Windows 10 Creators Update will only roll out to these 13 phones

14 April 2017
Today Microsoft has officially published the list of Windows handsets that will receive the latest update.

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  • Sayeed

One thing I don't understand why so much comments are being passed by you people. I have one Lumia 1020 and 640 XL and other than those all my phones are powered by Android. All the Android manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG are not updating their old models to the next version. There are some Android phones which are less older than Lumia 1020, 830, 930,730, 925, 1520 etc.(incidentally all are made by Nokia) are not getting latest Android updates like LG G3, Sony Z2,Samsung A7(2016) etc. Then why we are attacking MS where all most all of us in this discussion are Windows phone users. Is it so that my set is not getting the updates? This is not fair. It is narrow minded thinking. I think we should understand the reality.

  • AnonD-131108

o teri! still alive O_o

  • AnonD-55097

... what about Lumia 830 & 730?
Bring FM radio back, please.

  • AnonD-634681

Yann, 17 Apr 2017You're some kind of strange plant... Older phones you say.... morewhat are you talking about mate, of course they are... they're older phones anyway for starters (discontinued in most retailers) and windows haven't been a phone competitor for years and you can see that they know that, dunno why you're bringing up nokia they haven't made a windows phone in time their phones are almostly rightfully written off because of this, windows have never had the incredible specs that other companies were dishing out, so chill out punk

Meh.. I was going to retire my aging 930 this year anyway. Three years was a pretty good run considering most android handsets are lucky to get 12-18 months care

  • Yann

AnonD-634681, 17 Apr 2017Well when most windows updates are like a downgrade in term... moreYou're some kind of strange plant...
Older phones you say... Check the hardware specs of Lumia 930 and the hardware of 640, 650, 550 etc... all of them are slower and weaker then 930, but they will receive the update, right? Cause they made by Microsoft - in fact, the list of supported devices is full with Microsoft failures 950's, 650, 550... only 640 is not a bad phone for the price, but after Windows 10 - it is lagging and crashing - that's great Windows as a service from Microsoft.
In my country there is one joke for that company comparing the condition of Bill Gates male dignity - It is "micro" and "soft". Get it?
They kill the windows phone, after their troyan horse - Steven Elop, killed NOKIA.
Not it is time to watch the dead of Microsoft - it will be slow and painful. The greatest agony.

  • Harukaze87

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2017Give proper Windows 10 with desktop app support on mid rang... moreThat will happen with Windows 10 on ARM but only to premium mobile devices(smartphone or new devices)

  • AnonD-634681

Well when most windows updates are like a downgrade in terms of speed on the older phones its good to see this, just gotta hope app developers (or the ones that are left) don't bump off the older phone software versions too

  • AnonD-60404

Microsoft has no regards for technology. By this time they should have learned a few things from their competitors- Apple & Google about future proofing their phones. I have a Lumia 1020 and I was so optimistic about the windows phone 10 update. Microsoft ditched this flagship even though it fulfilled all the criteria for the WP10 update.
It's a SHAME!
I believe it's the only reason the market of windows phone is going down.

  • q8peace

its a dead company

  • Yann

Look between the lines: all supported devices are Microsoft Lumia. There is no single Nokia Lumia phone. Lumia 930 is much faster and better than 640 or 650, but it will not get update. Why? Because it is made by NOKIA.
There is only Microsoft logic to abandon some devices because of negative feedback. Instead of improving software, you abandon devices!!! Only $hit brain can come up with such a solution - again, like Apple antenna gate, Microsoft in the same way did not admit their own mistakes. But Microsoft is much much worst... Again and again and again.
Same $hit different date.

  • .alpha

Indian are very smart and hardworking but Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai and Indra Nooyi have no idea what they are doing. They were promoted but because they are good but because India is the next "big" market so people figure they need an Indian CEO.

  • .alpha

"We looked at feedback from our Windows Insiders and realized that we were not providing the best possible experience for our customers on many older devices"

So we decided to cut support for all older devices...logic.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2017i never seen anyone using this windows phone.... :pMy parents still do, but brother got rid of his Lumia and is very happy with his LG K8 after years with Lumia 520. Parents are going to get rid of their Lumia-phones soon. These are the only people I personally have seen using a Windows Phone -device.

  • AnonD-647900

Doakie, 16 Apr 2017As an owner of a Lumia 640 that I use as backup I don't kno... moreWhy did you double post lol

  • AnonD-662336

Windows Phone should hang them self!

  • edi

Mine is 610 lumior I can't update

As an owner of a Lumia 640 that I use as backup I don't know why Microsoft is even bothering updating anymore. I'm on the recent insiders build and there's no discernable difference between the versions. While I love the idea of Windows 10 Mobile the execution has been a huge let down. Time to put her out to pasture.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2017Get it straight, market share for last year, not number of ... moreAnd you think with a lack of updates and them stopping sales of many devices the number of active devices will rise? The HP Elite X3 is a flagship and it is not selling when you compare to just about any Android phone. So where are all these users who so deparately want a flagship? The Samsung Galaxy S8 models will eat it alive in the market place in terms of sales.

  • Raziul Ripon

Seriously years with WP and Microsoft just made us nothing by choosing few handsets for recent update... Absolutely disappointing...