Even more LG G6 images leak, showing it from all angles for the first time

03 February 2017
At this rate, there will be no mysteries regarding this phone when its official unveiling takes place.

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  • 3600mAh

Leaked images show inclined edges for the backplate, which also gains the thickness of the camera module protrusion (a very good move). I measured from the leaked photos just for fun and compared to an original 2800mAh battery, G6 seems to offer around 3600mAh. If that is true, I will be in.

  • Andrew

AnonD-640948, 05 Feb 2017I miss my G2. Wish LG would re-make a phone similar to the G2. T... moreStill using my G2, great phone. Nothing LG has produced since has made me want to upgrade but hopefully that will change with the G6, although if its only 820 based then it will have to very competitively priced. Not paying big bucks for last years tech!

  • RichieS

AnonD-618434, 05 Feb 2017Plz gsmarena confirm us if G6 will have IR blaster or not?? Plz... moreI think begging here wont matter
you can go to LG forum they might care....

  • AnonD-618434

I think as it said that all these photos are not for the original G6,its CAD photos may be little changed from the original..
If iam wrong...so,
Where is laser autofocus and colour spectrum sensors on back and where is IR blaser at top??!!!
Do you think guys that LG will remove all of these in most important flagship of it ??!!

  • Screens maniac

Design look's like note 4

  • AnonD-640339

Great looking device, but the 821 kills it even though it's very capable.

  • AnonD-640948

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017The G2 was't such a mistake... and it had a non removable battery...I miss my G2. Wish LG would re-make a phone similar to the G2. That thing ruled for years !

  • AnonD-640948

I miss the back located volume+power buttons ! Those were the SHIT !

  • AnonD-584384

AnonD-632062, 05 Feb 2017Why is LG ditching everything, following other manufacturers? Fi... moreIt is sad. I wish they wouldn't do this. It is why I started buying their phones. I need the IR blaster. The Mate 9 has it. If this doesn't, well then Huawei will be my next phone and LG will lose me as a customer. I also love the removable battery but it seems no one will have it now. So the Huawei will be the best of all worst options.

  • AnonD-632062

Why is LG ditching everything, following other manufacturers? First they removed removable battery, now it seems the infrared blaster is also gone.
What next? Is the FM Radio also going to get the chop?

  • consumersmartphone

Front and side G6 will fit for many people taste but not sure for back. Hope that main cameras perform well or G6 will collapse like G5.

BTW SD821 inside is enough/probably still excellent for many purpose and will make G6 more affordable than S8. I don't believe SD835 is far better than SD820/821, so don't just focus to "it new" but "it what I need and it is enough for now". I'm no LG fans and don't have plan to buy LG phone.

  • AnonD-523334

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017Did you fall off a tree when you were little? Not the display du... more71mm? That I said in previous comments so what was wrong? But leave It I also don't care now.

  • AnonD-18780

Where is Laser auto focus and IR Blaster?

  • AnonD-470557

Remember this if you will, LG will be the first to adopt iOS when Apple plans to outsource it somewhere around 10 years from now. You can dismiss its Android software meanwhile.

  • Shawesh

We need the curve and the leather back !

  • AnonD-618434

Plz gsmarena confirm us if G6 will have IR blaster or not??
Plz LG donot remove it as it seems at the recent leaks,,.plz
Its so important feature for many of us....listen LG plz

  • Like a G6 :v

AJ_74, 04 Feb 2017There's no difference in the short term. The SD 821 literally ju... moreFinally, somebody that understands what I mean. Thanks for your reply, btw. ^-^

  • AnonD-493391

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017How about that always brick-shape design company?Which one?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-523334, 04 Feb 2017U know math? your calculation when the width of 5.85" display is... moreDid you fall off a tree when you were little? Not the display dude. The phone is 71 mm wide if... never mind. I don't even care now.

  • AnonD-523334

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017If I base 5.85 as display size, width comes around 71 mm. But si... morehttps://www.google.co.in/search?q=G6+lg&prmd­=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&v­ed=0ahUKEwj6goWOnffRAhVDtY8KHcE3DLgQ_AUIBygB&­;biw=360&bih=567#imgdii=DQvSHX65qDAInM:&­imgrc=VFUQXbCfQie3sM:

For ur better understanding. But in this pic, bezels are kept same as v20 but that's not the case so the phone won't be this much taller than v20. but you get the idea of how this panel is equal to a bigger regular panel in hight because Same diagonal panel is shorter than g6