Update fixing Xperia Z5 'low in-call volume' issue coming next month, Sony confirms

11 March 2017
Users have been reporting the issue ever since they installed the Nougat update on their devices.

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Sounds very irresponsible, need to wait one month for such a important bug to fix, doesn't look good sony

  • AnonD-550092

I am tired of waiting for Android 7 update on My Xperia Z5 Premium
Whats the point in not rolling out an update and calling it a flagship phone
I dont understand

AnonD-633729, 13 Mar 2017One sincere advice for xperia users. Don't upgrade your fir... moreHmm thats why, after updating to 7.0., they have seeded two bug fixing firmware updates and this new one arriving in April will be the third one.
P.S. my Z5 is bug free from day 1 of Nougat update and im really enjoying it so far.

  • AnonD-633729

One sincere advice for xperia users. Don't upgrade your firmware. If there is bugs in your new firmware, I am sure you will stuck with this firmware for a year. Sony is too slow in fixing bugs.

  • ccychin

Savor, 12 Mar 2017Sony should get out of the mobile business like they did wi... moreHaha savor.... hater gonna hate..... i have been using sony phone eventhough mid range no qc issue. I doubt if u ever buy sony phone please buy one and use before starting talking nonsense here... the huawei cheap and crap chinese brand is no match for japan technology product (as we often heard). Sony is start making profit now quarter by quarter and not making loss like a few year ago (eventhough previously higher sales). Mark my word, xperia xz premium will becomes the best flagship 2017 and the best seeling one defeating s8 and iphone 8.

  • AnonD-651796

BOB, 11 Mar 2017also in Z5 the finger print feature has been removed after ... moreThat seems like a bug, where are you? The US models have no fingerprint functionality but I believe this is a software lock, the hardware is there. I'm still using my reader since 7.0 although I still absolutely hate the thing, very rarely it actually recognises my thumb.

  • AnonD-651796

AnonD-651882, 11 Mar 2017I have z5 compact and after the update to nougat, I did a r... moreWell I also did the whole new setup with 7, and no settings restored either which is a pain. And still the bluetooth issues persist, as it seems many people are noticing. It all depends on what you do with your phone on a daily basis if you'll be happy or not; Android 7 is quick and nice, I use lotsof bluetooth devices and half of them are becoming problematic since 7, so, different expectations.

  • AnonD-651796

viveksubhash, 11 Mar 2017apple devices do have their list of problems..only the user... moreWell I did not expect them to be perfect either, my Macbook Air from 2015 had absolutely screwed 5GHz wifi support. Eventually Sierra fixed it! Then they updated Sierra to break it again.

Huh, exactly the case with my Z5C and bluetooth.

I have a Nokia 7110 somewhere. Screw modern everything.

  • Savor

Sony should get out of the mobile business like they did with laptops (RIP, VAIO). They haven't made a great smartphone since the Z3/Z3 Compact. Simply overrated by PlayStation fanboys on this site.

Both HTC and Sony had great designs but haven't come up with a beautiful one in years. Maybe since 2013-2014. Both brands are also overpriced and have QC issues as time goes by. If you want great design at an affordable price, better off with a Huawei like the P9 Plus or Honor 8 from last year.

I never listen to Sony and HTC fanboys. Alot of noise from them over nothing special and with problems later on.

  • AnonD-652080

That fixing is for nougat rite? but my z5 Premium still with Marshmallow. no any update to nougat. *sigh..

  • Cristian

I performed factory reset in several times but without any result, this is not a solution. I cleaned the microphone mesh with isopropyl alcohol and the microphone is working now acceptable. i believe is a combination between software and hardware. This mesh is also a problem. Don't use something hard to clean the mesh, you will remove dust and water protection. I can say that i love my Z5, appreciate Sony job, but start to make me sad with this problem of microphone. Please fix this issue guys.

  • Rjvr

BOB, 11 Mar 2017also in Z5 the finger print feature has been removed after ... moreTrue that!

Every update makes the phone worse!...i remember the initial OS that had minor flaws which I could turn a blind eye on. but now the bugs have become more and more which has got annoying!

Guess mistakes were made :(

  • AnonD-652005

Sony Z5 is an joke. I had bugs when I tried pick up phone and it was impossible.

After that mini jack broke and problems started.... I was sending my device 7 times because wrong jack (I saw the screen lights from Jack socket), screen was not realty reacting, NFC wasn't working and after that phone back starter wibrwtijg... That means top speaker have some space inside so is some vibration...

Finally I need sell my Z5...

They don't want change device on brand new one.

So grats for you Sony Xperia Team.

Sony 1:0 Me

  • Ramadoss

Sony Xperia z5 premium opening theme very very slow old model latest theme update Android 7.0 update is very very slow change update

  • Anonymous

viveksubhash, 11 Mar 2017apple devices do have their list of problems..only the user... moreAnd monstrous battery drain!

[deleted post]That "Even Lenovo has better UI than this" joke is so funny lol

I don't even think Lenovo will release Nougat OS AT ALL eh?

  • Anonymous

Z3 having the same problem. Will this fix also work for Z3??

AnonD-651796, 11 Mar 2017You know as much as I like the Xperia line for numerous rea... moreapple devices do have their list of problems..only the users shy away from comment sections to complain about them..i have an ipad pro..and its bugs have not been ironed out in for an year..so here i have a 1000 dollar mediocre tab with frequent locked in syndromes and self boots..not bad huh??

  • giga


  • AnonD-176264

Similarly there are many issues with Z5 premium. Bluetooth gets off, call log list shows only some letters of contact, two step toggle for mobile data,