LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum

31 Oct, 2006
LG announced a major update to their famous Chocolate phone lineup featuring a serious face-lift and a heavy improvement of the available equipment. The new LG KE800 basically takes of all drawbacks...

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  • pancho

this phone is not even worth it. i bought mine and after about a month it started to mess up. then i found out that some cables broke inside my phone and i havent had my phone for almost a month because supposeably its getting fixed. this phone is not worth buying!!!!


i have the ke800 and i am with cingular. i can't get the internet and can't send or recieve picture texts. i don't know exactly how to set it up. can someone help me. thanks .

  • keith

what is the maximum external memory of LG KE800 plz?

  • cpet

I just received this phone and love it, but after about two weeks of texting I can no longer send txts but I can receive them. I'm not sure what is going on. The manual that came with it is in another lang. and I can not find it in english. Please help anyone. Thank you

  • Anonymous

when does the lg chocolate platinum come out in the UK coz i really want to buy it but no shops sell it! plz reply asap

  • Fonelover

The fone is really gud looking... And its such a babe magnet!The amount of numbers i've gotten just coz of the fone are in masses! The problem is that my keypad only works once in a while after i had for a week.Is ther anybody this has happened to and is it a factory problem?

  • looloo212

Hi i cant Find Where it Says How Much it is So Can sumone Tell Me PLease thanx


  • Anonymous

k have jusy got the phone and i think it is good it looks cool and the camera is good just one thing the blue tooth takes for ever and it is stif to slide up and down

  • crystal

i finally got the phone i love it so much but the battery dosen't last long is there any way i could make it last longer

  • Anonymous

i have just one problem with this phone and its the bluetooth it takes forever to transfer a file and i mean forever

  • Jay Savage.

ugh...i recently about a month ago bought this phone and its already giving me problems. its like possessed. it restarts itself over and over until it runs out of battery but only when i play a song (well when ever i do anything with the phone). Sooo..i had to send it back to the manufacturer. My phone dealer had no idea what was going on. i didnt drop the phone at all. no scratches. no squishing. lol. no damage at all and it went psycho.

  • Terry

ok now i can't send pictures.. i gotta set up my network thingy.. i don't have da code or number.. sooo can anyone help me set this picture thing up? how much memory can this hold up to? 1 gb?

  • Bob

I have the LG KE800 gold. I just recently bought it and I have AT&T/Cingular. I am having trouble setting up the internet as I need an ip address and the port number is 9201 which i can not change. Can someone please help as I wish to have internet acress on my KE800.

  • Anonymous

what is the URL to use get on the internet with the LG ke800?

  • Lechelle

i have this phone and I LOVE IT my and my aunt is the only one in america that have it....if you want one pleez contact me (phone is gsm...fits ANY sim card....cingular,t-mobile even old AT&T chips)

  • Anonymous

What happens if the phone falls in water?

  • kerry

wats the cost for z fone(lg k800 chocolate platinum

  • Anonymous

how can i get this phone if i'm living in the U.S... do they sell them online anywhere?? someone plzz respond i really want it :(

  • emmi

hey guys! this phone looks just about right, so elegant and beautiful.. but UNlucky for me I have to order it online.

soooo.. could someone please help me a bit? how is it to use? how does the mp3player work? and what about the camera? does the battery really suck as much as they say?

info would be much appreciated, thank you!

  • Anonymous

I was a little disapointed at first because I really wanted the Prada. But I've been playing with it for about the past 24 hours now and so far so good. It's a nice girly phone, I think they've worked the kinks out that the Chocolate in North America is experiencing. Doesn't even compare. This is quality, and style in a cute little blak box with the gold trimming. On the street everyone notices. Bling bling