The LeEco Le Pro3 Elite goes official

08 March 2017
Despite the "Elite" moniker, the new version doesn't improve on the Le Pro3 hardware.

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The most baffling thing about all their recent phones is that they offer only 32 GB of storage and no SD card slot. You'd think they could at least offer a 64 GB version. And they wonder why nobody is buying their phones and they are struggling for money!!

  • AnonD-621510

Le Pro3 E-lite. Need a spacing between those E and lite.

Considering the fact that "Elite" is basically the word "Lite" with an E, I am starting to think that maybe they used the wrong moniker by mistake :D
Sorry, poor joke, I know.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-248589, 08 Mar 2017How the hell is it elite with a downgraded processor?Someone at leeco though elite is the same as lite.

  • AnonD-248589

How the hell is it elite with a downgraded processor?