The LeEco Le Pro3 Elite goes official

08 March 2017
Despite the "Elite" moniker, the new version doesn't improve on the Le Pro3 hardware.

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  • Baiju

When come in india this product

  • Anonymous

LeEco Le Pro3 Elite.... Hmmmmmmm

  • consumersmartphone

Pro + Elite =Nothing Wow! Non of it is special. Now day: prime, pro, elite, is something ridiculous, they need to check dictionary before putting that title on.

  • AnonD-104084

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2017Where is LeEco Le Pro 4 / 5 upcoming leaks? With SD835, 8GB... moreMaybe later maybe not att all
Who knows

  • T-Dizzle

Mael7, 08 Mar 2017I think leeco have done a really fantastic job before...But... moreFor a fairly new tech company, they've done well.

  • AnonD-345372

Dear LeEco, people in India will not buy your phones please stop releasing phones in India................want to know why....dumb people of LeEco why would anyone spent 15 to 18k for 32gb only phone without sd card

Keeping phones at such a subsidised price isn't actually helping the company at all, rather it's downgrading its reputation. I think the company will soon shut down its cell phone segment!

  • Anonymous

Haha this elite phone has less ram and worse soc than the non elite versions. What a random naming scheme

They should have named it Lite.

  • dnnyvngs

My le pro 3 had serious charging issues and finally burned my cables. Something really dangerous! They didn't help me saying is not her responsibility cause I bought cellphone on eBay...

Be careful with this brand.

  • Geralt

Nah, they use eco & eui words a lot so e had to be there.😂

  • Anonymous

it's just honor 7 lite in gold!

Maybe they wanted to use "Lite" name for the model, but their T9 made a typo and "fixed" it to "Elite"? Or someone made a typo, Amazon S3 style?

  • Anonymous

Where is LeEco Le Pro 4 / 5 upcoming leaks? With SD835, 8GB RAM, 128-256GB ROM?

Brand is no more a valid one for coverage. They have screwed themselves big time with their fake promises. Enough!

  • Mael7

I think leeco have done a really fantastic job before...But I feel a little bit of disappointed with this device....I am waiting for the official launched of le max 3...huhuu..anyway I am a fan of leeco products

  • Anonymous

too bad that id doesn't have black version, because this black basels on front side are hurting my eyes.

@Lead2XL Agreed.Couldn't say it any better.

  • Anonymous

Lead2XL, 08 Mar 2017The most baffling thing about all their recent phones is th... moreCouldn't say it any better.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-248589, 08 Mar 2017How the hell is it elite with a downgraded processor?Because they can

  • AnonD-248589

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2017Someone at leeco though elite is the same as lite.Lost in translation