Galaxy S8 red tint is no big deal, Consumer Reports says

24 April 2017
Consumer Reports put the Galaxy S8 to its tests, found an easy fix to the so-called problem.

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  • 10 May 2017

AnonD-483897, 24 Apr 2017I knew it. People just need a reason to bash. (Wanna fight me?)Well my phone has a red tint on the left edge,so YES, this is an issue of s8 -_-

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    • KcV
    • 27 Apr 2017

    Of course it should be a big deal. Even the smallest issue you find in it is a big deal. You are paying premium for this device.

    I don't buy the software patch. This is a display manufacturing/assembly/calibration issue. The SW patch is just a work around. Not worth my money until they refund and fix the affected units.

      AnonD-434295, 24 Apr 2017Sorry but for me that's not acceptable. They Charged $1000 ... moreof course you wouldn't be happy but like every company on earth there is some form of replacement or refund option in place, when your building 25+ million initial orders you cannot possibly inspect every component that goes in to the production process, u can randomly select a few units from a batch of orders lets say hypothetically they might check 100 displays from every batch of 10,000 and test them for defects and they are then signed off, if a few units ship with defective screens for example you have plans in place to refund, replace or fix and in this case samsung have offered 3 options for their defective handsets, this is called life in my opinion, i get your argument but this is automation 101, if we inspect the units by hand then you can guarantee that the cost would be considerably higher due to extra workloads and staff required surely, just my opinion of course

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        • vV5
        • 25 Apr 2017

        Stubborn fans claim that they are happy with it, so Samsung save your time to update it.

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          • fmg
          • 25 Apr 2017

          i love that red tint.would have love it more if it was green.

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            • ytx
            • 25 Apr 2017

            Wait, so where is Consumer Reports' solution?

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              • 25 Apr 2017

              Anonymous, 25 Apr 2017Apple is king. Samsung just copies in poor ways. such... moreApple is King ?? says the guy who doesn't know that Apple is buying 70 million curved AMOLED screens off Samsung for it's Iphone 8... lol

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                • 25 Apr 2017

                So "anonymous", your comment is exactly what a biased apple fan-boy would say, Each phone has it's advantages and disadvantages. However I would not image someone who thinks of all non-apple devices as bad to consider that fact.

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                  • 25 Apr 2017

                  Its from a new feature from nougat. Its not an issue. Its called "blue light filter" the ones with red tint the blue light filter is turned on.

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                    • 25 Apr 2017

                    Anonymous, 24 Apr 2017As long as it won't explode that's enough.LOL

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                      • 25 Apr 2017

                      Anonymous, 25 Apr 2017Why the h*ll in the world is it okay buying a so-called pre... moreHey didn't you know? Red tint screens is the new technology inovation. In fact latest vanguard technology. Is easy on the eye and user gets so tired of looking to screen than in fact it saves the battery. : ). Of course is normal for Samsung boy's. If samsung lauched a phone made of human excrements they would buy it. Ahahah. And yes $700 dollars for a phone that has issues out of the box. Even for a $100 dollar phone it would be an issue and not acceptable. And just read a news that has problems charging. This is hilarious. :). Ahhaha

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                        • AnonD-635604
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                        • 25 Apr 2017

                        unknown, 25 Apr 2017have you used the phone before talking ? first of all its n... moreOpinions..opinions..opinions...some galaxy s8 users said the fps location is weird

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                          • 25 Apr 2017

                          Anonymous, 24 Apr 2017Many users try to change rgb settings but did not work. Che... moreI have and from most of what I have read (after sorting through all the obvious hate) seems that it works most if not all the time, could be new amoled, could be fixed in the update they're supposedly bringing out, only time will tell

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                            • 25 Apr 2017

                            And I thought my faith in humanity was already restored......

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                              • Dnh
                              • 25 Apr 2017

                              Lot of ppl saying this is a BIG DEAL based on whats written on the many of you bashers tried and checked out the device at a local store to see if its really an issue?
                              How many have verified that the red tint actuall exists?

                              I have checked the demo devices, in multiple stores and havent seen any red tint in any of the devices

                              Get a life iSheep!!!

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                                • Rob N
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                                • 25 Apr 2017

                                AnonD-434295, 24 Apr 2017Sorry but for me that's not acceptable. They Charged $1000 ... moreSo Mr perfect phone tell us which is your perfect phone or atleast the one you own,the we review if it's perfect or it is your habbit talking nonsens to gain attention.

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                                  • 25 Apr 2017

                                  AadiRizvi, 25 Apr 2017lol, its first month and news have started to come. Wait an... morehave you used the phone before talking ? first of all its not 1000.. its actualy 688... second.. i can say even with a redish.. if you reduce a bit the red from menu.. actualy the disaply looks fantastic.. i just love it.. ! it looks better then my s7 edge.. everyting is more then fine with the phone.. even the fingerprint location.. ! i use the s8.. not the plus version.. and i`m finding awesome.. works great.. the phone per total.. worth every money ..

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                                    • 25 Apr 2017

                                    Anonymous, 25 Apr 2017No one bats an eye. And yet, you are commenting on an arti... moreApple is king.

                                    Samsung just copies in poor ways.

                                    such as this red screen. lol

                                    newsflash samsung, iphone released a red iphone not a red screen lol.

                                      AadiRizvi, 25 Apr 2017lol, its first month and news have started to come. Wait an... moreIts a very comfortable $750 smartphone. You are over exaggerating the price. Expensive phone have powerful feature. They have RGB toggles no other phone have. No big deal.

                                        AnonD-609382, 24 Apr 2017Guys a phone worth 1000$ getting reddish when you open it o... moreNobody bat an eye when they got yellowish screen in $1000 phone back then. Why start now?