Nougat update for Huawei P9 lite has been delayed

22 March 2017
The exact reason behind the delay isn't yet known, but it is being said that the final roll out will now begin sometime in Q2.

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  • Pope
  • 8Cb
  • 28 Jul 2018

Please update the P9 lite in the Caribbean.

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    • Tommo
    • 0Fu
    • 28 Nov 2017

    I got intouch with Huawei.and they told me it would be very soon,that was over two month ago.I have already been waiting over a year,I think it is beyond a joke now,I bought my Huawei p9 lite on the understanding I could update to nougat straight away.I think I will get intouch with the dealer and see if I can get a refund or another phone with nougat already installed.

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      • Tommo
      • 3ay
      • 28 Jul 2017

      I bought the Huawei p9 lite 8 months ago and was exspecting to update it to nougat straight away,so when are we going to get it soon i hope

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        • aiden
        • TS5
        • 14 Jul 2017

        Stu, 02 May 2017Has anyone in NZ received the nougat update on their P9 Lite?NZ is not getting the update. Huawei's exact words to me were "we have no intention of releasing this update to New Zealand" Actually more serious than that, Nz is not getting the update from last year that fixed the issues with trust zone. google it and you will see what that issue is. We've received full refunds from where we brought it because of this, it is a breach of the consumer guarantees act.

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          • AnonD-677182
          • wv%
          • 14 Jun 2017

          Stu, 02 May 2017Has anyone in NZ received the nougat update on their P9 Lite?Not yet, and I think it's bullshit. The P9 received the update last year so they're stalling for some reason other than working out bugs, I bet.

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            • Stu
            • w6S
            • 02 May 2017

            Has anyone in NZ received the nougat update on their P9 Lite?

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              • Tear
              • Sac
              • 12 Apr 2017

              JERRY, 23 Mar 2017For f**** sake, there hasn't been a security patch since Oc... moreAgreed! I had to report the "update" delay to our main-board directors yesterday. They have given Easter Monday as a cut-off, then they'll trash the lot and move to a supplier that is more security conscious. Ours is a US company and they don't like Huawei over some major hacking scandal a couple of years ago. I aint going to argue about it as I like my job!

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                • JM C.
                • TdY
                • 06 Apr 2017

                I updated my P9 Lite phone to nougat now its battery gets weaker. Before I got 2 days of battery life now its only 1 day!!!!!. Do not update!!!! I want to rollback to marshmallow. I like the interface of nougat but I won't sacrifice my battery life. This reason why I bought this phone is because of its battery life.

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                  • Rolanch
                  • LxW
                  • 01 Apr 2017

                  Today (March 31st) my p9 lite received the nougat update... 🤔

                    my phone run marshmallow plz updated quickly nought in Sri Lanka

                      AnonD-382451, 30 Mar 2017I didnt perform a test but i dont think otg is supportedOk,Thank You for your reply

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                        • AnonD-382451
                        • Egb
                        • 30 Mar 2017

                        Nougat is just awesome...More Ram, battery is excellent, multi-tasking is superb, built-in Antivirus, sexy interface and more functions to discover my friends...
                        The p9 lite now runs like a Bugatti...Love it.

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                          • AnonD-382451
                          • Egb
                          • 30 Mar 2017

                          PouRaza, 29 Mar 2017OTG Supported I didnt perform a test but i dont think otg is supported

                            AnonD-382451, 28 Mar 2017Hi guys! I got Nougat update this evening 28/03/2017. It's ... moreOTG Supported

                              plz give updated p9 lite in sri Lanka

                                plz updated quickly nought p9 lite in sri Lanka

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                                  • Aliff
                                  • ijq
                                  • 29 Mar 2017

                                  My Huawei P9 Lite already got OTA Android 7.0 Nougat update . Finally!! I'm so happy right now. From Malaysia 😁

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                                    • AnonD-382451
                                    • fqZ
                                    • 28 Mar 2017

                                    Hi guys! I got Nougat update this evening 28/03/2017. It's 1.93 G. I am from Morocco North Africa and i have the VNS-31 model. Mine was C185B150 and now it's C185B360. I will install it and feedback soon inchaallah...

                                      please be hurry to release Nought update for Huawei P9Lite and otg updates. Im waiting for you !!!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • IWU
                                        • 27 Mar 2017

                                        plz give Huawei p9 lite nought updated quickly your company slowly