Reliance Jio crosses 100 million subscribers, announces new plan for Prime members

22 February 2017
Existing Prime Members can continue to get free data and other benefits for a year for a small monthly fee.

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  • Amar Padghane

I Love Jio...I'm using Jio sim last 6 months...downloading & browsing speed is very fast... Thanks For Jio..Digital India Jio India

  • Anonymous

Guys, I am pleased to inform that I am using Jio since Feb 2016, and in the last one year I have travelled from Amritsar in the north to Kanyakumari in the south and from Jodhpur in the west to Mizoram in the North East... And everywhere I have used Jio mobile data... I have LYF Wind 4 handset, which is going great guns... The only drawback is voice call quality, which breaks many times during peak hours, maybe due to heavy traffic... I think its a visionary step taken by Reliance Industries to achieve this mammoth task.... Hats off Jio....

  • Senthil

Very slow and poor coverage (Tamilnadu). Mostly using Vodafone, because jio is very slow on most of time.

  • Paradox

4.5+ terabytes downloaded :) using JIO since last July

  • AnonD-491921

AnonD-523334, 22 Feb 2017Not 100cr customer. 100 million =10cr.Just 20 cr subscribers to become the biggest network in india

  • Anonymous

Jio come in U.K. please.

  • Ankit

Jio is the best...

  • AnonD-523334

Govind, 22 Feb 2017Bro in India if you take Bsnl broad band you could get true unli... moreFirst of all, broad band is not free like jio lol. I'm using it free from more than two months and also will be free one more month. And second, broadband is not with me everywhere.
I think u thought I'm complaining but I was clarifying because Gsmarena said 1GB per day is the limit so I said it is not limit, it is just limit for full 4G speeds. Later one can use it with up to 128kbps speed.

  • AnonD-523334

S!d, 22 Feb 2017100cr consumer Let 10cr consumer use prime plan Per month plan... moreNot 100cr customer. 100 million =10cr.

  • AnonD-523334

Ron, 22 Feb 2017I hope you meant "yesterday".Yes. Yes.

  • Anonymous

Awesome deal. Jio working fine in my area. I am getting 3-4 mbps speed in avg. Even in my village where docomo ,aircel signal not catching there jio working fine. Speed is 200-400kbps.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-248589, 22 Feb 2017The service is really bad, dropped calls and disconnects.1 in 100 times, I have experienced what you did.
jio network works fine for me.
gets network in places where my second sim won't.

  • AnonD-248589

Anonymous, 22 Feb 20174.5$ per month and 1gb per day of internet?? even india is bet... moreThe service is really bad, dropped calls and disconnects.

They have to fix the something which is wrong with their network, at present at closed areas like homes, the signal bars are good but it hardly connects internet and neither calls. When outside I am satisfied with its performance and even the call connect ratio has improved a lot.

  • Ron

AnonD-523334, 22 Feb 2017This number is achieved just now, not everyone is using it from... moreI hope you meant "yesterday".

  • S!d

100cr consumer
Let 10cr consumer use prime plan
Per month plan 300₹

  • AnonD-523334

ProJames, 22 Feb 2017Interesting. So one user ate about 10GB of data each? I would've... moreThis number is achieved just now, not everyone is using it from start. There are even those ppl who bought it tomorrow.

  • AnonD-625621

The world is jealous of ppl of India !

  • Govind

AnonD-523334, 22 Feb 2017Actually it is still unlimited, but full speed Untill 1GB per da... moreBro in India if you take Bsnl broad band you could get true unlimited at speed of 1mbps for the entire month,no speed cap.

Interesting. So one user ate about 10GB of data each? I would've expected a bigger number, although one exabyte is still a huge number for mobile phone traffic.