Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Android Nougat update is rolling out in Europe

09 March 2017
So far it's been outed by Vodafone and Swisscom in Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Romania, and Switzerland.

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  • AnonD-657006

Sweden- Tre, no update yet

  • AnonD-656736

I have UK simfree S6 still no update.

  • Tuppe

Denmark - Telia and no update yet :(

Still without VoLTE and Mifare Classic support. Shamesung. What were they doing 2 years?!


read the post, hit update, omg its here!!!!!!!!! now downloading 1375mb update... :)

  • TheDancer

Romania - Orange, NO Update ... :(

  • Mohsin

I'm still waiting for Nougat update for my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Any vodafone customers already received update for s6?

  • FaceGle

I got my S6E, and im receiving an update, but i dont want to. How can remove it from my notification bar?

  • Adi0223

AnonD-651587, 10 Mar 2017Do you have an s6 normal or edge? Simple s6 , not edge

  • AnonD-651759

EE Nougat for S6 edge received last night

  • Ibrar mir

I also have s6 edge but not recieve any update .....g925f made in veitnam

  • Havok

It's pathetic how long it takes Samsung to roll out a new update that's been out for approximately 8 months

  • Brittenterry@hotmail

I got the 7.0 update today uk 10.3.17

  • AnonD-640363

And does anyone know when it will be released for s6 edge+. I have it and it should recive 7.0 before s6 and s6 edge. Thats make no sesnse!

  • David

I have a Samsung S6 Edge plus and so far no updates for my phone.I live in the Czech Republic

  • No Matter

S6 gets nougat faster than S7... Ridiculousness continues coming from samsung again.

  • AnonD-651587

AnonD-651573, 10 Mar 2017Confirm . I received the update last night in Romania. My samsun... moreDo you have an s6 normal or edge?

  • AnonD-651573

Confirm . I received the update last night in Romania. My samsung is simfree.
After update a lot of chganges and the icons are similar with iphone. I will full reset the phone becouse i felt a little lag after update..

  • Marvin

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2017Clue: it's not the updatesTrue, it's the timely updates.
Clue: Samsung and other manufacturers could speed up the update process if the would simply bypass the carriers(like Apple for example). It would not be as fast as Apple but it would certainly shave 1-3 months/major release