Samsung to give away Gear S3 to all attendees at Tizen Developer Conference

Yordan, 09 May 2017

The Tizen Developer Conference will take place in San Francisco from May 16 to May 17. According to latest info, all attendees will receive the Gear S3 and will also have the ability to enter a lottery draw for a Galaxy S8+, a Galaxy DeX and Samsung Serif TV as well.

Sources do not specify if the Gear S3 will be the Frontier or the Classic version. There might be a choice involved, but organizers are not giving details about it yet.

To get a chance of winning the devices listed above, first you have to register at Tizen Developer Conference’s website and, of course, to physically attend the event at Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I love this watch!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

There are gonna be allot of bums in that conference i can tell

  • AnonD-310963 nice opportunity for students to get a free watch . Student entry is for free!