Huawei Mate 9 already running a test version of Android O

12 April 2017
This development version is a long way from going official, though, Google hasn't even finalized the new version of Android!

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  • Gokoi Punk

[deleted post]im not good in self service I need your help buddy

  • Gokoi Punk

Gokai Pink(Official), 12 Apr 2017Is it the new Android OS right after Nougat? N for Nougat O is the next which is oreo do you even know how to read alphabets? why Quall hired you as telcom agent when you don't even know how to sing abc.

  • Gokai Pink(Official)

Is it the new Android OS right after Nougat?

  • Balbon

AnonD-566100, 12 Apr 2017Android O-tenp-noise

  • Gokai Pink

Oh my, Android O-ten lovers.

  • Inverted Star

AnonD-566100, 12 Apr 2017Android O-tenAndroid O-ten? Yeah, I Love it if it's big.

  • AnonD-566100

Android O-ten

  • Anonymous

Huawei first, hahaha....Sony is like whaaaaat?