It should be LG G6-C or LG like-a-G6

  • Vic

If they make G6 Compact with 4.6 - 4.7 screen and LG Arena like design I'll definitely buy it. But it has to be made of good materials - not cheap plastic like Sony Xperia X Compact or painted G5...

  • AnonD-515409

Give me a compact with same tech specs as the flagship, with a removable battery and I'll be first in line. I could personally care less about waterproofing, that's what lifeproof cases are for.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2017And my personal hope. No more than 140 mm in height.would be more happy with ~65mm width (I could use my note 4 one handed, just prefer less wide devices).

  • Anonymous

To me, now that phones have become bigger. I feel LG should make a phone with dimensions close to the G2. Maybe 1mm smaller on all sides (3 sides) but with an improved look and specs close to upper mid range tier. Noone wants and weak low range compact anymore

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2017Exactly 5 - 5.2 with small bezels no more than 70mm in width.And my personal hope. No more than 140 mm in height.