Apple iPhone announced at Macworld

09 Jan, 2007
Today, at Macworld 2007 Apple announced the long-awaited iPhone - a widescreen iPod, a mobile phone, a mobile Internet terminal, a digital camera and a portable PIM organizer all-in-one....

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  • 3Zs

I live in Asia & i'll be getting a 2mp camera phone in 2008 for US$600. Why dont i just burn my money. all other function r not special 8gb memory so what, u'll probably have that in '08, with a card slot plus this isn't even a 3g phone, piece of trash, it has good support functions though but the basics are horrible.

The only thing good about this is its 'Apple'

  • Steitiyeh

the sonyericsson w950i is 4GB & the Nokia N91 Music Edition is 8GB, therefore talkin about 4/8GB is so normal... i personally expect much more from apple regarding storage size.

  • owais

i would like to have ur prize for apple i phone as soon it is possible. thanx and regards

  • Anonymous

hohohoh!! with this big screen?? how can u calibrate its screen? hehehe.. I think this is very hard to use

  • scixxors

its sick !! so wickeeeeeeeeed !! saving money to get it. werd.

  • Andrew

I've also been waiting for n95 A LONG time. Apple iPhone looks really sexy, but a worthless 2MP cam, no GPS and no expandable memory? WTF?! Has a lot of nice features which makes settling for one hand set really really difficult.

*sigh* why can't nokia and apple merge.

  • Tblu

critics should watch Steve Jobs iPhone's introduction at SFMW. Apple's interface and features will blow you away.­vent/

  • stevenryan

I'm not a big Apple fan but the iphone made me drool. Up until yesterday, I was looking forward for the N95 to be released. The iphone seems to be something to be considered. 320x480 vs 240x320 pixels. 3.5" vs 2.6" screen. 8GB vs 2GB+160MB. OS X vs Symbian 9.2. 11.6mm vs 21mm thickness. 2megapixel vs 5megapixel. Internal battery @ 5hours talktime vs removable batt @ 6hours 30mins. $700 (unconfirmed) vs $599. I hope these two will be released at around the same time so reviews, bugs and complains would also be considered. I wonder what's the GPRS specs on the iphone. Wow, with the way Apple handles the marketing with their ipod, the iphone is definitely gonna push the company's stock figures again when this hits the public shelves.

  • what's all the hype

What's the big deal here???

As a phone, the standard mobiles now have better functions
As an ipod, What the hell can I do with only 8 GB??

And by the time they enhance the phone functions and expand the harddisk space they'll mess it up (just like they messed up the ipod by bringing the buttons inside the wheel)

Apple starts with good ideas but as they attempt to fix the initial problems they wind up messing the whole thing up.

I'd take any pocket pc mobile over this one.

  • Phone-Doctor

i think nothink special about this phone... so many better phones out there.
don't be so permissive about apple, yeah ofcourse you are apple-lover :D
what about keypad or qwerty keypad?
SE and Nokia have better phone than this one...
wake up!!

  • David Schiavone

This Phone appears to be really promising! Lately Apple have been creating some very good devices and i must applaud them for doing that. Lets see and wait..Maybe who knows it might be my next mobile phone! Provided that my Nokia 6230 is going bonkers.

  • Grover

If there are no worms in this apple, it will shake the other mobile phone companies to the core.

  • nicky

man this is so cool waited so long for this.. beat SE walkman's and nokia's ME phones down flat.. can't wait for it to reach asia!

  • Anonymous

an Ipod and a mobile phone? Great! Wow! a must-have gadget!!

  • ash

This better not be as scratch prone as the ipods.

  • ash

Will we be able to view edit microsoft word, excel, ppt and adoble acrobat files on this device. Jobs conveniently missed these from his presentation, but they are a necessary evil with e-mail, and are why part of every smartphone's capabilities.

  • Carlos M.

This phone sounds really good on paper, but will it live up to its capabilities? I dont think the whole touch screen thing will work out very well. I dont know, this phone looks great, but I'm very doubtful about it's turn out......

  • Kenny

I am expecting this phone out to the market. This phone will be my next phone for sure. I think 500 USD is not a big price at all. It worth its price, i think. However, the 8 G menory is not enough if it supported the video function.

  • Anonymous

the phone is too big as seen from the above picture.
and due to the thickness, most likely will compromise the battery capacity and large lcd screen eat battery, so expect short battery life. maybe have to charge it every half a day or keep connecting it to the laptop/charger to power it making the user having to tag along a laptop wherever they go.

  • duke

damn its cheap..... this wont be exclusive, everybody will have one...