Sony Xperia XZ Premium awarded Best New Smartphone at MWC 2017

02 March 2017
Xperia XZ Premium won for “Best new smartphone”, while the Galaxy S7 edge gets the “Best Smartphone 2016” statuette.

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AnonD-521587, 07 Mar 2017The design language has changed in the XZ its not the same ... moreEveryone hates on Sony. I had the z3v loved it for almost 3 years, Verizon showed no love, so I was stuck with jellybean when everyone had KitKat. Picked up the s7 edge so I could use the latest Android os. Samsung is junk. A few days ago I picked up the xz premium, thank you Sony don't ever stop making cell phones.

This is gonna be expensive

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This is the sexiest phone for me. I really love the symmetrical design, especially the bezels.

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huuuuuge bezel. huuuuge

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Actually the 4K display in smartphone is simply great! I won't tell to my friend I am watching a 4K video on a 2K display and shame to say that the 2K display even lack of/without any upscaling mapping tech. Bring out all the memory precision show in a 4K mobile device as well as a 4K television, simple is the best!!
Nothing curve edge or rounded display corner or what I call it Image Losing Problem like S7edge S8 G6 done.

  • AnonD-635604

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2017I just gave you a video and the ways that the extra 2Gb is ... more4Kuseful in the future*** you will see 4k smartphone(not only from sony)in the future

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2017Wrong, Again, and More Wrong (if that's possible). It woul... moreI meant to say top selling android flagship vendor of H2 2016. Of course it didn't outsell the iPhone 7. I don't make any outrageous claims, I stick with the facts from reliable sources.

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AnonD-404798, 06 Mar 2017don't provide any links , you try too hard noob since you s... moreSo providing the proof labels me as a noob.

I'll take being labeled as a noob by an idiot any day of the week :)

  • AnonD-521587

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2017Yet you can freeze the numerous useless system apps and ser... moreThe design language has changed in the XZ its not the same as previous phones. Don't fix what aint broken. The design is still far ahead of all other phones if you can't see this then you have no sense of aesthetics or have never seen a sony phone in real life. I use the z3c and everyone always asks me about the phone.

Second idk what hardware you're talking about that sony is cheaping out on? First to have 835, ufs2.1, 64gb, microsd, ip68, front facing camera 13mp 1/3 as much as iphones rear, 19mp 1/2.3 with first memeory stacked sesnor, 5 axis stabilization, anti-distortion, qnovo battery tech, front facing speakers, first 4khdr.

Let what the hell are you on about? Stop trolling dude and get out.

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Tann Hauser, 07 Mar 2017Its obviously going no where..... Im all in for optimisati... moreI'm also for optimization. I'm almost 50 too and I grew tired and old (literally) waiting for it. So yeah, after 3 decades of computing I'm all for hardware because at least I'm getting something discernible there.

If I was to wait for optimization we would still be running on systems slightly better than 2x86 ... thank god for hardware and moore's law...

Its obviously going no where.....
Im all in for optimisation type....
Whilst you are all about more and more ll probably end up with 64 gb mobile Ram device one day....hope it will be sufficient for all that 1000 apps you use every day.

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Tann Hauser, 07 Mar 2017One other thing to keep in mind is heavy duty apps like gam... moreHow's that smart? Suffering a minute long loading time each time you want to run a game that you may play a lot is not smart it's again Sony being cheapstake and not offering top ram in such an expensive phone. If Asus can do 8GB and Oneplus did 6GB last year, Sony could certainly do 6GB minimum. I don't get this fervent support for what is clearly cutting corners.

And yes it would be great if all developers used as little ram as possibly all the while patching memory and battery leaks. That way you'd have a bazillion of apps stored in memory.

As for the 3GB mode being able to hold 15 apps in memory I very much doubt it. IF it is very specific apps maaaybe, but even then I can't be sure. You don't appreciate how little 3GB is for modern phones. Android Nougat + play services is around 1.2GB of ram, another 400 MB is better left for OOM purposes (ram on which the front app would run on), another 400MB is used by modern GPUs and modems ... suddenly you're down to 1GB for apps alone. To get 15 apps in that little amount you'd have to be using the best optimized apps ever. Good luck with that, it means that you have to forget most of the social media apps, certainly forget a bunch of games, and God forbid that you've opened a bunch of tabs on your browser.

The day that your device forces you to change your behavior (the way you use your machine) is the day that you've learnt that prooobably that is not a very good machine.

Yes in a perfect world, 1GB would be enough to store 15 apps in ram. But we do not live in that world. Additionally it turnns out that software optimization in total is more expensive than simply adding more hardware. So software developers are playing catch with hardware developers, they say "not my fault, just fix my performance now". This dynamic existed for decades, because -again- hardware is easier than software, on average. I remember in late 90s that people were thinking it crazy that computers should have multiple MBs of ram all because some "lazy developers" couldn't figure how to optimize their software to work on a few KB.

Guess what happened? software developers never learned (because software is HARD!) and instead we got multiple GBs of RAM too, in our machines. As long as Moore's law is a thing the above behavior is set to continue. By the time you have optimized your software to use limited resources it won't be needed because by then resources would be abound... As a hardware manufacturer the worse you can do is keeping back on hardware, and that's what Sony continuously do lately (not just ram, battery as well given the size, even soc in many of her top end models). Even Apple learned better than that and keep upping the performance each year by quite an amount...

