WP7 will go second by 2015, iOS and BlackBerry will lose ground

30 March, 2011
The analysts from IDC just published their forecast on the smartphone market development in the next five years. Apparently the company has some sort of crystal ball as we can’t see how else they...

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Welcome to android world my friend! Welcome to the brightest future. :)

The most hillarious thing I found in this article is that GsmArena is expecting Bada OS to be a major player !!!
Bada OS is as good as Crap.
With android, WP7, iOS, symbian in the market Bada OS won't be able to even retain the current market.


As an arab user i say that any os take care the arabic language and take arabuc seriously will domnat the arab market until now the only one take it seriously is nokia with its symbian (google you lossing alot with your egnore of arab people).

  • Nilanjan

Symbian^3 has a number of good features. However, "good" has less chances to survive in the market. I have felt that multi-tasking interface and networking could be far better in Symbian^3, which is not.
Can't really say for the other features.

And Nokia should mostly depend on MeeGo, instead of Windows OS or Symbian. MeeGo can only compete with Android.

And who says Android will be doomed, my advice is to please gather knowledge on the OS. And not only Android, please read on the leading mobile OS and then think again.

Lack of knowledge doesn't lead anywhere good.

  • joelpogi

i hope symbian will retain its stand & will not be dissolved
i hope nokia will not give up on developing sybmian
there is a reason why it is still the number 1 selling os in the mobile world
there is a reason why people still supports symbian until now
it is the most user friendly & everone knows that
& i will continue to support symbian...
i hope this message will reach nokia...

  • gingerbreader

if android continues to have slow poor firmware update control these figures may change

  • prash

[deleted post]Yes, only NOKIA will be releasing WP7 and by that time there will be 10-15 manufacturers releasing ANDROID. People who trust NOKIA and MICROSOFT will go for Nokia phones and there won't be many.

  • prash

anon, 30 Mar 2011considering Symbian isn't going anywhere for at least 5 yea... morelol..what made u think so??? ANDROID can only be overtaken by other open source OS, which won't happen in another 5 years..

  • AMK

AnonD-1824, 31 Mar 2011This guy is on crack! Nokia will be number one by 2015 and ... morekeep on dreaming!!!!!
The truth is that symbian had its fair share, bt now its time for ANDROID!
U r talkng about an OPEN SOURCE software against a closed ecosystem! What a shame, really.

  • jhoseph

i dont think so. . in philippines the demand of wp7 has nothinbg compared to android,bada and ios many of citizen in philippines use iphone4,samsung galaxy s and samsung wave
i notice it at one time i visited some malls around manila and many of people using iphone 4 haha i never notice using wp7
wp7 sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mobileman

as long as wp7 copying ios strategy they will never surpass 5% (they should clean up all the no do list before mid 2012)

  • dajma

anon, 30 Mar 2011considering Symbian isn't going anywhere for at least 5 yea... moreAndroid, die? Androids dont die. Another will just come and they will keep coming.

  • LMC

I not think so. WP7 still need to have some improvement on feature and function. Besides that, the main issue to be solve is to reduce the battery consumption on standby and talk time.

  • AnonD-1824

This guy is on crack! Nokia will be number one by 2015 and android will be nothing but an afterthought. Android is the most over rated junk ever and people cant wait to get out of their contracts and dump that piece of junk. They felt like they made a mistake and the only reason why android is surging is because of buy one take one promos because its not selling. Nokia and MS will exterminate the pest known as android and their dumb fans will forever be silenced.


  • Spot the ioS FanBois

Oh yes, Android is going to die this year. What a stupid comment.

  • Anonymous

all nokia handsets will have wp7 and symbian will die because is sucks

  • DM

Nostradamus your predictions are hard to belief!! Android will have more market share than predicted. Symbian will vanish.WP7 will do well but don’t think as good as predicted.

After all doing a 5 year forecast for the mobile market is a very complex job.It changes every morning !!

  • Part Number

Windows Mobile uses old commercial methord, cannot get much market share.
Nokia may change to Android OS if MS does not give price compensate any more.

  • Anonymous

MyName, 31 Mar 2011And what did you prove? You only proved on my example that ... moreRight is that why even though theres alternatives such as OSX, and several linux distributions available from many pc manufacturers Windows 7 outpaced Windows XP and is currently the most used Windows in the world and Microsoft Windows still owns 98% market share of user pc? LOL you're delusional and retarded. Just because you foresee something does not make it happen. You foresee mobile apps becoming more complex and more functional, do you foresee people stopping their development of desktop software? Why on earth would Adobe stop developing Photoshop for the desktop when Photoshop desktop sells for $99 for cheapest license vs $5 for a mobile app? Why would Microsoft Word do the same? You know open office has been a free alternative to Microsoft word for the longest time have you not? Why is it you believe Word is still the leading Office program in the world? Do you expect people to ditch word for a dinky office editor on their phone?

  • AnonD-1420

AnonD-37, 31 Mar 2011That's the thing. Nokia is dumping Symbian but S40 for WP w... moreI just installed the SPB UI on my N97 Mini - for some reason it was free on Ovi Store. Maybe it's just a trial... anyway...
... wow. It feels like a new device! I could go on and on about the improvement - suffice to say that it's obviously inspired by Android, but is just as obviously not a clone. If Nokia worked with SPB they could finish their UI update in a week, then optimise their browser and they'd be done.
Thanks for mentioning this mate, I