WP7 will go second by 2015, iOS and BlackBerry will lose ground

30 March, 2011
The analysts from IDC just published their forecast on the smartphone market development in the next five years. Apparently the company has some sort of crystal ball as we can’t see how else they...

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As Gsmarena mention you can't predict nothing ahead in this dynamic market as we can see predictions are completely off

  • Anonymous

What's all the fuss about? this is just a prediction.People need to lighten up a bit omg. I am a fan of Nokia.I am going to purchase the N8 because i think its an awesome device and symbian^3 will continue to get updates. Nokia said that they will continue using Symbian on mid-range and low-end models and Windows on high end phones. Microsoft has given Nokia some room for creativity/customizaition which means, Nokia is allowed to customize the windows platform to their liking.I am sure Nokia will alter what needs to changed in regards to the windows platform and add the features they think are necessary,as well as fix bugs if there are any (i don't know since i have never used windows mobile platform). They know that the stakes are very high and there are of people to impress. They have been listening and it shows with Symbian^3. People seem to be forgetting that Nokia will be releasing low price symbian^3 handsets in the coming months. Its only April folks,there are 8 months left to go. I think Nokia's partnership with Microsoft is good move as well as using symbian for mid and low range devices. I am looking forward to Nokia's first window's powered device and I am certain i am not the only one.

  • Anonymous

I can not understand what is SPB? Please reply

  • AnonD-5108

This is beyond reality and projections are way beyond the real scenario, everyone think M$+Nokia will make a huge impact on smart phone market,in future everything will depend on apps , user attraction will change due to available apps and flexibility.

  • MyName

My opinion, 31 Mar 2011My opinion is that BlackBerry OS, HP-Palm WebOS, Symbian, M... moreYou're wrong about Blackberry guys, and I will explain you why: Blackberry OS will be able to run Android apps, and it will keep Blackberry going, (of course if they will be in the front line with their hardware). Nokia guys were not smart enough, to do the same with Symbian, so they will be killed by Microsoft.

  • MyName

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2011Right is that why even though theres alternatives such as O... moreAnd still, mobile photo editors mobile text editors, mobile media players,... will become much more complex, and at the same time, smart hones will be more powerful, so PC/laptops will be replaced. Even today's hi-end smartphones are more powerful then 10 years old desktops, and today you still can run Microsoft Office on Pentium III, can't you?
It's only matter of time for mobile applications to replace PC applications for majority of users.

  • AnonD-171

AnonD-291, 31 Mar 2011"there is a reason why it is still the number 1 sellin... moresymbian will get better and and have regain it's marketshare but the thing is how SOON will nokia act with the friggin updates cause they could of had all this crap done but elop is stalling nokia for WP7 instead of speeding up the process of symbianOS since he's so anal about the crappy WP7

  • HANS

Nick, 31 Mar 2011U definitely kidding, After using my new N8, it really rock... moreKeep on dreaming...

  • Anonymous

I knew we would get the fruit lovers attention with this!!!

  • Stadtionalist

IDC is obviously forgetting about maemo, IF it will ever properly exist and Symbian is obviously also not discontinued... Yet, if WinPho gets some critical changes it's likely to increase its market share, due to its potential...

  • apple needs variety

unless apple changes its strategy of a single model per year, its market share would shrink, and the competing platforms would strenghten.
apple needs at least 3 models per year - one for each segment: 1 like today, 1 cheaper and smaller, and 1 with a qwerty.

  • My opinion

My opinion is that BlackBerry OS, HP-Palm WebOS, Symbian, MeeGo, Bada, have no prospect and would cease to exist.
Therefore, in 2015 the only smartphone OS's would be Android, WinPhone8 and iOS. And iOS would probably be less common.

  • AnonD-291

joelpogi, 31 Mar 2011i hope symbian will retain its stand & will not be diss... more"there is a reason why it is still the number 1 selling os in the mobile world"

Actually it isnt the number 1 selling OS in the world. The crown now belongs to android. You can check that out.

"there is a reason why people still supports symbian until now
it is the most user friendly & everone knows that"

Its not user friendly at all. Even Nokia CEO admitted that its user experience is no where compared to even a 1st generation iphone.

"i will continue to support symbian..."

Your choice but I'd rather go for the best (Android)

  • Anonymous

I cant see wp7 make that, M$ have been making mobile products for years without impact and they still cant copy/paste seriously...

  • simple user

I do believe MS "bought" Nokia to suppress developpment of Qt framwork wich is potential threat in Desktop GUI for All Windows-es. Otherwise they would not spent 3 years in development to release carbon copy of obsolete version of Apple OS. Marketwise it is quite stupid. Despite mobiles explosive growth and worldwide piracy of MS products Redmond still make profits from desktop and server OS in billions of USD.

  • Get real!

[deleted post]How come? Just a while ago, I saw you posting that you work for Samsung. :)

  • Anonymous

well no mention of meego which hav same potential as android.i I know it is not ready yet but at list 5% share or mention of new OS's

  • AnonD-324

iOS will lose ground.. Mr Jobs, wake up.. Lolz...

And Symbian guys, if you are looking for WORK since you feel that Symbian 3 has no future then stop developing anymore silly symbian apps & walk upto MC D's, b'coz they need people to take care of their burgers, french fries, etc...


  • Nick

U definitely kidding, After using my new N8, it really rocks, Symbian is improving its performance, there is no way Symbian getting less than 25% market share by 2015, when Nokia says they r not stopping "S" os. this survey is realy a shit

  • MM

anon, 30 Mar 2011considering Symbian isn't going anywhere for at least 5 yea... moreWhy do u think that the Android will die by this year end???
Do u think Google will let things pass by like Nokia!!!!