New Kyocera DuraForce Pro update brings latest Android security fixes, other changes

14 February 2017
The update also includes a bunch of fixes as well as improvements.

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I have a DuraForce Pro on AT&T's network and lately it's been doing some strange things. 1) It will send some text messages to the recipient 4, maybe 5 times. 2) Sometimes it will get hot in my pocket while asleep, with all apps closed. 3) Occasionally when opening an app the screen will go black for several seconds with the time, battery level, etc displayed before the app opens.
The phone is still operating on Android 6.0.1, is there an OS I could download that would address the problems mentioned?

  • paulhenderson

It's been two weeks since I've had the new kyocera duraforce pro. All I can say is Awesome job well done, the phone works perfect, great design, the speed of the phone is also quicker than my tourqe phone,the size of the screen is just right, the thickness and weight is perfect has a good weight to it. The Battery life is better than I expected and better than my kyocera tourqe xt. I did buy a two piece hard shell cover and holster made by protech, very well made and strong. it is easy to remove the phone with one hand. I bought and returned The heavy duty case available from sprint, it is super heavy duty, but it takes two hands to get the phone out and it can and will be dropped. Trust me you will drop it. But this phone can handle it. I highly recommend this phone.