Xiaomi could arrive in US in 2019

25 April 2017
Senior VP Wang Xiang prefers to bring technology to emerging markets and to work directly with retailers.

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  • 03 May 2017

Satisfied with India 2nd and Ukraine 3rd? What about Malaysia? Where is Malaysia? oh I forgot that Malaysia is a dumping site for leftover Xiaomi smartphones.

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    • LC8
    • 27 Apr 2017

    Miki, 26 Apr 2017Apple will not allow this phone in USA :) people is very stupid nowadays, apple is just a grain of sand in America, if Xiaomi has money they will enter as soon as possible even faster that apple entered, and im sure they have money for it, stupid apple fans

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      • vV5
      • 27 Apr 2017

      How to make American great again? Flooding the market with the cheaper China phone?

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        • Iaq
        • 26 Apr 2017

        Not everyone buys their phones with the carriers in the USA. I think it's stupid, so I've never done it. Much better to buy outright from retailers when they have sales. If you don't have the money to buy outright then your priorities are screwed up and you should be saving money and getting a cheaper phone.

          2019 lol enough said

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            • Miki
            • 0UT
            • 26 Apr 2017

            Apple will not allow this phone in USA :)

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              • tCV
              • 26 Apr 2017

              Xiaomi could arrive in US in 2019.. then they will face so many patent infringements

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                • Paulw
                • vxA
                • 26 Apr 2017

                Anonymous, 25 Apr 2017I was wondering that too?I suspect that most people in the US still buy thru a carrier at so many dollars per month and won't buy cash up front.

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                  • gMJ
                  • 26 Apr 2017

                  If the world survives till then

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                    • AnonF-610558
                    • 46m
                    • 26 Apr 2017

                    This could bring down prices, but it could also lead to Xiaomi getting greedy and making lower performance-per-dollar phone. Either way, I'll have my dream Xiaomi phone before then, so this shouldn't really affect me.

                      Xiaomi's probably going to have a pretty hard time being successful though considering that Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC make up around 90% of the market share..

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                        • 25 Apr 2017

                        Polius, 25 Apr 2017The carrier is the problem. Why cant manufacturer sell smar... moreWhen you think about it, this is not about sales or conquering America, this is about recognition. Xiaomi seem fixated on getting phones carrier recognised, but America is smaller than the markets they gave already succeeded in http://www.gsmarena.com/redmi_note_4_becomes_fastest_to_sell_a_million_in_india-news-23951.php
                        So I admit I haven't examined the specs what Xiaomi should do us make their phones international, so those who want to buy it can and use it wherever.
                        As you can see some are tourist so an American abroad will come to a country where Apple & Samsung don't dominate, as it is easy now to recognise the S7/ S7 Edge and the iPhone
                        The Network attend events like the MWC they are more informed than the consumer
                        All a person has to do is buy an unlocked phone and stick a Sim card in it, but it has to work on the network you intend to use it on,
                        People fall in love with their phones you have seen that in the reluctance for Note 7 to part with their devices.
                        Let the owners be the walking advert than trying to get noticed in America population 350 Million

                        The days of high prices for high spec phones is over, it will be reasonable price for high specs, people won't like it if a marginally less spec phone costs $200 less

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                          • Nnr
                          • 25 Apr 2017

                          Xiaomi is officially in South Africa through an official distributor, South Africa is predominantly a carrier country so I don't know why they can't enter the US and European markets. I think they know they will supply shortages

                            Xiaomi is making giant steps in telephony, and if they will continue in this way, it won't be a stratospheric surprise that in a few years they will become the second Samsung.

                              Anonymous, 25 Apr 2017Yeah, right (they would be completely killed of in the Amer... more"Make use of it" is the terms for customers.
                              For manufacturers who hav spent millions and billions in R&D to acquire those patents in the first place the term is "stealing".

                                Anonymous, 25 Apr 2017OnePlus managed just fine, don't know why Xiaomi is taking ... moreOneplus is backed by oppo which is further backed by BBK electronics which also holds vivo.
                                Xiaomi is a standalone player.

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                                  • 25 Apr 2017

                                  AnonD-599001, 25 Apr 2017Let's hope they don't take the same route as LeEco lol. Xiaomi has much better stable software than leeco so it would be definitely better than leeco.

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                                    • 25 Apr 2017

                                    Polius, 25 Apr 2017The carrier is the problem. Why cant manufacturer sell smar... moreI was wondering that too?

                                      The carrier is the problem. Why cant manufacturer sell smartphone without carrier in US?

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                                        • 25 Apr 2017

                                        OnePlus managed just fine, don't know why Xiaomi is taking so long.