Oppo announces the world's first dual camera with 5x zoom, periscope style

27 February 2017
Developing the new 5x zoom module has taken Oppo more than a year of research and development.

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  • safwan

i love oppo im also used f3plus

  • Sheik ahammed

I love Oppo I'm also using A F1S is a wonderful camera 😍😍😍😍😍

  • stobs

pretty impressive. nokia level or even better.

  • Shahid nadeem

I like oppo fon it is tha best fon f1plus is best fon long time battrey

  • AnonD-632062

Great going Oppo! Just like last year at MWC, you brought a great camera invention to the the table. Now if only these tech could be incorporated in the OnePlus 5........

  • funkboy

This is excellent, way to go Oppo.

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2017It's nice to see someone innovating with mobile phone camer... moreThat may be true a few years ago. But recently it is not used for fancy zooming purposes. Manufacturer now are focusing more on lighting where the second camera only takes monochrome images. These images after being processed will produced better lighting exposure in photos. Thus, dual camera are still relevant in a way where it actually helps to emulate real camera photography albeit a bit lacking.

  • Anonymous

It's nice to see someone innovating with mobile phone cameras in a genuine way, beyond the ridiculous megapixel racea and "dual" cameras that are extremely limited in their usefull ness. (The dual camera is like a throwback to really cheap 35 mm cameras from 1970s that had separate settings for far and close, but no real zoom. Strange how companies like Apple can go backwards 40 years in technology and call it "innovation.") Now I wish people would work on getting bigger sensors into phones, like in the Nokia 808.

  • Anonymous

There is a reason why the pros chose dual camera. Must be that all those small lenses.. bring about a bad picture at the end

  • Bane K.

I saw this zoom in apple patents 2 years ago i'm not apple fan!
I hate google now and ios.I liked ios7 and ios8 and kitkat 4.4.And i'm fun of HTC Sense but they have crap hardware.

  • AnonD-93439

this is legit one of the best innovations in mobile photography so far.

  • Pramod Kumar

awosom oppo oppo oppo...

It might not be a brand new idea in digicam world but in the smartphone world its new. Yeah i know as someone mentioned Asus already used similar technique in their zoom phone but still to be able to achieve 5x optical zoom with thin profile is a great innovation. Bravo!!!

  • Anonymous

Put it in a OnePlus and I'll buy. Not interested in Oppo's ColorOS (do they even still use that? anyway, I had traumatic experience with it).

  • AnonD-152638

Really clever.
Seems most sites out there missed the part where the prism rotate, some suggest it's just a two module set-up, where the tele lens is set at an angle, and that the rest is done in software (iPhone 7 Plus-style).

The 1x is handled with the sensor that lacks zoom.
Then it has that 3x sensor to handle the rest up to 5x.
Then there is software trickery to handle the hand over from the 1x sensor to the optically zoomed sensor. So there is where the software comes in. Perhaps it also uses digital zoom to make a smoother transition, between the 3 different zoom modes offered by the zoom lens. I would hope they stay away from digital zoom, unless it's of the HDR/Bracketing type, where it would take two images, to work out the step between the two zoom modes.
I have little against beeing locked at different zooms, that is a restriction that people with prime lenses has to live with, and this system works a bit like having 4 different prime lenses.

But there are a few issues here.
at 5.7mm thickness, the sensors will be pretty small. And the Wide angle camera without zoom will have a compressed lens design.
I wish they would also do a scaled up version, for people willing to live with smartphones that are 10mm thick or slightly thicker, so that they can fit good enough optics and sensors in there, and a battery to handle enough shots to get one through the day.

  • AnonD-387177

Oppo was kinda pioneer with Oppo find 7, so it was good device. But i think that main problem of Oppo, Meizu, Zte, Vivo are updates and user experience.

  • Anonymous

Max, 27 Feb 2017The basic mechanism is well known ever since ultra-flat dig... moreNot quite new in smartphones, Asus Zoom already has it, but only 3x optical zoom :)

  • Anonymous

did oppo mentioned that its optical zoom lens will be inferior to prime lens ? nomrally more CA and reduce aperture.

  • Anonymous

I have an Asus Zoom and I've been waiting for the next iteration from Asus, which turned out to be Asus Zoom 3, but unfortunately without the true optical zoom. If Oppo manages 5x true optical zoom, I'm definitely interested.

  • Jumbo

This is not new/innovative ideas... Minolta did this with a digicam back in.. years ago. Dimage XT, I remember because I owned one. ;) Still, neat that they ported the idea to smartphones, I kinda wondered for a while who would finally do it.. ;)