Low-end Moto C and Moto C Plus get detailed with leaked specs, renders

11 April 2017
The new C line will sit in the company's portfolio below the E series, if that hasn't been discontinued.

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  • AnonD-661694

854x480 pixel screen at 5inches,imagine how data-saving it is !

  • AnonD-12278

1GB/2GB RAM in 2017? These phones will become useless in a few months. And bad cameras too. I know these are budget phones, but buying these are like throwing away money.

  • w1nko

Why on earth we get a shove with 3000mAh on flagships with 5.5" screens while entry phones get 4000mAh WHY?!

  • AnonD-644413

Wow. Reminds me of the Nokia C6-01, that back panel. Good Nokia days!

  • AnonD-237590

480p in 2017? Wtf

  • Anonymous

falesh, 11 Apr 2017again mtk crap...Dammit lenovo better kill the moto branding sel... moreHow many people care about processors in their phone as long as they work smoothly. My friend has a E3 power it's pretty good and has better battery life than most flagships out there. He couldn't care less about n. All he needs to do is FB WhatsApp and such stuff. A person looking for a sub 100$ phone probably won't look at processors as long as it's smooth

  • Force Majeure

5" is hardly compact. Does it even have a compass? :P

  • AnonD-632062

I'm liking the Moto C Plus with it's 720p screen and 4000 mAh battery! Please review this phone when it comes.......

  • Anonymous

Inconsistent, lenovo said will throw low end to vibe brand. Last year e3 is drowngrade chip from e2. Its time to consider xperia

  • Anonymous

3g version in 2017...

The Moto C Plus would make a good secondary phone especially due to the 4000 mAh battery, Dual SIM with separate SD Card Slot (probably), compact size and stock Android. Moto just need to get the pricing right.

  • Anonymous

Really Lenovo?? Mediatek??

  • VVS

rip motorola

It better runs on Nougat and priced below $120.

  • AnonD-368020

I almost puked reading those specs.

  • piku

Moto already destroyed moto E range no point in going for this phone when xiaomi 4A is available.

  • Balaji

Clearly Lenovo is killing Moto....

  • Valensi

More like a Moto G first edition (2013)


WOW it has 2 megapixel front camera for stunning selfies, and its own flash...!!!!

  • AnonD-296201

i love the design. oooold is gooold!! aint dat right,folks?