Low-end Moto C and Moto C Plus get detailed with leaked specs, renders

11 April 2017
The new C line will sit in the company's portfolio below the E series, if that hasn't been discontinued.

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again mtk crap...Dammit lenovo better kill the moto branding sell vibe s****

  • Zero

When you thought that Lenovo couldn't fall even more... They launched the Moto CRAP...

Well, at least now it is more clear

Actually, I don't hate the design of these phones. That being said, I don't really think this design language is going anywhere anytime soon, it just looks too bad...

  • Anonymous

Don't know why Moto wants to release this crap..Looks like phones from two years ago....

  • SocalTeknike

What's the point of these low end smartphones? They're pretty much garbage after a few months.

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