HTC U Ultra goes on sale in India for around $900

06 March 2017
The device (64GB variant) is available from the Taiwanese company's official India online store.

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  • jerry

HTC is a dying company. The U series look horrible rip-offs of Samsung. Not to mention the over the top stupid pricing.

  • AnonD-2626

Even if the price is just 750ish its still way too high for struggling company (mobile division) like HTC and considering the upcoming wave of not only new smartphones but established iteration of high-end veterans like Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony etc it's just ridiculous:)

  • Anonymous

64 gb for 900$ ... nothing to say.. good luck.. you can die quickly

  • AnonD-647900

Julliard, 06 Mar 2017Actually, HTC U Ultra launching price is $740(64gb version) in C... moreYeah it's all probably a mistake and misunderstanding, the actual price of the 64GB model is $750 while the special 128GB sapphire crystal glass version is $900.

  • AnonD-252051

What were they smoking while pricing it around $900 in India

  • AnonD-647900

Excellent specs (minus the battery capacity) but the price is too rich for my blood unless it had like a 3600+ mAh battery in it.

  • Chintu bhai

mir, 06 Mar 2017I want to smoke what they're smoking there at HTC headquarters. ... moreexactly my thoughts,hahaha!!!time to wake up htc!!!before you will be the next blackberry!!!alice in wonderland,hahaha!!!

  • AnonD-642242


AnonD-39937, 06 Mar 2017when I heard LG G6 is 700$ I said overpriced, but at least it's ... moreActually, HTC U Ultra launching price is $740(64gb version) in China. No idea why the price shoot up all the way to $900. In Australia it is AU$1199($749). It could be the editor mistake. There is also a 128gb version that use sapphire crystal glass instead of gorilla glass 5 which would explain the steep pricing of $900. If that not the case then it certainly is overpriced. Its actually as expensive as iphone 7 Plus-which is the most expensive of all iphone.

  • AnonD-331984


  • Anonymous

I thought iPhones are the most overpriced phones but i was wrong it's HTC phones now 😂

  • evil_fest

price is over.

I want to smoke what they're smoking there at HTC headquarters. Because they seem to be as high as the pricing!

  • AnonD-92238

I want to smoke that too

  • Arian Adler

What's smartest innovation in 2017!? That is it: cut some more features like these:
1.3.5mm Jack headphones: add $100
2.IR $50
3.FM Radio $50
4.unremovable battery $100
5.uses sim 2 $50
6.front facing stereo speakers $100 app purchase! What? You! Yes you in app purchase! What are you doing here :V

Dear htc your way,path and strategy was and is wrong, yet %100

  • AnonD-458877

poor choices htc,poor choices!!!!

  • Vishal

I'd rather buy two Oneplus 3..

  • AnonD-593464

R.I.P. HTC. Please halt production of smartphones if you intend to price all your devices like this.

Htc made me laughing !

  • unknown

so .. how much will cost the 128gb version ? .. i mean the price for 64gb made me laugh .. or maybe that price its some special troll for indians?