WP7 will go second by 2015, iOS and BlackBerry will lose ground

30 March, 2011
The analysts from IDC just published their forecast on the smartphone market development in the next five years. Apparently the company has some sort of crystal ball as we can’t see how else they...

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  • Anonymous

iOS will be obselete pretty soon... they dont innovate enough to keep the desireability up.. about 99% of people buy an iphone because its an iphone rather than because its new and exciting and has alot to offer to the everyday user.

i think if microsoft pull out their finger and reallly stir up the market like apple did when the released the iphone they will take off its just keeping up momentum thats the hard thing when you have android that you can modify and hack till your hearts content is really what people like... in moderation

  • The realist

Well pretty interesting numbers, and im not going to argue about the Android ones... they really are going up. But WP7 20%? This is the best add that WP7 had since its launch. You guys just signed up a contract with Nokia and hope that everyone will forget about the Vista like WM6.5 that you guys served some time back. Im not to optimistic about this. It takes more then just one thing done right to have that bright of a future. You still need to work on the customers interest and not the Micosoft/Nokias one. Listen to what WE the users want/need and do that. As does Android and iOS, and MAYBE youll start crawling up. Bye to all. God bless you.

  • Anonymous

Nah -- they've no idea what'll happen by then -- so much innovation and change in the mobility market these days that a forecast like that will do nothing more than embarrass it's authors...

  • Anonymous

Anyways iOS doesn't offer anything new perhaps even if the iPhone 10 arrives.

  • AnonD-538

Ha ha ha. Anyone can predict anything. By 2015 some folks were also dead certain the skies would be filled with flying cars and that everyone would be wearing silver jumpsuits.

  • WEKS

AnonD-2025, 30 Mar 2011Wow . . . . . . and exactly what will drive WP& sales again?WP7 will be on a lot of Nokia devices remember? There are many, MANY, buyers who don't know or care about what OS is in their phones, they just buy it because it is a Nokia.

  • Shinigami

Kill off Symbian. Take its number and paste it into Symbian replacement - Windows Phone 7. Genius!

  • AnonD-2025

Wow . . . . . . and exactly what will drive WP& sales again?

  • Javielo

Are you talking about US, or global??

  • anon

considering Symbian isn't going anywhere for at least 5 years, I find these figures a little difficult to swallow. android will begin to die by the end of this year and by 2015 it'll be more like 15%-20%

  • Dhaval

Symbian Wil Dumped ... NO valur For it...

  • Jack Koh

Android rules the market...for sure!!!

  • Greed+Envy

AnonD-4974, 30 Mar 20112015 is too far, trust me iOs will be out of the race by 2013Not with the release of iPhone S O_O

  • Anonymous

lol, is it already 1st of april?

  • AnonD-3288

Go go go Android and WP 7 OS.

  • AnonD-4974

2015 is too far, trust me iOs will be out of the race by 2013