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AnonD-521587, 07 Mar 2017I own the z3c which has the best battery life especially fo... more4h of screen on time in 2 days means only that you just don't use your phone. Mi Max has between 8 and 12h screen on time depending on your usage. It will last for 4 days+ the way you use it. As for the Moto Z - the QWERTY mod is the thing. Using your phone for business tasks like longer emails, docs editing and coding with the mod will save you tons of time ;)

Anyways if your primary goal is to make selfies, you are ok with the mediocre battery life and pseudo extras like "stereo speakers" stay with your devine Sony xD

Tann Hauser, 07 Mar 2017XZ with 3 gb has an extra setting under Xperia Cleaner to a... moreOne other thing to keep in mind is heavy duty apps like games...
Its about game designers optimizations:
Gamelofts games like Modern Combat 5 use insane 400-500 Mb of Ram when active in cache, whilst EA games like Need for Speed Most Wanted use only up to 60 Mb of Ram in cache.
I certainly want my phone to be smart enough in ram managment and kill that Modern Combat one if needed, not keep it in active state.

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2017...because keeping a non service on ram actually does not w... moreXZ with 3 gb has an extra setting under Xperia Cleaner to allow 10 native most used apps of users choice to be always active in cache, meaning no reloads in multitask. Add to that some other staying active by android get to 15 active apps without reload easily...
I honestly believe that is indeed sufficient even for power users.

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Tann Hauser, 06 Mar 2017Without root not possible. If Ram constantly used, good lu... more...because keeping a non service on ram actually does not waste resources, it merely let's a non random series of 0 and 1s stay on memory.

Also Oneplus does not come rooted, you can unlock the bootloader if you want, but you don't have to. You don't need root to let the phone keep 15 apps in memory, after latest firmware updates they did just that. Like I said battery is not an issue as I have noticed that they do drop background apps that misbehave, so yes, it's not 100% that you're going to get all your apps cached, but you do most of the time so 9 out of 10 apps don't load, they're merely recalled from memory giving a faaar faster experience than phones with better SoC even.

Apple actually keeps more than a screenshot, it keeps the last known state of the app in memory. By doing so it can make a better use of the limited resources that an iPhone has to deal with. That also kills the ability to do a lot of background stuff (very few things are allowed, things like notification, but nothing like user services and/or overlays). So it's great for a phone with limited resources (as smartphones used to have), but not so great for the future (where the resources would be less limited but the things we require from our phones are more complex).

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AnonD-521587, 06 Mar 2017I never said they werent fundementally the same, in fact I ... moreYet you can freeze the numerous useless system apps and services that Samsung saddles her phoned with, install a proper launcher (say nova launcher) and see your Samsung galaxy

That's not trolling that's a basic statement of facts in a den of Sony fans who apparently follow modes of groupthink. I'm not even hating on Sony, in fact I like a couple of her past phones, all I'm saying is that Sony should try harder if they want to get back into being profitable. Trying the same design language for 4th year in a row and cheapsteaking on basic hardware just can't be the answer on returning in the top 5 makers.

As for C9 Pro vs S8 ... it was never the case that phones with 50% more memory ever lost on speed tests that test every day performance (app launches + ram retention). On Android ram amount is 80% of the perceived speed. Give it a couple of months before such speed tests are out and remember to rep me when you'd see that I was one of the first to call this.

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AnonD-309265, 07 Mar 2017I have never owned Samsung or iPhone and probably never wil... moreI own the z3c which has the best battery life especially for this size and capability. 6 hours you crazy. When I first got this phone I would charge every 2 days and still now I get 4 hours of screen on time sometimes even 5.

Your moto z play with mods look like shit. Z3c needs no mods to have good battery life it does everything as it for a smartphone, i don't need to give any other company more money for mods. Mods are gonna die bro nobody cares about mods

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AnonD-521587, 06 Mar 2017You're wrong hardware wise there is isn't much variation ex... moreI have never owned Samsung or iPhone and probably never will. Buy your Sony and run for a charge every 6 hours while listening to those "amazing" speakers xD

Typing from my 4850 mAh Mi Max and considering Moto Z play with slider QWERTY mod that will total in 5610 mAh

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Anonymous, 06 Mar 2017Actually it's not. Android kernel is using proprietary libr... moreI never said they werent fundementally the same, in fact I admitted that. However, there is still differences in speed, and ram mangnment. Go check speed tests of new devices vs say google pixel or whatever. There is obviously not that much difference android still has the worlds largest monopoly. But there are some elements that distinguish one company from the other. For example i would not touch toucwiz or LG's with a ten foot pole because they are ugly and clunky.

I don't expect the c9 pro to be faster than the s8 what you talking about? And it proves my point that snapdrago also has a monpoly. hardware wise, it's very difficult for new players to come into town because its very difficult to manufacture. You also ignored my statement about how there is a only a few suppliers that make stuff. c9 pro still uses a snapdragon.

And if you want to point out hardware sony is the strongest at this because its what they have a long history of. And most about the XZ premium is unique hardware wise. Lay the trolling to a rest.