Sony to manufacture iPhone 5 camera, 8MP all but certain

03 April, 2011
There has been a lot of speculation about the iPhone 5 but the camera department has rarely been mentioned. Well now we know its manufacturer and resolution. Previously there was...

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  • Evalenz

why not get Leica to make the lens?

  • AnonD-1078

sensor will be different than xperia arc sensor. next iphone will have best quality mobile camera!!!

  • AnonD-6780

OMG!!! I never had anything nice to say about iPhone as I'm a dedicated and loyal BlackBerry user. But I have a problem now, my carrier contract plan needs to be renewed in October and I also get a new phone. Both the new BlackBerry Storm 3 aka Monaco (a very powerful and interesting device) as well as the iPhone 5 will be in South Africa by then, and now I have to choose??!!! This sucks!!!!

  • Hamid

I like to use the Exmor R lens in the next iphone camera sensor lens.

  • SONY fan

this is unfair! the APPLE company must make their own phone cameras. they just can't beat the quality of a SONY camera lenses. of course, it's a Japanese company. so i love them. i am a Sony lover and i hate apple. i hate samsung as well. i patronize sony and i have bravias at home and audio players.

  • rex

I like to use the carl zeiss lens in the next iphone camera sensor lens.

  • Anonymous

AMK, 05 Apr 2011android is the best OS out there! The idiotic OS is amazing? R... moreCan you give me some examples of these apps?

I read this article and it just sums up one of the reasons that the android Market is so bad

Oh and I particularly like this quote "Google needs to be a little more evil. They need to be far more controlling"­es-not-available-on-android-we-have-the-carriers­-to-thank/

Don't get me wrong I like more power (more power=more ePeen)

But there comes a point where u need to realise that it's better to manage what you have first before you add more

  • lolz

Go ahead because you both have no way of competing with Nokia's best cameraphones lolz

Trying hard, copy cats hahaha

  • Anonymous

bellybelle, 06 Apr 2011Sony is No. 1 in camera modules, and even with sound/audio porta... moreI have an iphone 4, and I can't understand what the hype was about this expensive junk. I actually bought this with an unlimited data plan, but the features of iphone 4 are not exactly inspiring -- no radio, less free apps on appstore, no video call to other Nokia phones (my friends own Nokias), and the WORST is NO LIVE WALLPAPER!! How can a $700 phone like this have no LWP? All I have are pictures as my background... wow. so this is what HIGH TECH means.. yipee

I guess I just have to be thankful atleast I have the retina screen, and the all-glass body of iphone 4. Everything inside it, is something all other ANDROIDS have either equalled or surpassed. Now I know what a FLAT TIRE FEELS LIKE... bummer

  • bellybelle

Sony is No. 1 in camera modules, and even with sound/audio portables. They just sorta "got lost" in the mid 2000s, when they stuk to Symbian. Thank goodness, they switched to ANDROID.

My next phone now will 100% be an SE Neo.. Cant wait for it to be released here-- can't wait for the full review too.. :)

  • AnonD-5484

Am not surprise that sony to manufacture iphone camera, because sony is one of the best in camera phone considering their cybershots.

  • hi

JK, 05 Apr 2011May I know why all of the iphone has no flash?bcuz the html5 is faster than the soon to be extinct flash

  • Versus

johnny, 05 Apr 2011although the great amount of apps and quality specs apple i phon... moreI agree with you. I think we are so caught up with their Big brand name & when they had the first I-phone, everyone wants it, not only because it's manufacture by Apple but it has lots of apps that no other smartphones offer, except for Blackberry (but I guess Blackberry is more for business people...maybe not...but apple has more fun apps compare to Blackberry). I'm a Blackberry person. But seriously even Blackberry need to step up their game.

I've been using I-phone & Blackberry for the last 3 / 4 years, I don't even look at other smartphones. I used to be a Nokia person. Now, I don't even bother to look at other phones. Maybe it's time to be smart & look for other smartphones & stop wasting money.

Please share if you have any recommendation.

  • Versus

JK, 05 Apr 2011May I know why all of the iphone has no flash?Yeah, I'm with you on this one! I bought few applications that has Flash availability, but gosh...I really wasted my money. The resolutions / pictures are unbelievably shocking.

I use Blackberry as well, I thought Apple should have better Camera resolutions compare to blackberry, considering I-phone is the type of phone with more of "entertainment" (may not be the right word) applications, but the Blackberry Bold 9700 with only 3.2MP Camera is way much better than the I-phone 4.

  • Adam

Does anyone actually pay attention to what Pixals are? Everyone seems to be Hyped up by the prospect of 8MP rather than 5MP. Pixals are mearly the number of dots per square inch. Given the hanset will only have a max 4.5 inch screen there will not be much difference in resolution unless the pictures are prined and enlarged greatly. The actual importance is the flash and lense implimented, creating a sharper and clearer image. Also the speed at which a photo can be taken, the faster it can do this prevents less distortion from moving objects.

  • Ramin

oh my God
I can't wait any more for iphone5.
8 megapixel camera with A5 cpu and ios5 and maybe with a smart cover and thiner than iphone4 with 4" retina screan and etc.
Just i hope that the new iphone has a different styl than the last one.

  • AMK

Samsung Sucks!, 05 Apr 2011Does a phone need dual core??? I mean seriously, your average... moreyes, we do need a dual core phone!
I wont get into why, becoz any1 with half a brain can understand that!

  • AMK

me, 05 Apr 2011i love how ppl are already saying that some phone are gonna be b... moreandroid is the best OS out there!
The idiotic OS is amazing? R u serious????? Thats the stupidest thing i have heard in a long time!
With higher resources, u can have better programs!

  • Samsung Sucks!

AnonD-422, 03 Apr 2011 They start with camera , soon you will see BE & Walkman on... moreLike this comment a lot! If you cant beat us Apple.....COPY US....YES!

  • Samsung Sucks!

AMK, 04 Apr 2011hey, can u name any upcoming SE phone having dual core?Does a phone need dual core???

I mean seriously, your average Joe couldn't even tell you what Dual Core actually does, and do they care....NO....

Only 40 year old virgins worry about technical stuff and cream over dual core! Biggest over hyped nonsense I have ever heard....dual core this and dual core that!