New photo of the Nokia E6 pops up, solves the touchscreen dilema

09 March, 2011
The rumored Nokia E6 was not unveiled at the MWC 2011, but now we get a new image that answers the important question of whether it's touch-operated. This isn't the first time we see images of the E6...

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  • AnonD-1311

deuter, 10 Mar 2011this phone with android and I'm gettin it !1. Samsung
2. HTC
3. LG
4. Huawei
5. ZTE

  • Anonymous

I em very sure that if this picture is reall, than this phone is touchscreen to, otherwise you can not use call bottom for manu option, and might be resistve screen the way i see, and the way i know the nokia kind of politics they use for marketing..., first they give out a bad plastic phone and after a year the same one but with better materials and lower camera quaily or smaler battery pack

  • AnonD-2461

I hope that nokia will update their symbian with new features...symbian^3 is smooth... :)

  • Anonymous

If you take a closer look on the top left you can see its written C0...

  • V

For sure, E6 will run Symbian 3, PR2.0 because the icons are not the same as those found in PR1.0, 1.1 or S40 Touch & Type.

  • mohan ram

Surely this is not an s40 phone. U can spot the home button in the picture. none of the s40 phones have a home button. This might seem to reveal one more important feature, "multitasking".
Hope to see windows 7 phones from nokia soon.C'mon nokia!!

  • Andry

i've been waiting for years for Nokia's candybar smartphone that support both touch and type input methods.
let's hope this E6 will not become another dissapointment..

  • AnonD-112

I just upgraded my E71 to the N8. I love my qwerty keyboard. But I gotta say this looks promising. I hope this lives to it's potential. :)
We need more updates for N8. :)

  • Anonymous

deuter, 10 Mar 2011this phone with android and I'm gettin it !Keep dreaming.

  • deuter

this phone with android and I'm gettin it !

  • Anonymous

Maybe that's the reason da Nokia said that Symbian is here to stay.
I guess the fate of Symbian will be on these "Nokiaberry" phones. :)
The phone seems so cool, hope they release it fast.

  • AnonD-2486

When this will be released?

  • Anonymous

ALL E7 series have Symbian, so its obviously a S^3 device.

  • Anonymous

worst than what i expected,

  • AnonD-171

your kinda....i mean your very late on this news gsmarena but still it's really good i think they are taking aon some of the new qwerty android phones like the ones that asus made