Samsung to give away Gear S3 to all attendees at Tizen Developer Conference

09 May 2017
Everyone at TDC will get a Samsung Gear S3, while some of them might win additional prizes.

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  • Anonymous
  • P@Y
  • 11 May 2017

I love this watch!!!!!!

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    • Anonymous
    • AIA
    • 10 May 2017

    There are gonna be allot of bums in that conference i can tell

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      • AnonD-310963
      • mYf
      • 10 May 2017

      nice opportunity for students to get a free watch . Student entry is for free!

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        • Cassie
        • sih
        • 09 May 2017

        Will you send me a smartwach. I love my Samsung s6 but I would love the watch. I serious! Have a nice day.

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          • Lunga
          • f3e
          • 09 May 2017

          Ring that conference in RSA as I want that gear heartedly.

            Haha good.

              shoot, if I were living in SF
              im coming

                AnonD-535480, 09 May 2017Hey, they got to try to move some units at least. Last sma... moreThat was smart wearable report, not smart watch one. Samsung is still no. 2 in smartwatch market behind Apple.

                  I recently bought this and it really looks good - frontier. Hope they do not screw this up. I think it needs some interactive apps like Moto 360 (responding to WhatsApp, SMS etc..). It was amazing to attend phone calls with this. I really like the FULL CIRCLE shape instead of Moto 360 flat-tyre shape. The rotating dial is a real killer. Battery is really good for two days...though I never let it without charging for more than a day. Bit pricey (Apple watch is even more expensive for what it offers) though!

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                    • AnonD-535480
                    • CSJ
                    • 09 May 2017

                    Hey, they got to try to move some units at least. Last smartwatch reports, they were part of the "other" line behind Apple, Fitbit and xiaomi.