HTC U Ultra goes on sale in India for around $900

06 March 2017
The device (64GB variant) is available from the Taiwanese company's official India online store.

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  • AnonD-248589

Xiaomi needs to buy HTC before it goes bankrupt.

  • AnonD-100398

asus deluxe 256gb or the s7edge 128gb are better buy than this htc overpriced crap.

  • piku

Congrats HTC for another failure you are hopeless.

  • Anonymous

Noel, 06 Mar 2017Lol $900..they should turn those numbers clockwise 180° to $... more006$ if turned 180-degrees clockwise

Julliard, 06 Mar 2017Actually, HTC U Ultra launching price is $740(64gb version) in C... moreI don't think there is any mistake with the article. HTC is known to be absurdly priced here. The way they are acting they will surely go extinct in few years.

  • Hofmann

You have to pump up these numbers HTC. These are rookie numbers !

  • Anonymous

how can the users see what is wrong but ppl at htc cannot

What the...? Are they aware that's more than the S7 Edge, that Indians are more likely to buy an S7E for less and that this price is just ridiculous to begin with? I wouldn't buy it even if it was priced at $900 CAD.

At least, they could've brought something innovative for that price. I don't find LCD display, 3000 mAh battery and lack of 3.5 mm audio jack and stereo speakers comparing to its elder siblings as an upgrade.

  • Noel

Lol $900..they should turn those numbers clockwise 180° to $600>

  • AnonD-632062

$900?! That's an eye-watering price for both U and me!

  • gan

HTC want to die with dignity and respect. Next year they may price their last flagship for $2000. RIP HTC.

  • AnonD-326266

They will be lucky to sell more than 10 units at this price. To be honest it doesnt even look that good. Specially new flagships like g6 and s8 coming out with drastic changes, HTC will be just sidelined.

  • gsm lovers

digging on your own grave, HTC......good luck!!!

  • xiaomi lover

Thanks,Take it back to Taiwan!

  • Anonymous

Seriously, what is up with all the price hiking this year?

LG G6 is priced absurdly. Rumors are that the Apple iPhone might hit $1,000. And it is pretty much confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will be $885 for the SMALLER memory variant.

... And none of these phones have removable batteries, so it will be difficult to keep them going much longer than about three years!

The only thing I can think of is "Veblen good". As prices of go up, they become more desirable as a sign of conspicuous consumption.

Count me out.

Me agree too, HTC is dying company....and I want to ask was this phone made by gold????

  • PRAS

jerry, 06 Mar 2017HTC is a dying company. The U series look horrible rip-offs of S... morethe google copmany tipe of htc make a big phone in android

  • PRAS

the phone is very good and better than s7 edge

  • AnonD-27765

People would rather buy an iPhone for that price not an HTC phone.