Analysts: Samsung Gear VR conquers VR market in 2016

07 February 2017
Gear VR accounted for over 70% of all VR headsets sold, while Sony leads the at home market.

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  • 07 Feb 2017

imparanoic, 07 Feb 2017It's noted that PlayStation vr killer app is resident evil ... moreRE7 with VR is a Nightmare Fuel
I always though Playstation VR would sell like ice in Summer
And Im also Hoping for the Nintendo Switch to have VR

    It's noted that PlayStation vr killer app is resident evil 7 biohazard, this game surpassing every one expectations of vr gaming, even with lower specification than oculus rift or HTC vive, the fact software is the selling point not hardware specification, further more, playing it, you will quickly forgot or won't realise it's lower resolution due to the game intense experience

    Also with gran turismo sport, ace combat 7,dead and alive xtreme beach volley for ps vr, virtual reality could be the next evolution of gaming

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      • AnonD-558092
      • 5h8
      • 07 Feb 2017

      Let's wait and see if VR is going to be a failure like 3DTVs. I'm curious about how it's going ot end....

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        • D0g
        • 07 Feb 2017

        Obviously coz Apple is nit into VR just yet..

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          • 9y9
          • 07 Feb 2017

          VR is a gimmick, same as 3D tvs.

          The majority dont care and never will....

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            • 07 Feb 2017

            Tiny market, not worthy of talk.

            If it starts getting 1/10th of the smartphone sales (around 100 mil), I.E one in 10 new users also buy VR sets then we should start referencing marketshare.

            At 6 mil, anything goes. It's such an undersized market and unless Samsung find a way to expand it expect to never hear from it again in a year or two. Samsung should be worried (given how small is the market as compared to how much she invested to mobile VR)...

              Cassy O, 07 Feb 2017Oculus Rift and HTC Vive = really expensive, and you need h... moreyou don't need gear vr... just get Google cardboard from eBay for like 2€ or even cheaper.

                Good to see the Gear VR headesets doing well and also the Playstation VR will be picking one up soon.

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                  • AnonD-610799
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                  • 07 Feb 2017

                  Makes sense. Pure units sold yeah Gear VR is on top. Only people I know who have Gear VR got it on a free promotion with their phone.

                  Does Gear work with non Samsung phones? Daydream will probably take over if that's the case. $50 on amazon, Google's store, Best Buy, Verizon and it'll work with other brands. I'm thinking getting one for my moto z.

                  No mention of cardboard. But considering google has instructions on making your own, it'd be hard to track users.

                  Vive and Rift are amazing. I'd love to try them out, but I can't afford a computer that can use them, so they're more for a different group of people instead of "mass" users. Think PC gamers vs Wii users. Wii was aimed at non gamers, more casual playstyle.

                  Everyone wants everything to be smaller, can't complain there. I'm looking forward to what the technology (and AR) brings. Microsoft's Hololens will be cool once mass production and adoption can bring the prices to a reasonable level.

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                    • AnonD-523334
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                    • 07 Feb 2017

                    The factor of affordability wouldn't have been as effective in, because vive and rift are very good and as good for money as Playstation VR, but main problem is, that they need really expensive PCs and even if you have a capable enough graphic card, it may not be able to perform good VR at all and only graphic card upgrade costs as much as VR headset ie 800.

                      Oculus Rift and HTC Vive = really expensive, and you need high end PC that cost you a lot of bucks

                      Google Daydream = just cool, but i've never tried.

                      Playstation VR = huh?

                      Gear VR = cheap version of the Oculus Rift, i'm using it, just for watching Netflix, video and 360 video. VR games makes me sick. :-/