AT&T aims to cease unauthorized tethering, says “Stop or pay”

19 March, 2011
We've got some bad news to the iPhone users that found a way around the AT&T no-tethering-without-a-plan policy with a jailbreak. Apparently the carrier has detected the violators of its policy...

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  • Shimmy

I think it's quite absurd that AT&T is acting this way. Before 4.3 iOS, you could tether your iPhone. Nokia has offered wired and Bluetooth tethering for years. No one caused any raukus about anyone using their data plan this way. You shouldn't be charged extra for how many devices you have on your line. It's no different than if you ISP shows up at your door and charges you per device on your LAN network. This is abuse of power.

  • olly

i live in the UK and i pay £45 a month and get 2000 any network mins 5000 text 5000 same network mins and ALL-U-CAN-EAT data plan thats right thats what my data i get unlimited to do what i want including thethering and at&t wana charge u $30 extra for dat u americans have some rip off phone companya out there check out the link if u dont believe me

  • Nokia e66 free

Stupid... At&t , my nokia e66 e52,e 71 makes free no need special plans

  • Raju

same style message was display in my iphone, in south korea

  • LaZy_GeNiUs

Ahaha... This is what y'all get! Stop relying on subsidize phone prices and buy at retail, unlock, and contract free. If we all did carriers would have no choice but to compete in prices. AT&T and Verizon are too big. Time to switch over to the underdogs T-Mobile and Sprint.

  • Anonymous

chocowii, 19 Mar 2011Legal=Jailbreak Jailbreak=tethering so Legal=tethering then ... morelegal is jailbreak that is correct
jailbreaking your iphone gives you the capacity to tether
the act of tethering is the one thats "illegal" in this situation

so no, legal doesnt equal tethering

  • eitama

For those curious about HOW they know if you are browsing from your IPhone/Android or from a computer tethered by your Cell phone. It's very easy.

Packets of data (Chunks of data) leaving your laptop/phone have a certain format, you can distinguish these packets from one another.
You can also classify them into Web Browsing/P2P/Media/Gaming etc.
Most packets have an easily readable format containing the version of the application used to Generate the packet. For Example :
1. Web Browsers add what is known as a User-Agent header to each request that is sent over to the internet (a result of a simple mouse click). If your request stated "IE9" then obviously you are not browsing from your phone... (Unless you edited the phones user-agent).
2. P2P applications also state the client Name and Version.

etc etc.

I am very much against any kind of tethering prevention or shaping,
Tethering should be allowed up to the capacity of your Dataplan, if you bought 5GB, you should be getting 5GB used as you see fit.

North American cell companies and Apple are pigs, fed by the people.

  • safddf

This is what tethering is like. Here's an awesome phone, and here's 6gb of data per month, but you can't use the phone and data how you want.

  • AnonD-4208

Here is the LEGAL case that I would argue against AT&T.
AT&T does not own the data. AT&T is merely the TRANSPORTER of the data. If the end customer has paid AT&T to transport the data then they have fulfilled ALL obligations to AT&T. AT&T cannot claim ADDITIONAL jurisdiction over the data or how it is used. AT&T's ONLY contribution in the transaction is to MOVE the data to your phone. Since they do not ENHANCE the data AFTER it is received then it is ILLEGAL for them to make any claims on how the data is used AFTER it is received.

  • AnonD-4208

Chappas, 19 Mar 2011It's a hard one to call tbh, I think if you've paid for however ... moredude i so agree with your point, i mean the plans already are so damn expensive, if i buy my phone its mine as in im suppose to be able to do what ever the hell i want to do with it. and this hole thing about changing their costumers plans without their consent should be down right illegal.

  • Umair_514

Users in the U.S. need to educate them selves on all aspects of cell phone use and what the rest of the world pays in order to complain and argue with their companies. That is how they can get better rates! I'm from Montreal, Canada and I have tethering at no extra cost!

  • FURY

rick, 19 Mar 2011I wouldn't be worried about that Even if android phones come un... moreLOL -- So Brutally Honest and Calm about it. Made me laugh

  • AnonD-371

sounds like ATT wants to be RICH hahaha!!

  • Anonymous

speak about at&t invading your phone logging things if you tether not

  • TnTReader

Has anyone stopped to consider that such violations can legally lead to a person's plan being cut altogether? At least AT&T is simply upgrading the plan instead, it's your choice to keep the plan after. Most other carriers in the world would simply cut your service and bill you for the difference for the time used via the Jailbreak....

  • pyramid

LOL, android ROCK! we have a freedom..

  • Anonymous

AT&T should be dragged in court by users for giving this stupid threat.

  • jaydos

i love australia!! for only $59 a month we an iphone 4, $700 worth of calls, unlimited sms and mms to everyone in australia, free facebook etc, and 2 gb of internet...with free tethering!! ill never understand americas mobile pricing.

  • JR Portugal

A fine example of corporate greed and stupidity hampering progress.

  • Sony Walkman W995a

there is a simple solution to this stop buying att phones all together , when you buy a new handset buy unlocked then you can use your phone as a wireless modem anytime anywhere you please.att phones are crippled by the company when you purchase them anyway i have been wondering how att can take for example an android device that is supposed to be open source and render it useless without anybody doing or saying anything about it? boycott all att phones!!! long live bluetooth dun lol