Galaxy S Gingerbread update imminent, coming in weeks time

06 April, 2011
We know the Galaxy S is getting the official 2.3 version of Android (Gingerbread) some time this month. But the UK operator Three has confirmed the update for its customers is coming in the next two weeks...

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  • thefearfulsilence

John, 08 Apr 2011Hi, i would like to ask a question, i don't have a smartphone bu... moreSoftware updates are quite important John. Updates to the firmware (of any technology) will probably just solve odd bugs, freezes etc. However some updates are very significant and/or noticeable. For example, just upgrading from Android 2.1 to 2.2 on Galaxy S gives you the ability to watch flash content in the browswer. This is just one change of quite a few. If you were to have a play around with a Galaxy S running Eclair (2.1) and then the latest froyo release (2.2.1) you would notice a very substantial improvement in smoothness, practically no lag and just a generally more pleasant user experience.
By making these improvements available to devices that have been available for a while we, as the customer, get much more out of our phones and we feel supported and well served as customers of Samsung (although Fascinate owners may not feel too happy to hear we are getting 2.3 as I think they are still stuck on 2.1).
The point is this: I was all for getting rid of my SGS before Froyo came along, and 2.2.1 has been just excellent so far. By now I could well be a customer of HTC, Apple, RIM etc. Instead I am a contented Samsung customer and very happy with my phone :-)

  • John

Hi, i would like to ask a question, i don't have a smartphone but i consider buying one. Why is an update so important? I'm using a samsung jet, very good phone, a bit laggy. It is compatible with java applications. There are thousands, and new are released every day, it works great with facebook and twitter, i only have some issues with the old flash player and some internet pages are not displayed properly. So what is the difference between a galaxy s with android 2.1 or 2.2 and the new 2.3? Is it better in using it, or just the design of the menu?

  • kevinthesmith

Upgraded to a Galaxy S on 3 in january and then kicked myself when the Galaxy S II was announced. But seeing as my phone is getting upgraded to Gingerbread anyway and the S II is being delayed, I feel more than content with my little (yet faily large) phone.

Oh and if you're considering a Galaxy S and are on the fence about it, go for it. Also, if you're with three and want an upgrade, ring them to cancel your contract and say you got a better deal elsewhere, works a charm!!!

  • andromeda

As myself own the previous Google Nexus One, also can't wait for the coming Nexus Two on Samsung. Hopefully there will be many update features on it.

  • Mpower

I hope so,i wait first end of march,now mid of april.What is this.NO RESPECT!

  • Wolverine

Is the update expected for the 4Gb Galaxy SL i9003 as well?

  • AnonD-5631

So Malaysia also get the update??? I,ve been waiting this for so long... Hope it will arrive.. i like Galaxy S very much....!!!!!

  • thefearfulsilence

I can only agree with mnemonic. Since 2.2.1 the Galaxy S is now the phone it should have been when it was launched :-)

  • keeks

Wow...i think this is a gd one....:)

  • AnonD-3413

This is great. Galaxy S remains a Mythic phone. Thank you samsung.

  • .

have a french version, in australia as i bought it online. would this mean i go off when the french update comes or when KIES lets aus mobiles update?

  • BloreBoy

Hi great news..:), What about Indian models..?

  • LEON73

Goodjob samsung, i've been waiting for this update for a looooooooooong time :)

  • bart

Will this 9000 update work for SL 9003 as well? They seem to be identical in all aspects, except for the screen, phone thickness, battery, and gpu.

  • whinchie01

any android 2.3 update at i9003?

  • mkm

I hope this includes the Philippines.

  • Mnemonic

I used to kick myself for buying a Galaxy S, but have fallen in love with my handset since the 2.2.1 release. Everything is so much faster and much more responsive. I've compared it with the HTC Desire HD, and there simply is no comparison. It terms of buttery smoothness, the Galaxy S leaves the Desire HD in the dust.

This is the reason why the Android experience is so awful:­d=6914

Full points to Samsung for providing the smoothest and most responsive Android experience to its customers - something that other manufacturers seem unable to achieve. I'm now a "Sammy Fanboy" :)

  • Joe

I have the galaxy S GT-I9000 running 2.1 and still can't get the firmwear update. Can any one tell me why. I even download diffrent version of Samsung Kies.

  • Anonymous

That is only 3 UK comment. As far as I am concern, the 2.2.1 update still having a problem for 3 UK. Like wise for 2.3 update on 3 UK. Is it can be reliable... Just wait and see...

  • Wave Noob

Seems like Samsung is interested only in supporting their Android devices.

--A poor neglected Wave user :(
I have lost faith in Samsung. Wave would be my first and last Samsung phone