Sony Xperia XZ Premium vs iPhone 7 Plus quick camera comparison

30 April 2017
Our first hands-on with the Xperia XZ Premium at the European launch event quickly turned into an impromptu camera comparison with the iPhone 7 Plus.

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  • Anonymous

Iphone has lost ...
Iphone has made ocean just green and dirty

  • Anonymous

AnonD-77443, 01 May 2017I didn't realise the XZP has the same camera as the XZS. Th... moreAndroid Authority does like XZs night shots.

  • JMTM

looks good what about night shots?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 May 2017G6 have better video recording and sound.Not better than any xperia... Videos from g6 do not have good stabilization. And outdoor videos you clear hear too much noise from cars and wind.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-77443, 01 May 2017I didn't realise the XZP has the same camera as the XZS. Th... moreG6 have better video recording and sound.

  • AnonD-77443

I didn't realise the XZP has the same camera as the XZS. That is disappointing because the XZS isn't that great with noise... especially low light which is poor.

I own a S8+ but always want someone to bring out a better camera / device to keep the pressure on.

  • AnonD-655832

AnonD-523334, 30 Apr 2017I want to replace my Nokia lumia 1020. Bought many many dro... moreWe are not going to see the 41MP sensor successor anytime soon. No chipset natively supports it and working around that leads to long delay between shots, which was the case with the 1020 and to some extent CM1. Most probably that was one of the reasons the 50MP Lumia prototype was cancelled. Only Symbian had support for dedicated image processors which allowed the 808 to exist whereas iOS and Android do not. For now the future of smartphone photography depends on Microsoft to port a full blown Windows version to ARM, allowing dedicated image processor to be implemented. That until someone decides to stuff a large smartphone with an AMD APU, powerful enough for Lytro, 3D on multiple sensors and so on...

  • AnonD-628531

The XZ Premium took much better pictures almost 90% of the time (about 85% - 88% because there were 4 or 5 that were better on the iPhone, mostly low-light ones). Why have "dual cameras", when you can have Sony's Motion Eye Sensor? :)

The Galaxy S8/S8+ will be the next victim of the XZ Premium's camera. :P

  • Roto

AnonD-523334, 30 Apr 2017I want to replace my Nokia lumia 1020. Bought many many dro... moreUtter non sense ! Microsoft got zero skills in designing a smartphone.Even after acquiring the Nokia's Lumia models, Bigger bezels and disproportionate screen ratios were very evident on some of the Microsoft's mid range lumia models.Microsoft really didn't bother to make any devices after 950. All the hype is now about their surface phone which has been in the rumors since 2-3 years. Microsoft just killed the brand acquiring Lumia and Carl Zeiss technology. It was all Nokia who had pure design skills. Take Lumia 625 mid ranger or Lumia 1520 or Lumia 930/ICON their flagship. That is how the design should reflect in making. Please take a bow. If you want to know what some innovative designs looked like, Please check these models out. Nokia's N82, N73, N95, 6600,6233,7610...This was even before the arrival of smartphones. That was one hell of a company. They traveled ahead of time in terms of the design and surprised their fans with new models and features. They failed miserably when they decided to not go past the symbian system. That simply paved the way for Samsung and Apple for what you see today. If Nokia haven't made that mistake and traveled with the Android instead, I don't have to say who would've been the pioneer today. Microsoft is good for nothing, They are good at spying by sending frequent spywares in the name of build updates over windows OS and Skype. They are much more interested in developing Cortana for Android and launchers than providing any good user experience for their Microsoft customers. Helping to spy the citizens and destroying the organic crops and producing inorganic GMO's are what they are best at in this world.

  • AnonD-432393

AnonD-523334, 30 Apr 2017I want to replace my Nokia lumia 1020. Bought many many dro... moreno, it's not make sense

  • Anonymous

If u say xz prem is overstaturated u should say the same with the g6 camera, but in this page what i can conclude is the xz tends to darken bright image, and brighten dark image a bit

  • AnonD-523334

I want to replace my Nokia lumia 1020. Bought many many droids phones but still. ... Now I want Microsoft to make and Android phone with those beastly cameras and magnesium construction of surfaces. And believe me, it makes sense for MS to make a high end Android. they have investment power. ... Design sense.... camera hardware and what not. just like it makes sense for BBK electronic to spin 4 brands.

  • Anonymous

True to life colours are far better than the over - saturated nonsense...iPhone 7 is easily sharp enough as well, it wins.

  • Screens Maniac

Well I dont like HDR photos osesion in stock based phone mode. I want HDR turn off because now HDR isn't perfest now. Dark shadows zones are too dark and making even faces look too dark others manufacturers even whole earth photo side looks too dark only sky looks good and this is worst example. But in dark and shadow places are too dark. So we have 1.8f lens and us photo looking too dark like 2.2-2.5f well same old Nokia sapping when have 2.8f lens. I know others manufacturers using to make high phone contrast to pinch out light places but its then its high contrast not high dynamic range whos looks different. So photos should be more brighter. Also we have 1.8 lenses remeber it. So for dim photos i didnt forgive.

Nice colors on the Sony, but very much grains, like all Sony's phone huh?

  • TheTruth

Good job Sony.

So what the phone is competing hard with Galaxy S8 for saturating the heck out of them photos or what? Jeez!