Google splits Hangouts into Meet and Chat

10 March 2017
Targeted at business users for their video conferencing and messaging needs, respectively.

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  • Grubba

Google Duo is far too glitchy as well so that's another reason i'll never use it!

  • Grubba

Far too much bloatware!
Spoil's google. I don't use 15 of there apps and probably never will!

  • Grubba

It might have been better just removing hangout altogether.
It was always problematic one way or another and the same goes for that G+ as well.
Google badly need's some fresh new thinking.

  • Ching

If Google would stop changing their messaging app, that would be great

  • Anonymous

Toms_Jones, 11 Mar 2017Funny how people hope for one united messaging platform whi... moreskype is quite buggy, and i dont like that it spies on you. but ive found myself using it more and more for exactly these reasons.

Different apps providing similar functionality and an app for every major website is what I was always bothered about when first statt using smartphones.

  • Toms_Jones

Funny how people hope for one united messaging platform which does everything and there already is one which people dont want to use since its not googles :/ Yea, i mean skype. But i know, its been around too long and its not hip anymore.

  • Anonymous

Problem of big company.
Lose direction, can not focus in one thing.

kurotsuki, 10 Mar 2017Not this Hangout a.k.a "Meet and Chat"... But there will be... moreIt's ok, Thanks man. :)

  • AnonD-60230

What the hell Google decides in its meetings? who even suggests these type of crappy ideas!

Asian people feel uncomfortable talking using video call. Especially if you have a meeting, where we had to sit in one place constantly looking towards the camera or phone. Better have a voice conference call.

  • Anonymous

When will Google realize that people don't like having multiple apps?

This company has issues with making clones of the same app instead of putting everything in one App. I hope they fail maybe they will learn something because it's really becoming tooooo much

  • Anonymous

I wish you success against Skype, where you can call, chat and send files. I guess Google will introduce another app for that.

  • AnonD-625786

Oh wow, two more messaging apps, that's just great!
Google, seriously - as much as I love you, please - fix your head and make ONE decent messaging app for text, video calls, voice calls AND business chats/calls! Is that so difficult!?

  • Anonymous

I knews that they are just gonna rename this unneeded bloat.

  • AnonD-647980

Just build one universal messaging app

Google seems to want to touch new lows in absurdity with its messaging platforms.
I yet used Hangout - the buggiest app in the world as it allowed screenshare and was convenient however, I'm not gonna have anything to do with it anymore if i'm not able to do what i've been doing so far with it.

  • AnonD-234961

Google Allo, Google Duo, Google Meet, Google Chat, Android Messages. How stupid is this ?

  • AnonD-632062

2018 news:

Option 1) Say hello to "Rendezvous", Google new name for re-branded Meet and Chat. Meanwhile Allo will be renamed to Google Chat and Duo will be renamed to Google Meet.

Option 2) Google is winding down support for Meet and Chat due to insufficient demand and to focus on it's core new messaging service that debuted with Pixel 2.