Microsoft releases first WP7 update, not the one you expected

22 February, 2011
Microsoft announced the availability of the first update for its new Windows Phone 7 mobile OS. Unfortunately, it's not the one that adds copy-paste and we've all been waiting for. Instead, this update paves the way..

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  • heem

i'm usuing HTC mozart 7 for last 10 days.but i cant download application from "Marketplace".when i want to enter into "marketplace" is shows 'your country/region is not can i get rid of this problem?can anyone suggest?

  • Anonymous

I can't wait to see what is going to happen with these 2 big
Companies. I will be expecting some really good hardware and an excellent map
Service with a brilliant camera and it can't look cheap the build will have to
At least on the same level as the N8

It would seem that in most peoples mind this venture is going to
Fail but I am very interested to see what they are going to

  • MAC

I Formerly own an I-mate Phone Unit: k-Jam, but though provided with Windows 5 Though Outdated but,it supports a copy paste. this Phone Microsoft releases first WP7 update is a mess..

  • Anonymous

I would like to ask if I updated my phone am I gonna lose my sms's & apps? Also I need to know how to backup and restore my data through Zune software . Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

expected from microsoft, nokia will bleed marketshare and never recover unless they get out of windows.

  • Anonymous

I've updated my HTC Mozart and though Microsoft didn't advertise any changes I've found at least one. Excel is now able to remember the last opened tab/outline and also frozen panes. It wasn't able to do that before. The battery life has also increased a bit, though that might be because I didn't use my phone so much these days

  • nokia bangladesh

im afraid
if 1day ms buys nokia
then. . . ?

  • Anonymous

Experience now a day is not enough

Motorola is the first in mobile market but they didn't learn from their experience, Nokia market share is dramatically decrease...etc
and all that because of ego.

While Google is doing well with its Android OS, Apple, BB...and that's what we notice from the market

If you slow down, somebody gonna catch you

  • Anonymous

WP7 is still young... Let's wait and see. WP7 has potential to excel!

  • Anonymous

djdoggy, 23 Feb 2011true but iphone ios is a 4 year old system, android is 3..... wp... moreApple (no experience)
Google (no experience)
Microsoft (experience because they made Windows Mobile)

So Microsoft should be as good or not much behind. Please don't tell me WP7 is created from scratch. It might be created from scratch but the developers brain isn't. I will not be surprise some coding is the same as Windows Mobile.

  • Love Walrus

Well after finally getting my HD7 this week I have to admit to loving it so far.

Think people need to remember that it is still early days for WP7. Remember the very 1st iPhone!!!! No app store, or multitasking and the most limited range of features ever seen. Development takes time and yes there are things I would like to see on WP7 but I am also happy enough to be patient and watch this platform develop just as I did with iOS and Android (both of which were nothing special until a lot of updating took place).

  • djdoggy

true but iphone ios is a 4 year old system, android is 3..... wp7 (not including the old windows phone) is not even 6 month old, give it a break!

  • Anonymous

Does Microsoft really cooperate with Nokia to enrich "the OS"?
I don't think so till they open their eyes to see which features Nokia have presented to us up to now by Symbian OS.

  • x-blade

bassfun, 23 Feb 2011GSM Arena, why copy-paste function is so important than any othe... morewithout that, the phone cannot be term "smart"

  • yeahbaby

AnonD-291, 22 Feb update for updates !!! looks like MS is allset to ... moreyes! this millennium, as in year 3000!!!! hahaha

  • bassfun

GSM Arena, why copy-paste function is so important than any other updates?

  • jg01

Really like this new OS , but did not like the fact that everything is done on the cloud. For someone like me who travels, this is an issue for synching contacts and calendar entries. Also, the copy and paste thing did it for me, I returned the phone that I had. If microsoft fixes this, then I'm back in on the WP7 platform. I don't want to have to rely on the cloud...remember what happened to sidekick users....they lost everything..thanks to microsoft's cloud!!!

  • Anonymous

For me using itunes is no problem at all its great you people always saying itunes is sucks i bet you dont tried it before, i think nokia and win os will compete to ios very close in the future

  • Anonymous

AnonD-252, 22 Feb 2011Microsoft/Nokia is just as bad as Apple becauamse the user is to... moreI agree with this guy.
The great thing about android and symbian is that you can just plug your phone to your PC then just transfer stuff without any need for silly software. USB storage mode is very useful in cases you need to store files quickly to a device.

  • mm

Now that's recursion xD